A Hummingbird in LA Quote List

Perpetrators: Dianne, Lizbet, Perri, Kiki, Tom(Spawn)

Special Guest Perpetrators: Wayne Pygrum, Anthony Simcoe, Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro, random Farscape Con bystanders, random Disneyland bystanders

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Hummingbird in LA!

Profanity, as usual, happens. In several universes, no less. These were collected from two different notebooks, so you might notice the timeline (such as it is) looping back on itself. It's a paradox, go for it.

And it looked like a hummingbird butt.

That's not dancing, that's swaying with intent.

Oh, that's a mournful fuzzy! That's a fuzzy falling down a mine shaft!

I have no problem being the butt packer.

We're not laughing *at* you, we're laughing *on* you.

Second star to the left, and straight on till morning.
Second star to the *right*.
Yes, but this is NPR.

In other words, we don't have a version of, I saw Mommy serving papers to Santa Claus on it.

I'm of the opinion that everything is a sex toy until proven otherwise.

I want to write a song called, Therapy, My Ass.
It's giving me the heebie-jeebies, thinking about his ass getting therapy.
Not that it couldn't use it...

It's all about learning how to use your inner bitch.
I use mine to make souffles!

Ficcing right what was once ficced... not wrong, but very depressingly.

Metaphysics do not make the boobs bounce.

Now opening for Lowen and Navarro -- Sparkly Boob!

Now there's an image: The Host and LaCroix in the same room.
Pardon me, but my brain just exploded.

Are you a hugger?

I have no doubt that Benny is going to be hugely successful. That's because of all the things he learned from me.

Jabba the Scorpy?

Ten bucks for a rotten cheeseburger?
Rutting cheeseburger.
Frelling cheeseburger.
I don't want my cheeseburger doing any of the above!

Take the quote list and run!

Train a whole army of guys to give shoulder rubs? I can see the potential for world domination. I'd certainly help.

A Farscape votive candle.You must light a candle until the show comes back.A Farscape shooter.You must drink until the show comes back. < pause > Like this audience needs any encouragement.

And Steve is a bloke, that's Australian for 'person'.

D'Argolicious -- Chew until the gum turns clear.

Other than the fact that you're insane...

She meant I was *hotter*! D'Argo -- hot. Simcoe -- *hotter*.

I'm going to tell my agent on you...

How bald am I? What's that white spot?

Fiona Apple is never going to sleep with me!

And also, the right side of my face is coming off -- is that happening to anyone else?

When we go to a feature film, that's what it's called: Farscape -- D'Argo, the Love God.
I thought you were tired of prosthetics...

Oh, that's a boring answer -- can you make something up?

You are the Guardian Fairy of Good Driving Karma -- *BOING*?!?!?!?

Are they singers or weathermen?
I don't know, they always have the same damn forecast.

If we want to quote, we just grab your breast.

I wish I could draw because I saw Matisse licking his butt and had a great image...

Gnatlets are dangerous critters.You can't turn your back --
--Or your stomach on them for a second.
No body part is safe.

Please keep us updated on the status of your deadness.

May the Force be with you -- 'cause I won't!

It's helps to be polytheistic -- you have lots of gods to blaspheme.

Ohmygod, I'm gonna barf.
Then stop! ...Let me barf.

Neither are my hiccoughs rutting *or* frelling!

There are very few guts in my face.

Insect bye-bye.

I speak many languages... of gibberish.

You extorted beads from the mime?
I didn't extort! I cheated!

I have not convinced you of the lack of goblin-ness of me.

I extrapolated the slime.

No S & M at Disneyland.

Why shouldn't the pen get hair-play privileges?
Because I am not available to everyone!
Random Passing Teenage Boy: Me neither!

You *can't* do both of us at once.

Frell you.Sideways.With a Prowler.
I can say that at Disneyland.

I'd write that down, but we're about to get in a teacup.

She hasn't figured out yet how to turn me off.
I'm a little scared she knows how to turn you on.

My arm hurts. -- Message on a programmable light-up toy being twirled by a "happy" Disneyland cast member.

It's like a vid, with fireworks.

Now I have "Jingle Bells" in eBay noises running through my head.

There's something very sacrilegious about this.
Ya think? "Round young virgin..."
Well, not anymore.

Just think how we could render "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear."

We'd have to get it up and running...
Right now.
Stop using certain phrases. Right now.

The simple joys of a simple overlord.

And the great circle of Not-Beating-the-Shit-Out-of-You.

We went to a contest scantily-dressed together.

You kicked me out of bed!
And you weren't even eating crackers.

Naked beer-scented gnat boobs!

If I hit you on the head will you have a first scene?

I have a very snuggly kitty, who inexplicably smells of Play-Doh.

That was my nose. Now it's a toga.

Did you know her fireplace cost 800 pounds? And can jump up to 25 feet?

To get -- if not medieval -- then renaissance on his ass.

I am Lizbet. Quote me.

Perri, you know I can't lie to you. So I can't say what you want to hear, but just consider that I would have said it if it were true.

Now is your chance to talk.
I don't actually have anything to say.

o/~ Poor Spawn is freaked... o/~

Thank you so much for rubbing your butt on my arm.
I hope that was Lestat and not Perri.

"Temporary"? It's been 28 years.
That's temporary.
In geologic terms.

You're not cheap, you're different.

Thank you for that enlightening view of your nostrils.

Neferteri! Cleopatra's a dumb Greek.

Oh, no! Foiled again! ... Or is it "saran wrapped again"?
Quoted again.

I could see the whites of your eyes. It was disturbing.
Don't flutter if they can see the whites of your eyes.

I thought you said Dobby's a slut.
Well he might be, but I don't like to make judgements about house elves I don't know.

I will not blat. I will just boop!

I'm getting quoted and I don't know why.

It's for a Psycho-bath.

If the one in green's nose gets any higher in the air, she'll be able to smell her own ear.

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