LA Comic Con -- Shrine Auditorium
November 8, 1997

SunS Perpetrator: Lizbet

Didn't take notes, so anything reported herein is from my ferbile little brain:

*Lots* of frightening teenyboppers this time. I had a crowd behind me in the question line (I asked if it was true that he did a cameo in WSWB, nope, it wasn't) who squealed every time Nick spoke, and shrieked when he said, "making out" and "sex". And the girl who asked if "Angel" had a girlfriend. (REALLY creeps me when people don't seem to know the difference between the actor and the chracter.) Every time I think that I'm overly obsessed, I'll look on them, and remember...

OK, things:

Willow and Oz will meet... soon!

Robia (maybe?) a perminant part of the cast.

Nick demonstrated his dancing skills (and I got pics!)

Everyone's going to go off to college at the end of next year, but somehow they all have to live close together.

Joss went to a boarding school in England, which is where Giles comes from.*g*

I'm sure that these will be trickling out of the flotsom and jetsom of my brain for a few days... *g*

Joss hasn't seen the final cut of Alien: Ressurection yet, but from what he's seen he likes. (In response to a question about if Alien 4 was as far of from what he wanted as BtM. He was very diplomatic on the topic of BtM, saying what we've heard before, that the director took his script and made a comedy out of it.)

Re: the music on the show: Sometimes Joss hears a song, likes it, and writes a scene to it, then tries to get the rights to the must. (Now I'm curious, which scenes are set to specific songs?)

TOLD ya they'd be perking for awhile!

Scene: LA Shrine. Right before Joss and Co. take the stage, they had a Mortal Kombat: Annihlation presentation. Brian Thompson is in MK.

Q&A line for the Buffy people... "Um, Joss? When am I going to get to come back? And can I not be a vampire this time, so I can survive?"

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