Kiki's Pilgrimage to Mecca (Just Going by 'Chicago' These Days)

SunS Perpetrators: Kiki, Perri, Tina
Non-SunS Perpetrators: Adam

Concerning Queen of Swords, Perri's membership at the Chicago Field Museum, art, vidding and Mortal Kombat. Just so you know what kind of weekend it was.

Their ability to transcend the lameness of the premise is just awe-inspiring.

My sarcasm meter got stuck on O'Neill and I felt the need to share.

All the good cabs are taken. Or gay.

"...the Mets come before my girlfriend."
That's more information than we needed to know.

This yummy man must die... because our yummy man must live!

Montoya, you scaberous son of a sandweasel!

You'd be watching occasionally, not with the religious intensity of the truly infatuated.

Okay, I take back the scaberous part.

You wonder what it looked like new, before it had a couple hundred nicks in it.
I don't think a couple hundred Nicks would *fit* in it.

Your potato chips tried to escape. I rescued them, but sacrifices were required.
I don't care how many people you lost, give 'em back!

Are you sure these guys weren't Goa'ulds? 'Cause they have the same taste in jewelry....

For the next year, I have free run of the place. I show them the card, they give me what I want!
Kind of like the Visa Gold Card for brains.

As wonderful as Valentine is, he's still going for the scenery going, "Fiber! I need my fiber!"

Should we also get massage oil while we're out getting movies?
What kind of movies are we getting?!?

I hate 'Sleeping Beauty.'
What a bitch.

What are you looking at?
You in tight jeans.
And wasn't that more of an answer than you wanted?
Actually, that was exactly the answer I wanted.

What are you doing?
Hurting you. Duh.

I don't think I'm going to mention this to Tina.

And I can see up your nose.
That's not why you draw someone upside down. It's just an interesting side effect.

It's a cool concept for torture. The Merc in me is admiring the possiblities.

And your reward for a job well done is a babe in bondage gear.

Remember the woman in bondage! Remember what you're fighting for!

I'm lookin' forward to mauling!

If Mulder was gay, he would tell Scully she looks nice more often.

Anyone who's caused you this much trouble is worth more than one bullet.

We could toss a coin. We could toss a bartender!

You break a Merc, you bought a Merc.

Where's the popcorn?
It's in... the thing.
Oh, right here.
How did you get 'the cabinet next to the stove' from 'the thing'?

Don't listen to what I say, listen to what I *mean*!
Hey. Who found the popcorn?

The later it gets, the more like commandos we sound.

Spanish alien TV, next on Geraldo.

The only reason I can see Ivanova going for him is because of the hair. She missed Marcus' hair.

You can do something else with that adrenaline! C'mere!

See, it's not my fault, it's my equipment's fault!
Oh yeah, that's it, blame it on the crack pipe.

They're breaking things, they're hitting things, they're flipping people off... These are not *nice* boys!

That couth level just keeps falling, doesn't it?

I'm like 90% of that quote list.
Yet another advantage of being the quote list princess.
Bite me.

It doesn't count as a breast quote. Just mentioning them doesn't count. And if you're quoting that, you're really sad and you'd better include that in the quote.

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