Miscellaneous Quote Lists

Horsechicks New Year's Eve Party

I like watching pro football, because I can oggle their butts without feeling like a cradle-robber.

Football does display some of the cutest tushes in the world....

I want a Tarzan! ... but I'm afraid of Africa.
You need to find a guy who can handle the urban jungle.

I'm _totally sober! ... I'm just totally impaired.

I'm currently having a three-way Pringle.

I have no idea what we're talking about, but Judi Dench should *always* be allowed to kill the bitch.

I'm not beeping anymore, but I _am_ laying off the Bailey's, because I just walked into a wall.

There are trollops? There are trollops with *penises*!?!?!

LA Party Quote List

So, it was a freak *shopping* accident?

So, you mean The Professionals came out... professionally?

It's Lowen & Navarro, just close your eyes and think of England.
Can I think of Eric?

How do you burn popcorn?!?!?!
Hey, I burned *water* one time!

It's spreading like a fungus... or a cancer... or a Chris Carter plot...

All my info is in here -- without it I'm lost. < without bothering to look at evilly-grinning person > I'll *kill* you...

When Roomies Chat

So I called Lizbet to say "How the hell did the Orb of Thessulah get *in* the Coke bottle??" Then MB jumped on the phone. Then Celli came home and jumped on the phone. Pandemonium ensued. Much quoting was done... -- Beth

Let's just say there's nothing in that cradle worth robbing.
It's a very small cradle.
I've been watching Sentinel slash for days. Don't start mentioning small cradles.

She has NatPack hair.

Even her voice bounces.

I think Beth has Celli issues.

The only angels who are having sex are vampires.
And once the angels have sex, they become devils.

I have to get out of the tub now and give my roommate artificial resuscitation.

*Obvious* I think you've got down.

Okay, you have a three-way trill. But then I'm called the trill-slut.
Watch me not follow that thought to its obvious conclusion.

Returning to your natural state? (Upon finding out Lizbet has turned her hair blonde)

I've blonded herself and I'm scared.

I'm attenting, she's pointing.

Your vocation and avocation in one. (Upon finding out MB's actual initials are M.E.N.)

I guess that's dramatic in a sense that it's not dramatic at all.

I'm on Chapter 5 and there have been two deaths and two hot sex scenes. It's a good book!

What's not to like? It's smut!

Noted and logged.
Is that anything like locked and loaded?
With you, yes.

She used Sun-In. She needs Sun-Out now.

I just have this picture of you as a pterodactyl with green hair.

Leslie is Mary Sue? I never knew this.

Angels come before sex.

There's just no getting between Celli and her sex with an angel.

Celli And Lizbet Driving Quote List

Remember when I said Santa Barbara? I meant San Bernadino.

For the record, flinch *after*!

It's a GenX job. It has an attention span of three minutes.
Write that down.
Okay. What did I say?

You handle the fuck, I'll handle the shit. Wait, you get the funner job!!!

But I *want* to hit the Mercedes! I can prove that we truly live in a classless society!

The Roomies-From-Hell 'Phases' Quote List

'I've gone a whole 2 minutes without thinking about Angel.' "I think she beat Leslie." -- Buffy and Beth

"Sunnydale has a cityscape?" -- Mary Beth

"Does anyone else wonder why they bother putting windows in the Bronze?" -- Mary Beth

"Most people who wake up naked in the woods would be like 'fuck!' Not Oz. He's 'huh.' < beat > Not that I've ever woken up naked in the woods." -- Beth

"I'm having a Return of the Jedi flashback." -- Mary Beth

"Rob & Dean & Bruce are like lesser nobility of the Cult of Joss." --Celli

"Sort of like Knights of the Square Table? 'Cuz we're definitely not round. Maybe more like a rhombus?" -- Mary Beth

"Bad timing Willow, which is usually perfect Slayerette timing." -- Mary Beth

"So she gets a boyfriend *and* a pet." -- Beth

The 'Ted' Mini Phone Quote List

Compiled by Dianne De Sha

I happened to have a pen and paper nearby during some of the viewing tonight... when not *yeeeeEP!*-ing or ROTFL, I even wrote some down... The phone crews thus implicated include, at various points, me [but I'm not telling you which one! :p], Kiki, Boo, Perri, and Lizbet]

Who's our cult leader? Ave Joss!

Shit, your Grand High Poohbahness! Hah! Hah!

No, that's good, because A) He's not dead and B) He's not _human_...
And C) *Yeeeeeeeeeee!*

Who needs caffiene when you've got Buffy?

"I'm a salesman."
I sell tickets to *HELL*!

Giles is such the HorseChick groupie... He's digging it....

Nick would buy it for that.
Yeah, but he could get a porno tape for a _lot_ less.

[No, no... this is an FK/PBS crossover quote... just don't ask... ;-]

Oh my _God_! It's the one with the mice!

Buffy? Golf club... head...? The two belong together.

It would have been gratuitious. It would have been pointless.
It would have been _nice_.

Can we kick him _repeatedly_ in the face?

Oh, she's in the overalls. Depression.

"Any longer and there would have been brain damage."
I don't think 'brain damage' covers it.

She's been chomped. She's been bomped....

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