Mystical Convergence Weekend Quote List

Mystical convergence because about 9 people somehow wound up converging in Chicago, only one of them pre-planned, mostly to attend the Bristol Renaissance Faire. It started getting a little scary.... There was a heat wave, babies, traffic, drum jam, garbing, wenching, watching of vids, Farscape, Stargate, Witchblade, Californians, Canadians, Coloradans, and general insanity. Warnings of puns, profanity and other possible perversions apply. Photographic evidence to follow (eventually).

SunS Perpetrators/Bystanders: Amy, Christina, Dawn, Dianne, Jennie, Lizbet, Perri, Tina, Val

Non-SunS Perpetrators/Bystanders: Adam, Brian, John, various Rennies, Dirk & Guido, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

"Brand is about as dead as Apophis at any given time."

"I could so see Jonas crushing on Sam."
"That's because she keeps hitting him & asking him out to lunch."

"Yes, listen to the voices."
"The voices are telling me to kill Adam."
"Not those voices!"

"You've been in an enclosed space too long."
"You can tell, her limbs are flailing around."

"Well, I didn't want to assault him with my breasts."

"Getting hungry. Must eat passengers for protein soon."

"There's sillyfic potential in that, but I'm not going there. Or, I could get the same results with a lot less effort and just say 'Maggie O'Connell, Sam Carter, and Sara Pezzini are in this bar...'"

"We are Horsechicks of Respiratory Issues. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Achoo."
"As long as I won't be ventilated."

"There will be Jack-trauma and pizza. And Danielness."
"And chips and salsa. There must be chips and salsa with Daniel."

"You have hiero. Glyphic. Magnets. That's so cool."
"It took her three breaths to say 'hieroglyphic magnets'. I think she should sit down."

"He thought, 'Oh, Irons is dead.' But lo, he doesn't know that the corpsicle speaks!"

"Welcome to Chicago. Here's your car brain breakage... thingie."

"We broke Perri."
< chorus > "Yes!"
"It's not like it's hard at this point."

"Don't mess with really pissed-off linguistics people."

"We're shoe Trills."

"Mars Cheese Castle?"
"Welcome to Wisconsin."
"Savor the lame."

"Yea. Verily. Dude."

"This is your brain. This is your brain on frozen bananas."

Queen Elizabeth: "Seadogs, We..."
Audience: < lots of clapping, cheering >
Queen Elizabeth: "Seadogs."
Audience: < clapping, cheering >
Queen Elizabeth: "We."
Audience: < much louder clapping, cheering >
Queen Elizabeth: "Well, as long as we have our priorities straight...."

"I'm not supposed to be hearing the voices in *your* head."

"It's too hot under the sweaty people."

"It's a squeaky Kiki."

"There's a little captain in you."

"The next person to assault my husband's toes gets a colander in the face."

"I didn't do it! It wasn't me!"
"I'm still blaming you, because she'll kill *me*."

"You're molesting your own toes now?"

"Are you a good frell? Or a bad frell?"

"Now you're molesting *my* toes?"
"I'm playing the Pink Panther theme on them. There's a big difference."

"We are required to identify ourselves to Dianne, because we all sound very excited and high-pitched."
< very deep > "What?"
< chorus > "Basso profundo!"

"Oh, and we did Dirk and Guido. Well, we watched them, we didn't do them."

"Shower. Food. Shower. Food. But not shower with food, because that would be icky."

"Knitting needles are not sharp enough to stab through one's own heart, unfortunately."

"It's the Scotty/Enterprise vid."

"Mr. Rourke got buff!"

"She's an alcoholic. He's the father of her children. They don't fight crime."

"And we angst as we walk the streets of New York. Like everybody does."
"It's all one big Morrissey vid waiting to happen."

"We should shake hands more often."

"The Witchblade as a marital aid."
"And mood lighting."

"It's so cute, yet so annoyingly chihuahua-like."

~%"Put your feet on my shoul-ders..."%~

"Should anyone want a threesome in our apartment, we have no rug."

"Adam's having a different conversation than us."
"Conversation, hell. Adam's on a different plane of existence."

"Would you get off my testicles for a second?"

"I'm from Canada. I'm not supposed to take this."

"So, if Boo gets too warm, does that make her a Baked Alaskan?"

"I died so many times I got *no* frequent flier miles left!"

"He's a juvenile delinquent jellyfish."

"It's a biological imperative that lets us *not* eat our young."

"I'm unloved... unwanted... unconscious...."

"The melodious tones of the back-rubbed."

"I am not penetrating anything non-living!"

"Yea, verily, huzzah, et cetera."

"I am not a boy. I am a brave and stupid man."
"But would a brave and stupid man drink right out of the bottle?"
"It would take a *very* brave and stupid man to do it after five women told him not to."

"I take the name of Kiki's boobs in vain."
"Ex-*cuse* me?! You haven't even been introduced!"

"Would a Perri starve to death in the wilderness if she had to quote and hunt for her own food at the same time?"

"And D'Argo is a bold and stupid man!"

"I don't have a remote for Tina!"

"A wedgie in leather pants is not even to be considered."

"Zhaan, Zhaan, Zhaan, Zhaan!"
"And giant lollipops!"

"This is like an institution. You're doing this every year, right?"

"He's waiting boldly and stupidly!"

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