Perri Visits Apocalypse West

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Non-SunS Perpetrators: Teleri

Concerning Farscape, politics, shagging Spike, and Legend.

Got wallets, dumped stuff, Talyn farted... all is right with the world.

You're waiting for your big 3-0? I'm old. I'm leaving.

Although if they're popping out demon babies every time it rains, we should probably be worried.

Blow harder, dear. with most things, that came out wrong.

The Taliban is getting all hot as we speak.

Strangle her with your eye bra!

I need to delete my brain.

I see the blue light of day... or of Ikea.

The gutter -- it's not a time-share thing anymore.

Spurting gush of blood usually does it for me.

Hey. Kinkiness at table 21. Pass the word.

So, we've got the King of Pain, The King of Wishful Thinking, and The Queen of Chocolate Ice Cream. Just getting them straight.
Yeah. Two of them are guys, one's a girl.
There's a debate about if the guys are straight, but it depends on which way you go.

How can I get The Chocolate Ice Cream Song stuck in my head??
Must be a Trill thing.

You're not going to have to wait all day for *your* life to be over.

Back off! My nose is a loaded weapon!

You're tormenting someone else! You're *cheating* on me! I can see the signs!
I believe in spreading it around.
You slut!
Give me the f***ing quote list!

She was suddenly his best friend, and practically an article of clothing.

Be nice or I won't let you play with my action figures.

Besides, I need to start bioling a pot dry.

You're still a weeble, you're just a defective weeble.

I think you need a bigger pot.

She's not wearing black leather, so she wasn't evil. And it wasn't the Red-Leather-of-Stabbing-Faith. So what's brown leather?
Apparently it's the Brown-Leather-of-Shagging-Spike....

California Pidgeon Kitchen

I actually hear my pot calling me.

Your apartment is attacking me!

I've got a pen and I'm not afraid to use it. I am afraid to hold it....

Spike does not brood. Basically, he tries, but he gets bored.

It's the six-fingered gnat!
You stole my laptop! Prepare to die!

In a staring contest between bland and psychotic, psychotic won.
No! Contact lenses lost!

I find you hot, so I'm not going to put you into an early grave.

Just because *you're* a lazy-ass...
My ass isn't lazy! It's my feet!

I've been violated by hummingbird toes!
Okay, that just sounds wrong.

You, personally, all by yourself, suck.

She's flinging hairsticks at me. Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a lame mutant power.

Kama Sutra - The Art of Making Chocolate

But I'm *used* to saying "sick, demented butterfly" -- It flows! It scans!

O.K. -- Pillow. Insert into mouth....

I have a gnat nose in my ear. It tickles. You are very ill.

So mournful, for one so fluffy...

My nose has been violated!
I'm sure there's a kink group on eBay we can sell that to.

Oh for God's sake! It's Captain Cave Cruise!

What are there? Oh, never mind... who cares...

On the other hand, if we were the Legion of Dorkness, Spike would come to us!
I'm a dork! I'm a dork!


Okay, senorita, allow me to be your little tortilla...

You guys are in the gutter, and you're blocking my snorkle!

O.k., can we have the Trumpets of Impending Doom any more dramatically?
The Trumpets of Impending Doom are hysterical, I think.

O.K., you and Jordan can go have a fling, but you may *not* get involved!
Vetween your baggage and her baggage, you'd sink the bloody Titanic!

Think: Cabbage Patch does beastiality.

Yes, you're a girl today. Either that or Hercules.

Will you stop beating my breast? I'm supposed to be doing that!

Help! I'm being attacked by Hercules in drag!

Talk slower, damn it!

She does It? Well, that would explain the hairdo.

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