The Pirate Wench Weekend Quote List

SunS Perpetrators: Maureen, Perri, Tina, Val
Non-SunS Perpetrators: Jack, Robin Atkin Downes, Waldo

God, I think I lust after the horse more than the dress.

In Chicago, will they or will they not notice if you drive without a head?

Medium-rare fantasy.

Bleaching the monkey didn't work.

Look into my forehead...

I'm a girl type who's not attracted to girls and even I can't keep my eyes off those.

Horsechicks never look deer-in-headlights.
Horsechick in headlights?

She was busy being a bold and stupid man in the courtyard.

Could you please stick a piece of toilet paper in my left ear?

He's green and he's mine.

I didn't notice you had a dragon in your cleavage.
It's a borrowed cleavage dragon.

Have you ever been in one of those Japanese toilets where you have to squat? It's like that. Actually, it's not.

Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka! Maim! Kill! Destroy! Uff-da!

The amazing technicolor dream Jack.

Gee, you don't want me grabbing you, Waldo?
Not in public, dear.

We're harmless. Just strange.

He'd have my head.
No, he'd have a cow.
He'd have her head and feed it to the cow.

I've never seen a guy go fangirl.

It's my word, I'll use it if I want to.
It's not yours, it's the Oxford Dictionary's.
I thought all the words were mine. Shit.

Even vampire men are trainable.

If I had 28 Nicks in my car, I wouldn't be complaining.
I would.

They're havoc together. Total havoc.
It takes two of them to make one Tina?
No, it takes half a Claudia to make a Tina.

Claudia is Mayhem.
So what's Pat?

He died with a girly scream.

He's a Spanish Ger.

What is it with you and Milwaukee? What's up with that?

My name is Alejandro Murietta. You killed my brother. Prepare to die.

Tina blond would equal streetwalker.

Tina, your dragon's a pervert.

Only the NatPack would make contingency plans based on having their garb cut off in the emergency room.

Okay, the wall wenches are now streetwalkers.

Leather. It's not just for costuming any more.
Leather. It's not just for bondage any more.

I've maintained a luggage equilibrium.

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