"Skating and Slayage and Swords, Oh, My" Quote List

SunS Perpetrators: Amy, Tina, Valerie
Non-SunS Perpetrators: Jack, Jody, Scott Hamilton

They'd be perfectly happy worshipping Bast, but they're Jewish, so they can't

Addict alert! Addict alert!

Congratulations, Jody! You made the quote list.
What'd I do?
You made quote.

Your cat's a dog
She's not even really a dog, she's a...
She's a fish.

And it's true: I'm not vomiting. But I'm also not hungry.

Let's just flee and be glad that they didn't put Robia in that.

I missed the cute Jody-look that went with the cute Jody-voice that we heard before he came in here.
I, however, missed out on none of the amusement.

It was really cute in a "kill you in an instant" kind of way.

In addition to not getting a lot of sex, those animators really can't draw.

It's nice to know that when you're talking about psychopathic bastards, you're not talking about me.

What am I, Mail Toss Chick?

Yeah, beating people up is bad.

Ooh, cool! Woolly mammoths!

Thirteen? My God, we've got a full coven of NatPackers!

Hold on a minute while I try to think of who else is a dancer with a gorgeous ass.

It's amazing how that not-looking enhances that not-finding thing.

See, look? Cows!

I'll just be huddled in a little ball in the trunk. Wake me up when we get there.

We're not lost. Lost is something far more creative.

You're not allowed to have a real car anymore.

Being that Susan doesn't cook, she said, "Please take deer."

The human couch is cleaned off.

We could have turnovers. Those aren't chocolate, but they're good.

Where's the quote list? We're committing quote left, right, and center, and it's not being documented.

He's so Skippy-like.
He's Skippy.
Yes, but he got less Skippy-like later.
Death will do that to you.

Marshmallows are sugar, but they don't taste like sugar. They're sugar that has had something bizarre done to it so it is no longer sugar.

Why is there a shoe on Carl's desk?
It looks like it got drowned.
Yeah. Shoes drown because they have lungs and can breathe.

It's not rice milk. It's something that I'm sure causes cancer in rats or something.

The mall word didn't happen when I needed it.

Well, saying that rice is a staple definitely qualifies as cultural shit.

Cuz it's not Christian, and it's not bread.

But do you like Jody more than you dislike *him* [the dog]?

Marinated garlic-and-holy-water-tuna, served up the ass of the vampire.

This is the show you signed on for, you just signed on with blinders and earplugs.

They can come down with a terminal case of suicidalness because they've come down with a terminal case of immortality.

What's with the "Walk Like an Egyptian" posing, though?
She's trying to walk like an Arabian?

They got her the "best designs"--which were hideous.

But we won't go there; it's the French.

You just have no English anymore, do you?
All my English went away. I spoke too much English earlier.

You have lots of nouns. They're just all ideas. All your physical objects went away.

I do not understand the direction this conversation has gone, so I'm going to reset my brain now.

I don't want a farm. Farms require equipment. I just need a roto-tiller.
Roto-tillers are *wee*.

Yes, but you've done this at *Faire*, Amy. Where you are so emphatically *not* cold--
..that you are ready to fall down.

"Don't make me string sentences. Go away."
I know: "I skated. I was happy. Buh-*bye*."

*All* the lunatics are Canadian! Are you kidding?

If you're gonna do a backflip, you might as well land it on one foot, because they get really mad at you when you land things on two feet.

Canadian Lunatics On Ice!

I think blade guards are the first to go, the first casualty of the Olympics.

Tara Lipinski: Human Dog Whistle.

I saw that face. I wanna quote that face.

I love it because she gets to be the one with attitude.
She also gets to be the one with lingerie, but...

Halle, what did you do to your head?
And when will you remove the animal from it?

It didn't need a point; it had guns.

The artist formerly known as a glyph...

And I have Robia. I have Robia's stuff. I don't have Robia. I have tapes of things with Robia in them; I don't have Robia's stuff. Oh, just write that down.

I had not known fear until I saw the "Phantom" and "Hyde" on the same stage.

Life is one long series of comatose conversations.

Unfortunately, Amy, you need to put in a vid to be reincarnated on a weekly TV series.

That's one of those natural functions that falls into the category of "perfectly acceptable."

Wow, your face flaking off completely would be cool.

Okay, Indiana Jones has an alien spaceship landing by the water tower.

Though Eerie, Indiana Jones would be cool as well.

Stevie Nicks is the easy one to remember. She wore underwear. ...On the outside.

It's about, "I need support".
It's about, "I get support from torturing my friends."

It's weird.
I can accept that. I frequently accept weird.
I hadn't noticed that.

That whole telepathic flashback thing helped.

You really shouldn't do spray-painted yarn-mail in close-ups.

If we're going skating, I'm not wearing this.
Why not?
Because I'm not Michelle Kwan. ...I'm not even Asian.

Take your pick: a thing on his forehead or a long red wig and a dress.

This just became something very *else*.

All dragons say "yikes!".

Well, it looks like this story won't be over when I stake his ass to the wall.
Staking his *ass* to the wall won't be effective.

It was 50's experimental rubber Maypole dancing.

What kind of a name is Joss, do you know?
A first name.

Well then, she'd be almost naked. I guess I'd like that too.

Cuz they didn't do the President Bush thing in Canada.

I have lots of big round things.

It's been two days and no breast quote. What's up with *that*?
Jill's not here.

Penguins don't talk? Well, fuck! There goes my entire life.

This is the 60's.
But the hair was 40's. That's what made me think of it.
That's right. They're Russians. They're 20 years behind.

I learned ballet, meditation, philosophy...
...Amazingly unaccented English.

I can understand what she's saying. She's not Russian.

It's bad casting. Kind of a combination of Carl Sagan and Brian Boitano.

Callisto, the middle school science teacher.

Would it surprise you if I told you I was just like that when I was a kid.
I'm not surprised. I can't stand her.

It's not, because the words "frog fear" aren't in it. [much later] I was wrong; the words "frog-fear" were there, but you hyphenated it. This is the whole thing.

She does guns. I'll let her have a gun. Plus they're old guns.

He's putting out candles with a whip. That's a Dad thing.

So you really can ward off vampire with a fish!

So we don't need a Slayer; we need a fisherman.

I know exactly. But I don't know. But I know...stuff.

Unchained Spike.
Is that like Unchained Melody or much more deadly?

I suppose we should count our blessings.
I don't think Buffy would wear a dead fish as long as she did the cross.

All the lesbians were psychotic killers.

It's like, "We're gonna put you in a push-up bra. Oh, wait, you've had a boob job; you don't need a push-up bra. ...Aw, heck. We'll give you one anyway."

I'm getting uncomfortable Buffy flashes...which aren't quite like hot flashes.

You're getting that quote list look. Or is it that Tina's-crazy look?

Maybe he's a Fed. That's almost like being a demon.

I didn't hurt myself skating. I hurt myself *putting on my skates*.

Uncle Creepy is a mundane Rom.

I love sour cream. I fantasize about sour cream now and then.

Excuse me. I need to quote me.

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