The Spike Lust Vidding Weekend Quotelist

We road-tripped. We vidded. We saw 'Gilligan Island Does The Tempest'. We stared at many, many shots of Spike. We appreciated every moment of it.

SunS Perpetrators: Perri, Tina and Valerie
Non-SunS Perpetrators: Adam, Heather and Jack

Okay, both of you snarked at me at the same time. Please snark separately.
Nah, it's more fun to do it together.
Confuse and conquer.

It'd be like Carmen Miranda as a porn star. She'd leave the hat on.

I just have one question: Does she wrap herself in duct tape first?

You stuck your finger in my Frosty.
That is *so* gross.

I just need a job where I don't constantly have to fight the urge to bitch-slap my coworkers. Or my boss.

We can't kill Adam! I need a bedwarmer for the rest of my life! Um, and I love him.

I can't believe we broke her this early.

There's something evil about Fort Worth.
I could have told you that.

Ursula is Mae West. With tentacles.

I had so many points. It was neat.
Now that's how you describe a game.

Perri? Have you been implanted with fish genes?
Kind of like a koi of death sort of thing.
Well, she was making sucking noises.

We're going to need bigger crumbs.

If you don't stop using gaming terms, I am going to put this fork through your nose.
Wouldn't you rather use a spoon?
No, in this case I think a fork.

You missed the 'Valerie and Adam Bouncing Around the Living Room With Swords' this morning.

Your offering is accepted.
Adam, God of Chocolate Cake.
That's a job I could do.
Eating chocolate cake?
Or being the god of it.

Amon-Ra? Is that like Almond Joy?
No, it's actually 'ramen' in Pig Latin.
The stuff of life.

MST3K-ing an old Mummy movie. A noble pursuit.
Life is good.

I'm wide-eyed and glaring at you, so I am obviously evil!
Or gay.
It's the thirties. It's the same thing.

That is dessert as a mass verb.

If you explode, I'm not cleaning it up.

I'll be right back.
If this were a scary movie, we'd never see you again.
And Perri *still* wouldn't be cleaning it up.

Okay, so we know he's hit the three-Horsechick threshold. Now we just have to see how well he handles mass saturation.

Wouldn't you just know he'd be a soccer fan.
It's the riots. He's a riot fan.

Are they going crazy up there?
[chorus] Going?

Sometimes, getting dressed does consist of putting on deodorant.

Brood! Brood, Angel, brood!
Wow, that is some *serious* power brooding.

Unfortunately, where there is more than one Horsechick, brains are shared.
Brains are shattered...

We have much bondage.

I'm sorry. 'Cham-Bana.' That just sounds like one of the Great Old Ones.

But I find myself completely enchanted by your manly chest.

Because I know that somewhere, through the tv screen, the characters are listening to me.
They can hear me! I know they can! They're just ignoring me!
*I'm* about to start ignoring you.

Okay, four of us here this weekend are gamers.
The fifth one has been spending a lot of time asleep.

Do you think we've seen James' bare chest often--I think we're overdosing on James' bare--*Can* you overdose on James' bare chest?
How many times can you interrupt yourself in one sentence?

There is tongue. We must capture.

Crush is mostly for additional bondage.

Hey, if the NatPack has to have a breast quote on each list, I say the Horsechicks have to have a bondage quote on every list. At least one.
So does NatPack plus Merc equal bondage?

Adam? Bite me.
You have to put the dress back on.

He's so cute and vulnerable and his cheekbones are so high!

I used to be shy and retiring.
Then you turned two.

His hair looks like it was shellacked, but it doesn't make him any less cute and vulnerable.
Nor have any less high cheekbones.

We all have strange-placed brains.

I love it when he's being earnest and cheekboney.
Okay, now we have bondage quotes and cheekbone quotes all over the place.

I think I'll go have pizza. Pizza is safer.
Pizza is *far* safer than multiple Horsechicks.

We've found a new Perri toy.
But he's *pretty*!
[Ed. Tyr on Andromeda. What a babe!]

It's sort of a cross between a Minbari fighting pike and a zappy thing.

And I swear to God, she was faster than me multiplied by Mary GT. [that one was Valerie]

You can tell you've been commuting between work and Dayton too long when you find stray underwear in your pocket.

Season villains die in the last episode of each season Though sometimes they come back in some way, shape, or form--if they're Angel. At the very least, they spend some time in hell wearing leather pants.

[Dru voice] Spike hears voices too...

She's like the evil Aphrodite. [re: Glory]

Ben is very sweet.
He's the Martouf of the show.
He has many Martouf-like qualities, except for the fact that he's still alive.

Sometimes your upbringing literally stays with you forever.
My God. That means you could be snarky for hundreds of years.

Well, you can tie someone up without being a psychopath.

This has been a weekend of snarkiness. And bondage.
There has been much bondage.
And you didn't invite me?
It was a girl thing.
That would explain some of the squealing I heard up here.

Brain, shut up before I come up there and strangle you.
Brain, shut up before I go *down* there and strangle you.

Glad Clairol didn't go with *that* idea: 'You make me feel like a natural-born killer.'

It's punk sex hair.

No linguistics students were harmed in the making of this video.

[Spike voice] The Key is in L.A. Its name is Angel.

[sneeze downstairs]
[4 people upstairs] Bless you!

I just can't picture Spike doing a vid.

My man's destiny is backrubs.
Giving them, not receiving them.

The bearer of testosterone has disappeared.
I think he's gone to talk to the other token testosterone person.

Soon he will no longer be William *or* Spike.
Like Angel, he will need a third name.
Sadly, 'Williamus' doesn't really work.

Do you have a poltergeist here?
I'm glad that makes you feel better.

It's the five-part ditz harmony.

Airgh! ...Excuse that.

< cough > < cough > Sorry... Too much estrogen in here.

See, the sweat softens the gel, and as it dries, it hardens back up.
So it softens as other things harden and hardens as other things soften?
I didn't say that!

We really need a name for the subway Slayer, 'cause it really sounds like a serial killer.

Let's be careful about using words like 'climax' during this vid.
Because, y'know, we haven't been careful about words like 'bondage' yet.
Nor do we plan to be.

You don't want to moan 'devour me' when there's a guy in the room.
Especially when he's into vampire stuff.

Dear God in heaven, help us all.
There is no help for us.
I think you forfeited it when you did this.

Does that mean we're in vidness?

Ding-dong, the vid is ill, the vid is ill. Ding-dong, the vid is very ill!" [to the tune of "Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead"]

Now that vidding is done, I'm getting shopping urges. It's so bad.
If it's not one addiction, it's another.

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