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Season 1

Welcome to the H-mouth -- New school, new friends, new Watcher, new Hellmouth....

The Witch -- What some girls will do to be popular.

Teacher's Pet -- Bugs suck.

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date -- Buffy has a date, Giles has a prophecy. Who's having more fun here?

The Pack -- Xander has a bad desk day, easily overlooked in light of his bad sanity day.

Angel -- A girl's best friend is her... vampire?

I Robot, You Jane -- Willow gets a life, the 'Net gets invaded, Giles gets annoyed.

The Puppet Show -- Which one's the demon? For that matter, which one's the dummy?

Nightmares -- Xander takes his shirt off, making dreams come true (sorry, reverse that).

Invisible Girl -- Cordelia Chase, Target for a Day

Prophecy Girl -- The end of the world, and Buffy hasn't got a thing to wear.

Season 2

When She Was Bad -- Buffy's back and so are the vampires. Which one's going to do the most damage?

Some Assembly Required -- What some guys will do to get a date.

School Hard -- Sunnydale, meet Spike and Drusilla. Hope you survive the experience.

Inca Mummy Girl -- Xander's love life takes yet another fatal turn.

Reptile Boy -- Just in case you ever thought frat parties were safe.

Halloween -- Trick or treat, Buffy's sweet, and totally useless in the streets.

Lie to Me -- Old friends takes on a whole new meaning.

The Dark Age -- Giles actually had a life before Buffy; bet he wishes he hadn't.

What's My Line I -- A-tisket, a-tasket, the Slayer's head in a basket.

What's My Line II -- Double your Slayer, double your fun.

Ted -- Love-Life-From-Hell Syndrome infects Buffy's mom.

Bad Eggs -- The dangers of overparenting.

Surprise -- What do you get the Slayer who has everything?

Innocence -- Good night, my Angel.... Hello, Angelus.

Phases -- Who's afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf?

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered -- Just when you thought Xander's love life couldn't get any weirder.

Passion -- Let the sun fall down.....

Killed By Death -- Patients check in, but they don't check out.

I Only Have Eyes For You -- A dead teenager at Sunnydale High -- so what else is new?

Go Fish -- Xander. Red Speedos. 'Nuff said.

Becoming I -- Past, present... future?

Becoming II -- This is the way the world ends.

Season 3

Anne -- Life on the streets can be Hell.

Dead Man's Party -- The Army of Darkness shows up and they want refreshments.

Faith, Hope and Trick -- New strangers in Sunnydale -- and these are stranger than most.

Beauty and the Beasts -- Love makes you do the wacky -- not to mention the homicidal.

Homecoming -- Everybody run, the Homecoming Queen's got a.... spatula?

Band Candy -- Every adult in Sunnydale has a simultaneous midlife crisis.

Revelations -- The truth hurts.

Lover's Walk -- Breaking up is hard to do (see above re: love/homicide).

The Wish -- Be careful what you wish... ooops. Too late.

Amends -- Jenny was dead, as dead as a doornail.... This must be understood, or nothing else that follows will seem wondrous.

Gingerbread -- Be vewy, vewy quiet. We're hunting witches!

Helpless -- The Watcher Council plans the 'surprise' part of Buffy's birthday party.

The Zeppo -- Xander shoots a zombie in his pajamas -- what it was doing in his pajamas he'll never know.

Bad Girls -- Buffy gets a new Watcher and a new attitude. Neither of them are particularly helpful.

Consequences -- Faith turns to the dark side -- where's Yoda when you need him?

Dopplegangland -- Willow, Willow everywhere and only one's alive.

Enemies -- Angelus makes a return appearance, and his taste in women has gotten worse.

Earshot -- Telepathy gives Buffy just way too much information about Sunnydale.

Choices -- Roads Not Taken, Roads Under Construction and Roads About To Be Demolished

The Prom -- What, you expected a dance Buffy wants to attend to be normal?

Graduation 1 -- The beginning of the end.

Graduation 2 -- Surviving high school was easy. Surviving graduation -- that's hard.

Season 4

The Freshman -- at UC Sunnydale, vampires are on the curriculum.

Living Conditions -- Buffy takes on the Roommate from Hell.

The Harsh Light of Day -- Buffy's having a few problems with men -- unfortunately, one of them is Spike.

Fear, Itself -- Another frat party, and people are dying to attend.

Beer Bad -- Buffy tries to drown her sorrows, and turns into Captain Cave-Slayer.

Wild at Heart -- The Big Bad Werewolf meets his match -- and she's lots badder.

The Initiative -- Secret Government Facility Captures, Studies Vampires Beneath College Campus... nah, not even the Enquirer would buy this one!

Pangs -- Buffy plans the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, but uninvited guests throw off the place settings.

Something Blue -- Slayer and vampire: a forbidden love. But, um, I don't think the vampire is supposed to be Spike, is it?

Hush -- Silence is golden... and bloody.

Doomed -- The end of the world -- take four. Or is it five...?

A New Man -- Giles wakes up and sees a whole new side of himself -- compliments of Ethan.

The I in Team -- How do you solve a problem like the Slayer...?

Goodbye Iowa -- The Initiative loses their pet Frankenstein and Riley loses his mind. Not a good day for Sunnydale....

This Year's Girl -- The Bitch is Back.

Who Are You? -- It's a Freaky Friday, Sunnydale-style.

Superstar -- Vampires beware, Jonathan's in town! No, wait... Jonathan?

Where the Wild Things Are -- Another haunted frat party, and more proof that in Sunnydale, even safe sex isn't.

New Moon Rising -- Oz finds out just how home can change, and Riley finds out just how much his point of view can change.

The Yoko Factor -- Adam unleashes a fiendish new weapon against the Slayerettes -- themselves.

Primeval -- All for one, and one for all.

Restless -- The Slayerettes can't escape attack even in their dreams...

Season 5

Buffy vs. Dracula -- Does this actually need a summary?

The Real Me -- Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

The Replacement -- An encounter with a demon has Xander beside himself.

Out of My Mind -- Riley chooses a Very Bad Time to start having Issues.

No Place Like Home -- Buffy's 'little sister' finds new -- and deadly -- ways to be a problem.

Family -- The Truth About Tara, and other issues.

Fool for Love -- Spike gives Buffy a history lesson, and the final exam will be survive/fail.

Shadow -- Joyce has a diagnosis, Riley continues to have Issues, Glory has a new pet, and Buffy wants to have a nervous breakdown.

Listening to Fear -- ET comes home... without even knocking!

Into the Woods -- Riley's nightlife comes to light, and Buffy has major problems with The Other Woman.

Triangle -- Xander gets caught in a fight between a witch and a demon -- and those are just his friends!

Checkpoint -- ~The Council's back and there's gonna be some trouble...~

Blood Ties -- Dawn has a little identify crisis.

Crush -- Spike's love life really goes to Hell.

I Was Made To Love You -- Another robot wreaks havoc on the love lives of Sunnydale.

The Body -- Sometimes things just... happen.

Forever -- The Stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, resurrection, acceptance....

Intervention -- Two Buffys and a spot of torture -- this could be Spike's best day ever.

Tough Love -- Glory tries to think, and chaos ensues -- with a vengeance.

Spiral -- On the road in the Winnebago from Hell, with the hitchhikers your mother warned you about....

Weight of the World -- Glory checks her inner mortal, Ben checks his options, and Buffy checks out.

The Gift -- The end of the world once again, and the Slayer is ready to sacrifice... everything.

Season 6

Bargaining 1 -- Sunnydale is a town without a Slayer -- or is it?

Bargaining 2 -- Their spell brought something back, but what?

After Life -- Buffy's adjustment to world of the living is impeded by something from the world of the... dead?

Flooded -- Buffy encounters two new enemies -- bankruptcy and the Legion of Dorkness.

Life Serial -- Job hunting in Sunnydale is hell.

All the Way -- Dawn wreaks some Halloween havoc.

Once More, With Feeling -- Gotta dance, gotta sing, gotta slay.

Tabula Rasa -- The Scoobies make some new memories (after they lose the old ones).

Smashed -- Willow loses a pet and gains a partner in magic; Buffy starts a partnership in something else entirely.

Wrecked -- Willow finds a Den of Iniquity, and takes Dawn along for the ride.

Gone -- Buffy's got problems, and the world can see right through her.

Doublemeat Palace -- Do you want fries with that? Or would you prefer monsters?

Dead Things -- The Trio's latest scheme has consequences they never imagined.

Older and Far Away -- So why does Buffy continue to celebrate her birthday, when they always go like this?

As You Were -- Riley returns. Yay.

Hell's Bells -- Going to the chapel, gonna get married. At least, that's the plan....

Normal Again -- Buffy goes crazy. Or sane. Or something.

Entropy -- Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.

Seeing Red -- Warren gets a pair of orbs. No, really.

Villains -- Guns don't kill people; Warren kills people. So does Willow....

Two to Go -- The Scoobies fight an enemy who hits way too close to home.

Grave -- The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it.

Season 7

Lessons -- Dawn's first day at Sunnydale High, and she doesn't have a ghost of a chance.

Beneath You -- There's something underneath Sunnydale... besides the Hellmouth and Spike.

Same Time, Same Place -- Willow's homecoming is a sight to see. Or, not.

Help -- Helping teenagers isn't as easy as it looks.

Selfless -- Anya's past revealed, while her present employment threatens her future existence.

Him -- %~He's so fine... Wish he were mine...~%

Conversations with Dead People -- Dawn gets attacked, Willow gets a visitor and Buffy gets therapy. All of the above involve pain.

Sleeper -- The Slayerettes take on the not-so-friendly giant in Spike's head.

Never Leave Me -- Interrogations, assaults and affirmations. What a day.

Bring On the Night -- Giles is home and he's brought guests. What a coincidence -- so has the First.

Showtime -- The First strikes again, Buffy gives another speech, and everyone visits Thunderdome.

Potential -- Willow's spell says that Dawn's not living up to her full... Well, you know.

The Killer in Me -- Kennedy and Willow's first date unleashes something creepy. How unusual for the Hellmouth.

First Date -- Everyone's love-lives improve, and that's just never a good sign.

Get It Done -- Buffy's career as a motivational speaker hits a low point.

Storyteller -- Riot at Sunnydale High: Live, from the AndrewCam!

Lies My Parents Told Me -- Spike's past comes back to haunt him (again), and Robin is the Hand of Justice. Or something.

Dirty Girls -- Faith comes back to town, and serious trouble ensues. For once, it's really not her fault.

Buffy: the Unaired Pilot -- a synopsis and review of the legendary twenty-minute pitch episode Joss used to sell the series.

The Drinking Game -- Sunnydale Slayers style. Version 1.0.

An episode guide is also available at The Official Buffy Site.

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