The Drinking Game -- Sunnydale Slayers Version

Version 1: January 2, 1998


For the purposes of this game

CoJ refers to the Cult of Joss.

You can actually use alcohol if you're feeling brave. If you're feeling sane, M&M, Reeses, and Dove's Promises are recommended.

The Show

Anyone gets hit in the head -- 1 drink
It's not Xander -- 2 drinks
Anyone gets hit with a desk/table -- 3 drinks
Anyone gets possessed -- 4 drinks
It's not Xander -- chug

Willow loses her temper -- chug

Xander displays jealousy over Buffy -- 1 drink
Willow displays nervousness about her feelings for Xander -- 1 drink
Buffy displays annoyed/intrigued behavior toward Angel -- 1 drink
Angel appears and says something cryptic to Buffy -- 1 drink
She calls him on it -- 2 drinks
Giles displays nervousness towards Ms. Calendar -- 1 drink

Willow gushes over Xander -- 1 drinks
Buffy gushes over Angel -- 2 drinks
*Anyone* gushes over Willow -- 3 drinks (4 if it's not Oz. Chug if it's Xander)
Giles gushes over anyone -- 4 drinks
It's over Ms. Calendar -- chug and giggle (Chug and gag if it's Miss French)

Anyone inflicts physical damage on their Significant Other -- 2 drinks
While not possessed or otherwise under the influence -- 3 drinks

Buffy and Angel argue -- 1 drink
Buffy andAngel physically fight -- 2 drinks
Buffy and Angel kiss -- 3 drinks, 4 if there's really cool music
Buffy and Xander kiss -- chug, check to make sure you're watching the right series
Xander and Willow kiss -- chug, toast the happy couple, repeat as for Buffy and Xander
Giles kisses anyone -- four drinks
It's not Ms. Calendar -- chug, take deep breaths, remain calm
It *is* Ms. Calendar -- chug anyway; it's 'The Dark Age' or 'Ted'; either way, you need it by the end

Anyone sleeps with anyone else -- drink everything in sight; 'Innocence' is coming up and believe us, you'd rather be unconscious or in a chocolate daze.

Anyone greets anyone else by just saying their name -- 1 drink
It's Angel and Buffy -- 2 drinks
It's Angel and Xander -- 3 drinks
It's all of the above -- 4 drinks
Anyone actually says "Hello" -- chug

Buffy stakes a vamp -- 1 drink
Buffy stakes a vamp, but they don't immediately die -- 2 drinks
Buffy offs a vamp in a way other than staking -- 3 drinks
Anyone else offs a vampire -- 4 drinks
It's not Angel -- chug
Anything in physical contact with the vamp does not disappear when he is staked -- 4 drinks and mutter balefully about plot devices

Buffy beats up a vamp -- 1 sip
It escapes -- 1 drink
Buffy beats up a villain who is not a vamp -- 2 drinks
Buffy beats up Giles, just for practice -- 3 drinks, wince, mutter "Go easy on him, girl!"
Buffy beats up Xander -- 4 drinks, chug if you're a 16-year-old boy

Buffy pins anyone to a wall -- 1 drink
He/she is not a bad guy -- 2 drinks
He/she becomes a Slayerette -- 3 drinks

A Slayerette attacks a villain -- 1 drink
It's Giles -- 2 drinks
It's Willow -- 3 drinks
It's Cordelia -- 4 drinks
It's Mrs. Summers -- chug

Giles gets to hit someone -- 2 drinks
Giles actually uses a weapon -- 3 drinks
Giles continues to use the weapon instead of going hand-to-hand -- chug

There's a cute, harmless guy in the ep -- 1 drink
The cute, harmless guy is actually a psychopath -- 2 drinks
The cute harmless guy is actually harmless -- 3 drinks
He survives the episode -- 4 drinks
He's not Owen or Oz -- chug

Buffy confronts a mortal bad guy -- 1 drink
Buffy turns her back on a mortal bad guy -- 2 drinks
Mortal bad guy knocks her on her butt -- 3 drinks and yell at the TV screen; she won't hear it, but it will make you feel better
Buffy kills mortal bad guy -- 4 drinks and much sympathy
Dead mortal bad guy isn't dead and isn't mortal -- 1 sip; we knew that was coming.

The Master pontificates -- 1 drink
The Master orders Buffy's death -- 1 drink
Buffy escapes the evil minions of the Master -- 2 drinks
The Annoying One has dialogue -- 1 drink
It's not in the weird synthesizer voice -- 2 drinks
The Annoying One buys it -- chug and dance gleefully (unless you're Sasha. Then chug and quietly mourn)

Dru wanders off the conversation at hand into morbid territory -- 1 drink
Dru restrains Spike from some hasty course of action -- 1 drink
Spike exhibits strategic skills the Master never had -- 1 drink
Spike snaps at Dru -- 1 drink
Spike does not immediately apologize -- 2 drinks
Spike and Dru make out -- 3 drinks, or as many as you need to keep from throwing up

Buffy is wearing a short skirt -- 1 drink
Buffy is wearing something tie-dyed -- 2 drinks
Buffy is not wearing the Boots of Death -- 3 drinks
Buffy actually has more skin covered than showing -- 4 drinks
Willow is better dressed than Buffy -- chug
Giles is better dressed than Buffy -- Change the channel, you're watching VR.5

Someone in the scene has a visible tattoo -- 2 drinks
It's Angel -- 3 drinks; Angel Droolers lie down and breathe deeply
It's Giles -- chug, just throw water on the Giles Droolers

Cordelia puts someone down -- 1 drink
Someone puts Cordelia down -- 2 drinks
Someone puts Cordelia down, and she has no comeback -- 3 drinks
It's Xander -- 4 drinks
Cordelia and Xander make out -- chug if there's cheesy music. Otherwise, 1 drink while giggling and making train wreck comments

Cordelia is the victim of something paranormal, and completely misses this fact -- 1 drinks, shout "Buy a clue, Chase!"
Cordelia is the victim of something paranormal and realizes it-- 2 drinks
Cordelia is the victim of something paranormal and responds in a useful fashion -- 3 drinks
Xander saves Cordelia from anything -- 4 drinks
She actually thanks him -- chug
Cordelia loses all sense of tact -- 1 drink, 2 for whoever was the victim

Cordelia clings to Angel -- 1 drink
Angel looks panicked -- 2 drinks
Cordelia refuses to believe Angel is a vampire -- 3 drinks

Principal Flutie psychobabbles -- 1 drink
Principal Flutie acts human -- 2 drinks
Those around Principal Flutie do not act human -- 3 drinks, and a moment of silence for the departed
Principal Snyder theatens a Slayerette -- 1 drink
It's not Buffy -- 2 drinks
Principle Snyder forces anyone to volunteer for something -- 3 drinks
It's not Buffy -- 4 drinks
Snyder buys it -- chug, cheer, mourn, clean out the office for the next vict... principal.

Willow and Xander go off to rescue Buffy -- 1 drink
With Giles -- 2 drinks
They actually get in some good shots -- 3 drinks
Buffy doesn't wind up rescuing them -- 4 drinks
They rescue Buffy -- chug, make sure no one is fantasizing

Someone sneaks up on a girl, and you can only see his shoes -- 1 drink
It's Angel -- 2 drinks
Anyone on list identifies Angel by his shoes -- 3 drinks
It's not an Angel Drooler -- 4 drinks

Someone cowers from a computer -- 1 drink
It's not Giles -- 2 drinks
Someone goes to get Willow rather than braving it themselves -- 3 drinks
Anyone besides Willow and Ms Calendar uses the computer -- 4 drinks
Successfully -- chug

Willow turns hacker -- 1 drink
To someplace other than the coronor's office -- 2 drinks
Willow comments on how much time she spends at the coronor's office -- 3 drinks
Anyone on list admits to spending an equal amount of time there -- 4 drinks
It's not a NatPacker -- chug

Anyone refers to "musty old books" -- 1 drink
Anyone refers to the praying mantis -- 2 drinks
It's not Xander -- 3 drinks
Oz has a line other than "Who is that girl?" -- 1 drink
Buffy leaves the school grounds during school hours -- 1 drink
Buffy is at the Bronze on a school night -- 1 drink
She has a date -- 2 drinks
The date isn't human -- 3 drinks
Angel makes a joke -- 2 drinks
It's not at his own expense -- 3 drinks
It's at Xander's expense -- chug
Xander mocks Angel's deadness -- 2 drinks
Anyone calls Angel Angelus -- 2 drinks
Anyone who really shouldn't picks up a crossbow -- 2 drinks
Someone British, other than Giles, shows up in Sunnydale -- 3 drinks
They're *not* evil-- chug!
Angel wears colors other than black or white -- 2 drinks and towels all around
Male cast member takes his shirt off -- 2 drinks and towels all around
Female cast member takes her shirt off -- get real, it's a PG-14 show

The List

Anyone goes *thud* more than twice in a post -- 1 drink
It's not regarding Angel -- 2 drinks
It *is* regarding Angel and it's *not* an Angel Drooler -- 3 drinks; chug if it's a Giles Drooler
It's regarding Giles -- 3 drinks
It's regarding Giles and it's not a Giles Drooler -- 4 drinks; chug if it's an Angel Drooler

Anyone loses the ability to make consonent sounds during an episode -- 1 drink
Anyone goes completely nonverbal during an episode -- 2 drinks
It's not Leslie, Perri, Lizbet or Valerie -- 3 drinks

More than three Suns are on the phone watching an ep at any given time -- 1 drink
Any of them are not Horsechicks -- 2 drinks
More than three SunS are in a room watching an ep at any given time -- no drinks; it's redundant (all non-SunS, lift bottle, chug, repeat as necessary)

Anyone says 'Joss is evil' -- 1 sips
Anyone says 'Joss must die.' -- 2 sips
Anyone composes a CoJ ritual -- 1 drink
It's not Sasha -- 2 drinks

Any NatPacker tries to persuade a Merc of their 'true calling' -- 1 drink
Any Merc tries to persuade a NatPacker of their 'true calling' -- 2 drinks
Anyone succeeds -- take the bottle and head for cover

Anyone has a 'Druscilla moment' -- 1 drink
Leslie bribes anyone with a soundtrack -- 1 drink
It's not for something relating to David Boreanaz -- 2 drinks
Anyone suffers from Angel-lunge rugburn -- 3 drinks
Anyone receives death threats due to con attendence, meeting Joss, etc. -- 1 drink
It's not Lizbet -- 2 drinks
Anyone complains about being blindsided by characters/stories -- 2 drinks
A round robin starts -- 1 drink, plus one for each subsequent part. Trust me, you'll need it.

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