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This archive is intended to provide a home for fan fiction written by members of The Sunnydale Slayers. Outside contributions, while enjoyed, are not accepted, as the archivist doesn't have the time or server space to provide a fandom-wide forum. We recommend sending contributions to The Slayer's Fanfic Archive.

October 18, 2003

by Christina K

After shock, after Sunnydale... After "Chosen".


The Darkest Dawn -- Buffy's battles are over. Theirs are just beginning.... A SunS collaborative universe, set after 'The Gift.'

SunS Filk -- silliness set to music. By various luna... um, composers:

SunS Top Ten Lists -- Letterman has a lot to answer for... and rather more now.

Round Robins

The Fifth Slayerette
Cordelia's got a little bit of a car problem.... and it's about to become everyone else's problem. Warning: much silliness ensues! Comments to individual authors or Dianne DeSha.

A Faire Welle to Arms
A Renaissance Faire, a sunny day -- what could go wrong? Comments to individual authors or havocthecat and Perri Smith.

Revenge of the Horsechicks -- by Death, Chaos, Plague, StratWar and TactWar
Three things never anger, or you will not live for long -- a wolf with cubs, a man with power, and a Horsechick's sense of wrong. Angelus just did all three....

The Gods Must Be Crazed -- by Perri Smith, diannelamerc, Abby Albrecht and Lizbetann
An insane, cross-universe round robin written for the MediaWest*Con 18 door contest, as Ares, God of War, decides to give the Slayerettes a little excitement.

Fit To Be Tied -- by Goth Spyce and Vampire Spyce
No one's admitting to this one (with very good reason) -- just accept that it's purposefully very badfic, growing from an odd discussion onlist, and go have a laugh.

The Chaos POV Challenge
Named for Chris, who did it first, a SunS challenge to retell the episodes from points of view other than Buffy's. Extended versions of some stories available in An Alternate Viewpoint.

Out of the Shadows -- by Lizbetann
'Welcome to the H-mouth' through 'Angel' (Angel)

Animal Behavior -- by Maureen Wynn
'The Pack' (Xander)

The Stranger -- by Perri Smith.
'Angel' (Willow)

Mad Moon in Scorpio -- by Christina K
'I Robot, You Jane' (Ms Calendar)

No Strings Attached -- by Perri Smith
'The Puppet Show' (Sid)

Into the Depths -- by Dawn Steele
'Nightmares' (Giles)

Long Stretch of Lonesome -- by Celli Lane
'Invisible Girl' (Willow)

Shadow of the Apocalypse -- by Christina K
'Prophecy Girl' (Ms. Calendar)

To Be In Your Shoes -- by diannelamerc
'When She Was Bad' (Cordelia)

Friends Help You Move, Real Friends Help You Move Bodies -- by Christina K and Lizbetann
The end of 'Ted' (just about everyone)

Staked on Classics
The SunS take on some classic literature, from a Sunnydale kind of perspective. Started by Maureen Wynn.

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