Fit to Be Tied

by Vampire Spyce and Goth Spyce
Copyright 1998

Buffy chases Angel down the hall, a lasso in her hand, her spurs getting caught on the back of her nylons due to her short skirt and the fact that she's having trouble running since the 10 gallon Stetson keeps covering her eyes. She gets closer--Angel's not used to running with hooves--and she ropes her, demon...whatever. She gets bonus points for hog tying him in less than 6 seconds.

She starts shrieking at him like a madwoman--er, madcow woman--"You weren't nice!! YOu were mean!! Bad Angel! YOu were bad, bad, bad!!! I hate you because you were so evil, hanous, horrible, sick and not nice!! I don't love you anymore! YOu're evil.!"

Angle blinks. Then he blinks again. And blinks alot. "Buffy? I'm confused," he says confusedly. "What happened? Why are we in the hig hschool?"

"Oh no you dont! I don't believe you. YOu're bad!!! Bad bad! Not even good bad like you used to be- all bad!

"But < pause) I love you! Why are you talking like this? We're in love!"

"No! You killed Ms Collander. She was good. You are bad! You have to die!"

"I don't konow what your talking about! The last thing I remember was we were in my apartment and you were wet and I was wet and we were trying to dry off and you looked at me and I looked at you and it was as if our souls connected and I just--"

"STOP IT!! I don't believe you! You're Angelus! she screamed under her breath as she rose her steak in the air to put him out of her misery.

"No, wait! I can prove it! That ring, the one you have around your neck, I gave that to you."

Buffy looked down at the ring she had been wearing around her neck. She had not wanted to wear the silver token of there eternal bond on her fingers because it would be too easy to see and it would hurt too much but she hadn't not wanted to part with it or have it far away so she had put it around her neck a longtime ago and almost forgotten it was there.

"I gave that to you." he repeated again. "My people used to give it as a sign they belonged to each other. I told you about it."

"Angel?" she said wonderously her eyes as wide as saucers. "Is it really you?'

"Buffy, my love! It is me! Please untie me! We have time to make up for!"

"Oh angel!! I am so sorry I tied you up!"

"No! No! I think it was your feirce anger which saved me! I owe you my soul!"

"I don't need your soul all I want is you!"

"You have me! I am yours for eternity!"

"Or until I die anyway" she laughed.

"Let's not make that for a long time okay."

"Okay." She gently untied him from the ropes and threw herself on him.

"I missed you so much!"

"Me too."

"Angel........We can never go to bed again. You will lose your soul."

"Well if I ever do, you can just scream at me till you scare it back in to me."

They smiled at each other as they shared a kiss of hope and love.

The End

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