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The Top Ten Things Buffy Might Say at the Beginning of 'What's My Line' Part 2

"I am Ken-DRAH, the Vampire Slayer."

10. "Bad Slayer...cancelled Slayer."
9. "Yeah, right. How many buildings have *you* burned down?"
8. "GIIIIILES!!!!!!!!!"
7. "In *those* earrings?"
6. "You know, it sounds much cooler the way you say it."
5. "Oh, great. It's my long lost sister. With very different hair."
4. "Good!" *skips to door* "Giles is waiting in the library to yell at you, the principal is waiting to give you detention, and my mom is waiting to ask where you think you've been all night. I'm going to the Bronze. Byee!"
3. "Does the phrase 'Bizarro world' mean anything to you?"
2. "You're my dream come true. Except for the part where you're trying to kill me."

And the number one thing Buffy might say.....?
1. *punch* "Wrong."

By Celli Lane

The Top Ten Reasons Why Spike Likes Being a Vampire

10. There's more and more air pollution every year.
9. The Internet gets a lot faster after 3 am.
8. Blood tastes pretty good.
7. Getting rid of an annoying colleague takes only a sharp stick and a dustbuster.
6. If you get stuck outside during a winter storm, you don't have to worry about frostbite (and dust in the dustbuster makes for pretty good traction if necessary).
5. If the computer goes kaput, you don't have any silly moral qualms about breaking into a shop and stealing another one.
4. Family reunions become all-you-can-eat buffets.
3. Leather never truly goes out of style.
2. S&M shops.

and of course...
1. You don't have to worry about putting change in the parking meters.

By Dawn Steele

Top 10 Things To Do While Waiting For BtVS On A Monday/Tuesday Morning

10. Do a web search on "Buffy Summers".
9. Amuse yourself by thinking about how high your blood pressure is going to be at your yearly check-up tomorrow.
8. Browse through various on-line quote lists; giggle a lot.
7. Eat some doughnut holes. Feel guilty. Eat some more.
6. Think about Buffy-fic. Decide to wait until the end of the season, so your fic won't immediately get "Jossed".
5. Look at pictures of Angel. Sigh.
4. Look at pictures of Giles. Sigh some more.
3. Read angsty Buffy-fic. Eat some more doughnut holes.
2. Go back and look at more pictures of Giles. Drool on keyboard.

and the number one thing to do while waiting for BtVS:

1. Wig yourself out by imagining the horrible evil things Angel is going to do!

By Maureen Wynn

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