SunS Zines

These publications are edited by and/or feature the work of members of the Sunnnydale Slayers. Not all of them are Buffy-related. Please use the contacts listed if you are interested in ordering copies.

Celtic Press Presents:
The Return of the Sunnydale Slayers: A "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Fanzine

The Return of the Sunnydale Slayers is now available by mail order.

Price: $15.00 (plus $3 postage). Send a check or money order (made out to Maureen Wynn) to:

Celtic Press
c/o Maureen Wynn
2016 Medford Road, #23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4997

Celtic Press Presents:
The Sunnydale Slayers: A "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Fanzine

The season's almost over -- want more Buffy? Short stories and artwork based on the characters from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Stories include:

A Truth Worse Than Lies, by Dianne De Sha
A story about how Drusilla became a vampire - after being driven mad!

The Ides of March, by Christina K
A heartfelt and touching Xander story.

Ill Met By Moonlight, by Perri Smith
A werewolf is terrorizing Sunnydale - and it's not Oz!

Let Me Count the Ways, by Dawn Steele
A very funny story about killing Angelus... over, and over, and over...

The Voice of Water, by Karen Garza
An exciting and frightening story about Buffy and a Demon (with original artwork by the author).

Price: $15.00 (plus $3 postage). Reprinted and available again by contacting Celtic Press, c/o Maureen Wynn at or by mail at:

Celtic Press
c/o Maureen Wynn
2016 Medford Road, #23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4973

An Alternate Viewpoint: A "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Fanzine

Premiering at MediaWest*18 -- Lansing, Michigan, May 22-25.

Featuring some of the talents of the SunS group members, wherein they "retell" episodes from the point of view of various Buffy characters. The Zine contains nine stories separate stories, with over half developed specifically for the fanzine. After MediaWest, it will be available for a limited time through mail order. Includes:

Animal Behavior by Maureen Wynn
Xander's attitude is going through some changes. He's more confident, more aggressive -- and developing a real appetite for raw flesh.

No Strings Attached by Perri Smith
Sid's on the trail of the seventh demon who cursed him into the form of a wooden dummy. His prime suspect is short, blonde and named Buffy Summers.

Unravelling the Depths by Dawn Steele
Giles is having a very bad day. First he gets lost in the stacks, then he couldn't remember how to read... and then things started getting nasty.

To Be In Your Shoes by Dianne T. DeSha
After Cordelia discovered the existence of vampires, she tried to forget them. It got more difficult to do when, just after school started again, they insisted on kidnapping her. Friends Help You Move, Real Friends Help You Move Bodies by Lizbet Lewis, and Christina K
Buffy's just killed Ted -- again -- but what is she going to do with the body? Luckily for her, she's got people to call.

A Snack Before Dinner
By havocthecat

Angel has lost his soul. It's time for Buffy to lose her friends. Rated NC-17 for violence and adult content.

Spring Break
If you ever wondered how Slayerettes spend their vacation, here's a few hints:

Spring Break, Slayer-Style, by Valerie Meachum
Buffy and Willow head to Toronto to visit Buffy's cousin and her cousin's 'boyfriend' -- you know, the homicide cop who also happens to be a vampire. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Forever Knight crossover novella.

Spring Break, Sidekick-Style, by Perri Smith
Meanwhile, back home in Sunnydale, Xander tries to keep a lid on a demon-infested alley and his distance from Angel. Neither one seems to be working well. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novella

Contact Valerie Meachum for order information.

Mariposa-RTDS Press Presents:
A Due South/Forever Knight novel

By Christina K

(Action/Romance) Emotionally scarred by the events of "Last Knight," Natalie Lambert leaves Toronto for Chicago, where she becomes involved in the lives of a certain displaced Mountie and a Chicago cop. [DS--2nd season, FK--post 3rd season] (5/98, ~200pp., US$18/$16 in person. PG13.)

Contact for ordering information.

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