B=Buffy, G=Giles, X=Xander, W=Willow, C=Cordelia, O=Oz, A=Angel
J=Joyce, PS=Principal Snyder, T=Mr. Trick
As=Angelus, JC=Jenny Calendar, D=Daniel, M=Margaret

D: You... you're not human.
As: Not of late, no.

As: A man playing at cards should have a natural intelligence or a great deal of money, and you're sadly lacking in both.

As: Daniel, be of good cheer. It's Christmas.

B: So, are you shopping? You're probably not shopping.

B: Vampires probably not that big on Christmas, now that I think about it.
A: Not as a rule.

B: It was so weird.
X: Angel? Weird? What are the odds?

B: I don't wanna bug Giles. He's still kind of twitchy when it comes to the subject of Angel.
X: Well, it must be that whole "Angel killed his girlfriend and tortured him" thing. Giles is pretty petty when it comes to stuff like that.

X: So, you doing anything special?
B: Tree. Nog. Roast beast. Just me and Mom and hopefully an excess of gifts. What are you doing for Christmas?
W: Being Jewish, remember, people? Not everybody worships Santa.

X: Well, I'll be enjoying my annual Christmas-eve camp-out. See, I take my sleeping-bag outside and I go to sleep on the grass.
B: Sounds fun.
X: Yeah, I like to look at the stars. You know, feel the whole nature vibe.
C: I thought you slept outside to avoid your family's drunken Christmas fights.
X: Yes, and that was a confidence I was hoping you would share with everyone.

C: I'll be in Aspen skiing. With actual snow.
B: I hear that helps.
C: It must be a drag to be stuck here in Sweatydale, but I'm thinking of you. Okay, I'm not.

X: That's the Christmas spirit.
W: Hello, still Jewish. Chanukah spirit, I believe that was?

O: Seeing you with Xander, it was... Well, I never felt that way before. When it wasn't a full moon. But I know you guys have a history.
W: But it's a history that's in the past. Well, I guess most history is in the past.

O: This is what I do know. I miss you. Like, every second. It's like I lost an arm, or worse, a torso.

W: Do you want us to hug now?
O: Yeah, I'm good for that.

J: Do you really want to let her spend Christmas Eve all by herself in that dingy little motel room?
B: You're still number one with a guilt trip, Mom.
J: I try.

B: What about Giles? I mean, he doesn't have any fam-
J: No, I'm sure he's fine.

A: I'm sorry to bother you.
G: < chuckles painfully > Sorry, coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me.
A: I need your help.
G: And the funny keeps on coming.

A: I should be in a demon dimension, suffering an eternity of torture.
G: I don't feel particularly inclined to argue with that.

M: Sir! My son...
As: He'll make a fine dessert.

A: What do you want?
JC: I want to die in bed surrounded by fat grandchildren, but I guess that's off the menu.
A: I'm sorry.
JC: You're sorry? For me? Don't bother. I'm dead. I'm over it. If you want to feel sorry for someone, you should feel sorry for yourself. Oh, but I guess you've already got that covered.

X: Look, I'm aware that I haven't been the mostest best friend to you when it comes to the whole Angel thing, and, I don't know, maybe I finally got the Chanukah spirit.

G: And Buffy, the diary of Lucius Temple. An acolyte of Acathla, expert on demons. You can skip the passages on his garden, unless you're keen on growing heartier beets.
B: Are you sure this is how you want to spend your Christmas vacation?
X: Yeah, this is actually the most exciting thing I've got planned. Who else can claim that pathetic a social life?
W: Hey, guys. What are we doing?

A: I was young. I never had a chance to...
M: To die of syphilis?

Willy: So, what can I do for you? Couple of drinks?
X: Yeah, let me get a double shot of, um, of information, pal.
B: Three priests, they call themselves the--
X: The bringers.
B: Bringers, harbingers. They have a "no eyes" kind of look.
Willy: Doesn't ring a bell.
X: How about I ring that bell for you? Does the threatening come now?
B: Maybe you shouldn't help.

Willy: Well, I heard a few things, you know, from the underground.
X: The underground?
Willy: Yeah, you know, from things that live under the ground.

Willy: Something's scaring them off. And these are things that aren't easily scared.

Willy: Hey, you did great, by the way. I was very intimidated by you.
X: Really? Thanks.

X: We know underground. That's a start.
B: Sure, in a town with 14 million square miles of sewer.
X: Plus a lot of natural cave formations, and a gateway to Hell. Yeah, this does resemble square one.

O: You ever have that dream, where you're in a play, and it's the middle of the play and you really don't know your lines, and you kind of don't know the plot?
W: Well, we're alone, and we're together. I just wanted it to be special.
O: How special are we talking?
W: Well, you know, we're alone, and we're both mature younger people, and--and so we could... I'm ready to... with you. < whispers > We could do that thing.

W: Where are you going?
O: No, I'm not going. Just a dramatic gesture.

W: Oz, I wanna be with you... first.
O: I think we should sit down again.

B: Nothing like a roaring fire to keep away the blistering heat.
J: Oh, come on, it's lovely. Maybe I should turn the air-conditioning on.

J: So, angel's on top again?
B: What?
J: Angel or star?

B: Why don't you come in from the entire lack of cold?

B: Find me these priest guys. Find me something I can pummel.

JC: Sooner or later you will drink her.
A: I'll never hurt her.
JC: You were born to hurt her. Have you learned nothing? As long as you are alive-
A: Then I'll die.
JC: You don't have the strength to kill yourself.
A: I don't need strength. I just need the sun to rise.

B: "A child shall be born of man and goat, and have two heads, and the first shall speak only in riddles..." No wonder you like this stuff. It's like reading _The Sun_.

G: More posturing, I'm afraid. "For they are the harbingers of death, nothing shall grow above or below them. No seed shall flower, neither in man nor..." They're rebels and they'll never ever be any good.

B: All right, ten more minutes of chanting, and then you guys have to go to bed.

First Evil: I am the thing the darkness fears. You'll never see me, but I am everywhere. Every being, every thought, every drop of hate.
B: All right, I get it. You're evil. Do we have to chat about it all day?

First Evil: You have no idea what you're dealing with.
B: Let me guess. Is it... evil?

A: I want to take comfort in you and I know it'll cost me my soul and a part of me doesn't care. I'm weak. I've never been anything else. It's not the demon in me that needs killing, Buffy. It's the man.

B: Strong is fighting. It's hard and it's painful and it's every day. It's what we have to do and we can do it together, but if you're too much of a coward for that, then burn.

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