I Robot, You Jane

B=Buffy, G=Giles, X=Xander, W=Willow, JC=Jenny Calendar


JC: I know our ways are strange to you, but soon you will join us in the 20th century. With three whole years to spare!

JC: The idiot box is TV. This is the good box.
G: Well, I still prefer a good book.

JC: Thank you, Fritz, for making us all sound like crazy people.

G: That is a fact that I regard with genuine horror.

X: Willow, I love you, but bye!

G: I'll be back in the middle ages.
JC: Did you ever leave?

B: Okay, you have a secret, and that's *not* allowed.
W: Why not?
B: 'Cause... there's a rule.

B: You are a thing of evil for not telling me this right away.

B: So, you've been seeing a guy, but you don't know what he looks like. Okay, this is a puzzle. No, wait, I'm good at these. Does it involve a midget and a block of ice?

W: "I'm thinking of you, too." No, that's incredibly stupid.
B: Will, down girl, let's focus here, okay?"

B: What if you guys get really, really intense, and then you find out he has a hairy back.
W: Well no, he doesn't talk like someone who would have a hairy back.

JC: Will I be excited?
F: You'll die.

X: Oh, I can't fool you. You see right through my petty charade.

X: You're going to be missing out. I'm planning to be witty. I'm going to make fun of all of the people who won't talk to me.
W: that's nice. Have a good time.

B: She certainly looks perky.
X: Color in the cheeks, bounce in the step. I don't like it. It's not healthy.

X: People meet on the net, they talk, they get together, have dinner, a show... horrible ax murder.
B: Willow, ax murdered by a circus freak!

B: We are totally overreacting.
X: But it's fun, isn't it?

W: You're having an expression.

B: He's boyfriendly?

B: Hi, there, Dave, anybody home?

B: Wow, I had knowledge!

G: Those boys aren't sparklingly normal as it is.

G: Things involving the computer fill me with a childlike terror. Now, if it were a nice ogre or some such, I'd be more in my element.

X: What, I can't have information sometimes?
G: It's just somewhat unprecedented.

B: My spider sense is tingling.
G: Your... spider sense?
B: Pop-culture reference. Sorry.

B: Breaking in. Then this is the plan.
X: I'm free tonight.
G: A moment, please, of quiet relection...

JC: You're here again? You kids really dig the library, don't you?
B: We're literary.
X: To read makes our speaking English good.

JC: Well, I think you'll be very happy here, with your musty old books.
G: These musty old books have a great deal more to say than any of your fabulous web pages.

G: Well, it's been so nice talking to you.
JC: We were fighting.
G: Must do it again sometime. Bye now.

B: Tell me the truth. How's my hair?
X: It's great. It's your best hair ever.

G: Does this look familiar to either of you?
B: Yeah, sure. It looks like a book.
X: I knew that one.

X: You released Moloch?!
B: Way to go!

B: Okay, a powerful demon with horns is walking around Sunnydale, and nobody's noticed?

B: He's gone binary on us.

X: Okay, for those in our studio audience who are me...

B: So much for "delete file."

B: I think I pretty much capped it with that nuclear missile thing.
G: Right, yours was best.

X: Okay, he's a threat. I'm on board with that now.

JC: Wrong and wrong, snobby.

JC: Technopagan is the term.

G: What's in cyberspace at the moment is less than divine.

B: Here's a tip : hurry!

JC: The first thing we do is form the circle of Kayless, right?
G: Form a circle? But there's only two of us. That's really more of a line.

G: Hoping and betting, that's what we've got.
JC: You want to throw in praying, be my guest.

G: "By the power of the circle of Kayless, I command you!" It's Kayless, with a "K".

X: Hey, I got to hit someone!

W: Malcolm, remember me, your girlfriend? *clang!* I think it's time we break up. *clang!* But maybe we can still be friends. *clang!*

G: If it's to last, then the getting of knowledge should be tangible. It should be, um, smelly.

JC: That's not where I dangle it.
G: *blink* *blink* *blink*

W: The one boy that's really liked me, and he's a demon robot. What does that say about me?
B: The one boy I've had the hots for since I moved here, turned out to be a vampire.
X: Right, and the teacher I had a crush on: giant preying mantis.
W: That's true.
X: Yeah, it's life on the Hellmouth.
B: Face it, none of us are ever going to have a healthy, normal relationship.
X: We're doomed. *laughs*

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