back door of the world
a wierd little, dark little fic. giving away the fandom would be giving away the fun. Warning: violence, blood, adult themes.


in the time between
Between jumps, between contractions, between hope and despair. reponse to the common people challenge.


truth be known
my attempt to fix the hideously screwed-up relationship between Prue and Andy Trudeau, as a life-and-death situation forces some revelations. how it all should have happened -- it's my story and I'm sticking to it!

crossing jordan

Jordan takes a moment to contemplate Woody and Detective Hoyt. spoilers through "Intruded"

over the ruins
"he loved her more fiercely for her grief than for her laughter...." post-ep for "Upon This Wasted Building"

gilmore girls

think too much
there are some things that Luke tries not to think about too much. season 4

harry potter

broken-down angel
Percy made his choices, and now he'll live with them. post-OotP

thine own self
in the days of Voldemort's first rising, six Slytherins must learn that what you are may determine your House -- but your House does not determine what you are. Warning: dark fic, adult themes


blind faith
Duncan Macleod is called to the assistance of a blind Immortal being stalked by an old enemy. the first fanfic I ever completed -- you have been warned.

sun & moon
a series of stories crossing over Forever Knight and Highlander, about the Immortal Aislyn and the vampire Michael.

joan of arcadia

a summer spent sifting through life in search of something true. spoilers through "Silence"

set points
a drabble musing on volleyball and maturity. spoilers through "The Cat".

lois & clark

season's greedings (cont.)
an alternate ending to Dean Cain's first Christmas episode, cowritten with Diane Levitan a really long time ago.

questions and answers
another episode extension; what really happened to Lois when she was frozen at the end of 'And the Answer Is.'

'twas the deadline before christmas
an off-the-wall and off-the-cuff bit of Christmas parody.

IRC skit
performed by the IRC Players at Folkfest '95. not really fanfic, but more or less original. and deeply disturbed -- but then, so were we!

the cutting edge

behavioural software
[the bourne identity] Nicky is stalked by a nightmare from her past.

[the cutting edge] Kate and Doug, you've just admitted you're in love, and skated for an Olympic medal -- what are you going to do next? good question....

hazard pay
[iron man] Pepper is trapped when danger hits closer to home than anyone planned. Warning: violence, adult themes

that kind of crazy
[iron man/the west wing] sometimes Pepper gets through with a little help from a friend.

pirate daze
[the pirate movie] a little battle, a little banter...

mutant x

sleepless in sanctuary
"give me all your disappointments/I'll give you my secrets/we could lay our heads down/or be forever sleepless..."


little girl lost
cowritten with C.L. Kamnikar. Jarod is called back to the Centre to rescue a new prodigy -- a four-year-old child whose existence will change not only his world, but Miss Parker's. season 1/2

long way home
a midnight ride gives two strangers something to think about. based on Sarah McLachlan's 'Good Enough'. Nominated: 1999 and 2000 Pez Awards: Best Drama

queen of swords

no harm done
a grim little drabble.


split seconds
a drabble, based on the end of 'The White Room'.

what i make myself believe
Isabel's POV on life, the universe and everything, after the escape from the compound in 'Destiny'.


if you can touch it
in the hours after Arturo's death, Quinn remembers a conversation with his friend.

slideways leap
Quinn Mallory and Dr. Sam Beckett find themselves trapped in each other's lives when a Leap goes strangely awry. with Al and the other three sliders, the two must scramble to put right what went wrong -- beginning with Ziggy and the timer -- before time runs out for both of them. crossover: Quantum Leap


reasons unknown
trapped in a room with Smallville's most eligible billionaire -- dream come true, or total nightmare? season 1

stargate atlantis

day by day
day by day, the world goes round. reponse to the common people challenge.

finagle's quake
buried alive with a teammate on an alien planet, and something outside just might blow up the planet. Rodney's life sucks. reponse to the worst-case scenario challenge. 2007 Stargate fan award winner.

playground of the mind
never had Elizabeth anticipated reaching the great city of the Ancients with a group of 12-year-olds.


campfire questions, three-in-the-morning thoughts
another mission, another world, and Sam and Daniel talking over a quiet campfire.
2001 Captain Doctor Award

Tiān Shĭ
Serenity offers passage to a group of travelers far from home.

vengeance unlimited

frame by frame
in the hours immediately following Chapel's shooting, KC stands vigil, and remembers their first meeting.