A Very Buffy Day, or, "They're Going to Kill Us"
by Valerie Meachum and Elizabeth Ann Lewis:

Broom Hilda Comic Strip for October 18
Copyright 1997 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

Hi! *Lizbet and Val wave hi*

We're really, really tired (no, not just a little tired) and we have to get up in five hours to get Val to the airport on time, but...

One word: Joss.

OK, let's start from the beginning of the day. *Lizbet grins evilly at the howls of fury from the SunS* We checked out the <../gifs/conreps/charity/arsign.jpg">cemetary that I thought had been used in SAR and RB. Yup, I was right, the very distinctive pyramid that we saw in both episodes was there. Panaramic of cemetary with pyramid in the far rightVal and I took pictures in front of it, a crypt with the name "M. A. Angell" inscribed on it and a beautiful, beautiful scuplture of an angel on it. We munched powdered donuts and had fun.

Lots of dead people in Sunnydale, huh? *g* The death rate in Sunnydale has to be pretty high for such a small town... look at all the people... *g*

Then we hit Westside Pavillion (where a few scenes of Buffy the Movie were filmed) and completed my ensenble for the evening, then headed home for the glamming up. *g*

Hit the Casino Night about a half-an-hour after it started. Um, Beth? Leslie? *winces* Celli? First person who I saw and recognized was Julian McMahon dealing Blackjack. (No, I didn't gamble at all that evening :( ) Got settled at the Highlander table, right smack-dab MIDDLE FRONT of all the action. RIGHT in front of the main mike.

Spent most of the evening doing laps of the tables looking for Buffy people. And on one pass I saw a very familiar person walk by us. "Um, Val? Was that Joss?" Yes, that was Joss. We approached and very respectfully said, "Mr. Whedon?" *blink blink* "Mr. Whedon?" "Um, yes."

Lizbet and Val then promptly began babbling at him about how stupendous his show was. The man looked completely floored. Well, like, DUH! You think no one is going to recognize you? You think that no one would want to talk to you? He was really flabbergasted. It was most amusing. By the end of the night he was more used to it, but Val and I were both glad that we got to see his face first.

Several passes later (and several repetitions of, "Joss! God! Joss is here! Eeeeeek!") we got into the autograph line (the only way of seeing who's currently signing) when Tony was announced. Shrieking, "Tony! Tony!" I ran for my beautiful front-and-center seat and was right under the guy's nose. It was fabulous!

Tony said that "someone" at Buffy told him to sing this: Every Breath You Take. Lyric sample for the Police/Sting challeneged: I'll be watching you. *g* Then he sang Anthem from Chess, which he said that he never sang since he played the American. Guys, the man has a voice. Wow. Nothing like what I was expecting. Wow.

After Tony's songs, I returned to the autograph line. About ten minutes later, Val comes streaking across the ballroom. "Lizbet! Aly! Table! Letter! Now!" *g* Oh, and Nick was at the table next to her. We got there in time to watch them stop dealing and go to the autograph tables. *sigh* But Aly posed for an incredibly cute picture and Nick gave the most adorible little one-fingered "bu-bye" wave as he was going... yes, I'm breathing, OK? I'm stringing coherent sentances even. Uh-huh.

Anyway, BACK in the autograph line, wait for an hour (not bad, considering that at any given moment there were between 5 and 15 guests signing at one long table), ran into Abby's friend Aly (she stood behind us in line and we chatted for 45 minutes before we asked for names *g*). Nick wasn't feeling well and was also looking for a friend of his (who was apparently in the band that played after Tony that *ROCKED*!!!) so I got to Tony and chatted. Majorly cool guy here, and never once that night reminded me of Giles. This impresses me. Then I got to Alyson and handed her Perri's letter and told her that Perri really, really tried very hard to be there but... and Aly was so sweet and disappointed that Perri wasn't there.

Nick basically was spinning like a top for most of the rest of the evening, but Val and I managed to pin him down long enough to get our picture taken with him. (I've had Nick's arm around me, hate me much?) (Val's comment: I had his arm around me and put my head on his shoulder...) Mission Vowel Success... resounding something. What? To drool makes our speaking English impossible.

Then Val and I decided that it was time to bail, so we went back to the Highlander table to say goodbye to Gillian. And guess what SHMUCK was sitting in my seat! Just this lowlife who claimed to be on one Highlander episode and now is on some weird show about vampires.... they dared me to a) order Tony out of my seat and b) offer to share it. Like, DUH! In the dress that Val cut for me, Rosemund joined the 20th century. Tony was very amusing, and very amused. We started squabbling (I told him to sit back down, he insisted that I sit there). He then crouched next to me for about five minutes. Aggahwuga. That picture better come out. Along with the one of Val and Joss and I. Along with the one of Val and Nick and I. It was a picturesque night.

ASC: Things I Forgot at 1 AM...

A script of Prophesy Girl was on sale in the silent auction, signed by the cast (including Robia). Unfortunately there was one guy there who was pretty determined to have it, so Val and I dropped out of the bidding fast. :(

One of the first things Joss said when we met up with him was, "Nick and Alyson are around here somewhere..." No, dearie, wanna talk to you!

Alyson loved my name. *g* She said that she loved Elizabeth because you could make so many nicknames from it. I told her that Lizbet was a 'Net nickname. Have we mentioned that Alyson is *seriously* cool?

(This isn't technically the ASC thing but...) Val and I went to Sunset Blvd Friday night to try to find a place to go dancing (after seeing I Know What You Did Last Summer... YES!) and we found Chateau Marmont, David's favorite date place. Alas, he wasn't there. The rest of the known universe was, though. *g*

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