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SunS Perpetrators: Valerie, Lizbet, Perri, Kiki, Joss Whedon, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head. Also Crystal Carter (GH actress who runs the charity event)

That was back when I was at the "cut his heart out and feed it to the rats."
Long before the tap-dancing camels.

I don't have that much not-face to look at.

The Invasion of Joss' Evil Brain.

I can add. Or subtract. Or something.

Okay, I'm back. No, I'm not. I'm full.

Salivating American Boy Talk Catalyst Club. It's Operation: Vowel Sounds.

Fine. I broke the kitchen.

Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting Iwinas.

Joss is evil. Todd may not be toast.

Joss is evil. David G is evil.
Laws of the universe.

Can I now be *not* so glad I lived in the same house with that for ten weeks?

Todd! Todd! Todd!

See Todd. See Val. See Val see Todd. See Val wig. Wig, Val, wig.

Die already. Bye.

I promise I won't make you try on any more dresses. Here.

Eli, get a life. Get an unlife.
Move to Sunnydale, change your name to Colin, and get out of our face.

Oh, isn't that sweet, he's talking to the plants. Well, it's good for making them grow.

That's gross!
But creative.

Can anyone say Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Destroy it! Burn. Burn rubber, burn book.

Dark hair, light eyes: want him. Accent: want to rip his clothes off.

Breathing. I am.

Buffy, bad timing! Bad timing! No biscuit!

She'll kill, kill kill, *kill* me.
She'll have to come here to kill you.

Because contribution to havoc is a noble and honorable thing.
And this is much smaller havoc.

Shut up, Lizbet. If you have any more sympathy I'll have to kill you.

I went to school with that.
You're dead, Val.

Your suitcase is going to consist of one red dress and 57 million videotapes.
This is a typical fannish weekend.

Salivating Canadian Balding Man Syndrome.

I'm sorry, I can't get over the fact that a Makita is a cordless drill.

They remember the whole "one major lip-lock and you're taking a big dirt nap" thing.

Buffy, you're apologizing to statuary.

Talking to the cat. He's being a holy terror.
Could be worse. He could be an unholy terror.

I had a disturbing night because I fought vampires and got hexed.

I'm just trying to figure out who'll be taller then, since I've decided to be unabashedly tall.

Family comes first.
Yeah, yeah.

And if Samantha gets her hands on Duncan, she's not gonna give him back.

Conjugating the verb "to freak."

Big gun. Big gun. Well, actually, moderate-sized gun that makes big holes.

I don't do things that go boom. I'm into pointy-stabby things.

He got better.
But not for long.

Oh, my God, it's coming back!
It's the boomerang bus.

Have cross, will travel.

Go away. Go far away. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

It's too bad that he's an evil cult leader.
Well, everyone has their flaws.

Is Cordelia shrieking again or something?
Cordelia is shrieking again or something.

How did you know I was me? -- Joss

I like your dress. -- Joss
Oh! I know what I should have said! Duh! -- Val, about an hour later

We're babbling. We do that a lot.
You do it very well. -- Val and Joss

Does Operation: Vowel Sounds count as a success if we're the ones making the vowel sounds?

Lizbet! Aly! Table! Letter! Now!

[bad English accent] Care for some coffee? Guess not. -- Crystal Carter
[confused expression] But there wasn't anything it it... -- ASH

Hi! Can I sign something? -- Crystal Carter

We were thinking at least somebody had self-preservation instincts, but then you came back.
Yeah, I wonder about me. -- Val and Nick

I was working Tony.

[insert noun] is good. We like [insert noun].

Your finger's in front of the flash! ...Now she's doing it. What is it with these Highlander people? -- ASH

Right. Nick and Aly. We're here to see Nick and Aly. We were surprised by God.

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