SunS Quote List -- August to October, 1997

"This would have drop kicked his buffylust into hells hand basket faster than a vampire making a withdrawal from the Red Cross.." -- Sasha

"I think most soldiers have innate respect for anyone who can walk right through them. If you can't shoot em join them." -- Sasha

"Bite me, .sig me, make me write bad dialogue...." --Kiki

"I'm gonna hurt someone. Something. Somehow. Either that, or utter more idle threats." -- Chaos. You know, Ethan's Mom

"And I don't care *what* he says while evincing stigmata, I'm not his flippin' mother! Sheesh! :P! He's, he's, he's... well, I don't know. I mean, he probably _is_ the sort of rotten kid I'd have, if I had a kid, which I don't, thank Goddess, Reality, whatever, but I think he's just massively missing the whole point of what I would've tried to teach him, had I been his mother, which I'm not. So there." -- Chaos aka Chris

"I was just broadsided while reading the digests and listening to music. The fic ideas have no morals." -- Dawn

"Gotta admit, Spike is the first evil vamp I've liked... not *liked* like, you understand. I just enjoy his evilness." -- Lizbet

"I have always had the impression that the three Fates were smoking something that they shouldn't have been when they cooked up this particuler little knot in the tapestry of life." -- Sasha

"You chose classes and grades over a con? I bow down before your endurance. I'm not worthy..." -- Abby

"Hey, I've found the trick to break my writer's block - steal wholesale from better writers!"
"What an awesome idea. Modified virtual plagiarism..I never thought of it. Hot Damn. Those english teacher's really DO know how to brainwash their pupils." -- Maureen and Anya

"Leslie's dying right now."
"What do you think--5.1?"

"That's the way we like our men--they gibber, they twitch..." -- Ann Arbor SunS contingent during the season premiere

"Maybe she'll even win the science fair. But could she have picked a _more_ boring project? How about, "The Effects of Spiritually Enhanced H2O On Diurnally-Challenged Individuals"? *Much* more interesting research... *vveg*" -- Maureen

"Happy, bouncy librarian! Can you just imagine what he's going to look like if they ever do the deed? Whoa! They'll be able to light up Sunnydale with the glow coming off him." -- Maureen

"Another reason for Snyder bad mood: Do you realize what all these geniuses' deaths are doing to the school's SAT and AP scores?" -- Betsy

"Excuse me while I explode in a mass of unfulfilled longing..." -- Celli

"I'm not just moving in with Lizbet, I'm moving in with all the Horsechicks..."
"Yup. You get five-five-FIVE for the price of one!" -- Celli and Lizbet

"I'm often dead. Mostly dead." -- Lizbet

"I want you to know I managed not to die laughing. I woulda had to explain." -- Jennie

"After a week o'stress like you would not believe, Lizbet has slipped to the mental age of six and has decided that she is going to *stay* there, darn it! //stamp foot//"
"...if six-year-old Lizbet doesn't behave herself, Mama Maureen will be happy to spank her _outer_ moppet. ;-) I'm _sure_ that won't be necessary, though, will it?" -- Lizbet and Maureen

"What Leslie would latch onto has not a lot to do with being intellectual and possibly a lot to do with being creative." -- Celli on Leslie writing Angel

"Sure, Kiki, we have no purpose in life but to keep snowed-in Horsechicks from taking over the city out of sheer boredom."
"Damn! That's why I was put here! And to think I wasted all that time studying..." -- Perri and Abby

"Hm...Phantom/Buffy rewrite...Buffy as Christine, Angel as the Phantom, Cordelia as that totally annoying soprano...Maureen, get out of my head. *g*"
"Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Now I have others on the list doing it - cool! :-)))"
"...Yeah, yeah, yeah, Maureen. Juuuuust wait. I'll suggest more insanity to you, to plague your brain.... vengeance is mine, sayeth the butterfly...." -- Kiki and Maureen

"Can you imagine Principal Snyder in costume?"
"He could go as a Ferengi."
"The ears add height." -- Tina, Perri, Dianne

"But I have a feeling that when he finally sees her he will recognize her for his soul mate. sweep her off her feet.. and promptly get killed." -- Sasha

"Oh, forget it. You're not going to get much more than thud posts from me until I can stop thinking about Angel. *g* Yeah, like *that's* going to happen." -- Leslie

"And Giles. *ulp* ::holds up hand:: I promise, I will never, ever return my library books so much as a minute late, ever again." -- Betsy after Halloween

"If they misspell the Latin here are badly as they did the Latin in the beginning of Prophesy Girl, I may be laughing too hard to get anything..." -- Lizbet

"//eeeep!// I'm saying that a lot. It's a useful sound, one of the few high-pitched ones you can make with whatever air happens to be left in your lungs in one of your non-breathing moments. //EEEEEEEP!//" -- Lizbet

"Okay, we're just going to aggressively *not* deal, now." -- Dianne as Buffy faints

"Dee also mentioned that any other show, you'd never see this kind of stuff; it would only happen in fanfic. And she's right. Joss is one of us. Which doesn't mean I don't want him to suffer...." -- Chris

"Watching Xander go all macho was a lot of fun again too; who says we have to humiliate him to get him to take his shirt off?" -- Chris

"I was also highly amused to see her checking out Xander when he gave her his khaki jacket. See something you like, Chase?" -- Chris

"Well, someday you'll all be old and wrinkled and gray, and then it'll be my turn to laugh. Ha, ha, HA! If I'm still alive... //Maureen wanders away, confused//" -- Maureen

"Horrible visions of Angel dressed in 70's bell-bottoms and side-burns. //brrr//"
"Betsy, do you try to be evil, or does it just come naturally?"" -- Betsy and Lizbet

"Yes. Poor Xander was having a bad desk day. Something that tends to get overlooked in light of his hideously "bad sanity" day... *g*" -- Dianne

"Not all of us get all woozy and start leaking fluids around tall, dark, beautiful men. Slightly shorter, spiky bleached-haired men playing psychopaths with British accents, maybe." -- erica

"Can we include the Girl Scouts and the Keebler Elves in the war on drugs?" -- Beth

"Joss is still Evil. (And gravity still works)" -- Chris

"With the exception of the Slayerettes, anyone who finds out too much ends up dead. ASAP. Usually in a messily 'splat' kinda way. So much for knowledge being power, huh?" -- Dianne

"Why were the pieces of the Seal still lying around days later when Giles went to put them together?"
"The maintanance crews were playying with the stuffed elephants?" -- ?? and Abby

"Dianne, trying to escape from her own brain as Willow, Dru, Ampada, and as-yet-unknown Samhain beasties fight for it...." -- Dianne

"This is the ep of the pissed-off people." -- Tina

"Whoo-hoo! A double red-letter day for Giles. 1. He didn't get knocked out. 2. He got to hit someone. I feel so giddy." -- Betsy

"I want him! Angel's taken, Xander's jail-bait, I want *him*!" -- Perri

"'You're *blink* sixteen *blink* years *blink* old, *blink* I'm *blink* two *blink* hundred *blink* forty-one *blink*.' Ahhh! It's first signs of Vachon Vampire Disease!!!" -- Beth

"It's such a guy thing, insults as the basis for a relationship..." -- Valerie

"Don't worry, Tina, you're *obviously* a vamp-turned-Slayerette. We love you. We wouldn't stake you any more than we would Angel. Probably less likely, since you don't promise us stories and then go tell someone else." -- Valerie

"How to *Utterly* Wig Angel In One Easy Lesson!" -- Valerie

"Okay, Deirdre mode *off*! Ex-*squeeze* me, ghost babe, snipe at your brother on your own time, dammit!" -- Valerie

"The problem with jailbait characters: hard to find a situation to give us such views without utterly humiliating poor Xander... All together now, *who's* thanking all the gods that Nick is quite of age and can be gawked at without guilt?" -- Valerie

"Either this post will be quoted in its entirety in someone's sig, or you'll disown me for being an idiot." -- Celli

"There's something bugging me about Xander this season, I mean besides the fact that I'm not in bed with him yet. Did you say there were minors on this list? Never mind..." -- Celli

"I need an exorcist or something. I had a whole five milliseconds of Angel/Xander slash before my brain shut down in self-defense. Argh!!!!!" -- Celli

"Every time someone said "Ampada" the Pink Panther theme would start running through my head. For absolutely no reason."
"Okay, now *that's* the scariest thing about that episode." -- Celli and Perri

"Chronological order is our friend, and not the equivalent of a demon come straight from the Hellmouth." --Tina

"Tina! you did what I asked! You didn't just answer a question about Spike & Dru, you left your brain open for one of them to walk in! Yaaaaaay! Thank you, you can blame all the fiction you want on me. I'll happily accept culpability for sleepless nights and good stories, if that's all I've got to do." -- Chris

"As long as no one tries suggesting anything to me before Halloween. Nope, nope, nope. //Chris hides under her desk, puts her hands over her ears and hums, so she can better ignore Dianne's question about when Ms. C. found out about Angel. Not goin' there!//" -- Chris

"MB couldn't understand why I was bouncing up and down on the couch clutching a pillow and making vowel sounds at that scene..."
"Wow, I'm impressed. Amy, Perri, and I couldn't even get vowel sounds. There was sort of a wordless screech, and then some heavy breathing." -- Beth and Tina

"Can't we just share? A lot? Often and frequently? We can trade off. Sharing would be a nice idea, but can you really see anyone giving him up once they have him?"
"Well, see, that's when you distract them with someone else. Dangle Giles in front of Maureen so she forgets about Angel for a while, dangle Angel in front of me so I forget Xander for a while, and dangle...wait, no, just rip Angel away from Leslie, otherwise she'd never give him up." -- Beth and Tina

"Beth. Dearie. Sweetums. DIE! Pffffffffft." -- Lizbet

"So is Jenny Calendar 'Janette Calendar?'"
"Ahem. Bad Natpacker. There can be only one." -- Tina and Sheryl

"So, Ms. Calendar knows that Angel is a vampire, huh. Wonder when/how she found out?"
"Giles talks in his sleep? Oh, did I say that?" -- Lizbet and Abby

"...just like SAR was the "Cordy as victim" ep. I swear, it's like someone painted an astral sign above her head with "Tasty Food and Fun Toy Here" and an arrow pointing down. " -- Tina

"I second that snort." -- Celli

"Us ListMoms/Mummies stick together, you know! (We also make a pretty nasty pair to cross-- I'll end up elbowing you in the temples, she'll bite your kneecaps-- Yadda, yadda-- We're talking violence, strong language, adult content... " -- Dianne

"Sorta the West Coast Loop. Like the West Coast Avengers, but not." -- Perri

"Tina, quote that, I can't." -- Perri

"Oh, in that case, carry on. Perri *needs* some humiliation. *g*"
"I can feel the love in this room..." -- Lizbet and Perri

"Can anyone beat me? I'm a geek and I'm proud!"
"OK, obviously, Abby has no geek-shame... *g*"
"I shocked the test master..."
"Something to put in the resume."
"It could be why I can't find a date..." -- Abby, Lizbet, Abby, Dawn, Abby

"Geek test? I got scared about halfway down." -- Dawn

"Tina, you are quoting, aren't you?" -- Perri, being foolish

"I haven't had anyone talk to me lately. I have to chase them down and knock them unconscious." -- Dawn

"Great, someone else makes a typo and *I* still get harassed. No justice..."
"No justice, either. Awwwww..."
"Is there ever justice regarding your typos? Poor baby..."
"Die, Tina. You too, Lizbet."
"Btw, that just got quoted" -- Perri, Lizbet, Tina, Perri, Tina

"Well. If you *drive*, then you can stop off in Seattle, and other places on the way. :)"
"Like Seacouver, and Sunnydale and... oh, right. Fictional. I forgot." -- Dawn and Perri

"Dru's just chatting up a storm in my brain, deftly avoiding the mere mention of the word 'Thorazine.'" -- Tina

"Chris, I saw that fic-duck! I wanna see Ms. C find out about Angel's little, um, 'solar intolerance problem'... *pleeeeeeeaaaaase*, Trill??? //bats eyes and looks appealing//*g*" -- Dianne

"Well, he tends to do that whole vampire thing if they get hot & heavy, a definite down side, no matter how cute he is..."
"*blink* And the down side is...?"
"Uh... I'm thinking..." -- Beth and Lizbet

"You mean not say things like "I've had people come to my door selling poultry and they sure as hell didn't look like that!" ? I suppose I could stop..." -- Beth

"Dianne Who got mugged on the Metro this morning by Willow (geez, you gotta watch those quiet ones, huh? ;-)" -- Dianne

"The ritual quoting, you mean? It's the .sig jihad, where we attempt to grind one another into embarrassed pulp with deliberate quotation." -- Tina

"Also, well, Willow isn't possessed by a bloodthirsty demon. That sort of thing does kind of put a crimp in one's social life, really." -- Tina

"I just LOVE these new toys that come with a new list!" -- Anya

"Orange? I thought it was purple... Do you like daisies...? //shakes head// Sorry, Drusilla moment. Won't happen again..."
"//Anya shakes her head slowly// No more Drusilla moments? Hmm. Why am I seeing all these pretty flying pigs?" -- Perri and Anya

""Eek" doesn't _begin_ to cover the thought of a patriotically-inclined Natpacker bursting into song.... //shudder//" -- Dianne

""Oh, Miss Hull! Miss Hull! You lost your verb somewhere!" *smirk* "Just thought you ought to know!" -- Dianne

"Don't mess with a Buffy-Fic-addict's head when we're in withdrawals we aren't the most stable people" -- Sasha

"Xander *has* obviously been to the Klew Store, he just missed the extra-special sale on How To See Your Girl Friend As A Girlfriend." -- Lizbet

"Who thought Ampada was the Slayer in her lifetime and that the Inca's *MAJORLY* missed the point of the Chosen One? Maybe that's why the Incas have so many bloodsucking "gods"; they keep sacrificing the Slayers to them rather then handing the girl a sharp stake and telling her to do what comes naturally." -- Lizbet

"Thank you, Abby. Thanks so much. I now have an excuse to kill you if I ever see you again." -- Tina

"I'm a mummy, not a doorstop!" -- Beth

"Why did Giles pass out so quickly? (We'll ignore my usual question of "why did he pass out at all????)"
"There's a soft spot in his skull, and it has a mystical "Bop here" sign flashing over it?" -- Betsy and Valerie

"The NatPack routinely goes scary places and has fun--and bounces -- while doing so." -- Tina

"Your chocolate-covered Oreo reaction is the same as your Angel reaction."
"They stimulate the same brain centers." -- Tina and Perri

"Oh, it's a free quote night? I can say whatever I want." -- Dianne, the more fool her....

"Extremely dead cuteness, but cuteness nonetheless." -- Dianne and Perri

"You're Trilling with the mummy, Tina." -- Dianne

"By the way, Dianne, I'm quoting you."
"Fuck you." -- Tina and Dianne

"You guys are sick."
"Yeah, and?"
"No and, no and, you're just sick." -- Dianne and Perri

"You should pay me."
"I could pay you in bounces."
"You could pay me in negative bounces. Of course, that'd put you under the ground, so you'd be Tina the Living Jackhammer." -- Dianne and Tina

"Love you, Dianne."
"Bite me, Tina." -- Tina and Dianne

"They'd all be posttraumatic if there was a post to the trauma." -- Dianne

"Never having seen a mummy, I couldn't say, but I suppose they are sort of cool in a non-walking sort of way." -- Perri

"You get to be staked by Buffy, what cooler thing could there be? Besides a love scene with Angel?" -- Tina

"Joss Is Evil has become like, a law of physics." -- Perri

"Well, please! Your mouth opens, sound comes out, I'm around... it all adds up to "Duh!" :-) (Yes, I'm now dicing and splicing BuffyQuotes... I wonder if I can somehow work this sick and horrific ability onto my resume...?)" -- Dianne

"Yes, but when trouble happens she *runs away*. She doesn't sit there bouncing like a demented ping-pong ball and try to figure out how to completely confuse, corrupt, or comotose whatever is attacking her." -- Lizbet (on why Willow isn't truly a NatPacker)

"The look between Buffy and Angel when Cordy asked him to take her home - LOL! You can just read his mind."
"Given that it was an incoherant mass of "pleaseohpleaseohpleasehelpme" that wasn't hard." -- Maureen and Lizbet

"Although when he didn't show up for a while afterward, I was starting to wonder if maybe Cordy had him chained inside one of her walk-in closets. I mean, wouldn't you? "
"Can I plead the fifth? What's the statue of limitations on kidnapping vampires?"
"I'd say the statute is for as long as it remains on the SunS Quotes Page." -- Maureen, Lizbet and Chris

"'Bless your laptop.' Oh, no, I don't think I'm saying anything. The directions my mind went..."
"That's OK, several people went there for you." -- Maureen and Lizbet

"This is my life. This is my life on lists. Any questions?" -- Lizbet

"Why do you get the cool Giles dream??? No fair! You like Angel more, what're you doing with your grabby subconscious, you've got no business playing with Giles!" -- Chris

"Would you rather I spanked my *outer* moppet?" -- Lizbet

"Damn. There's that gutter again! I should get some nice throw pillows and call it home." -- Leslie

"Oh, it was my pleasure, believe me. //honest, sincere smile//"
"You take far too much pleasure in torturing people. Wait, no you don't." -- Perri and Tina

"Actually, I kind of like this. I'm sick of having bad guys who are more tortured and complex than the good guys."
"Hear! Hear! From Yet Another FK Veteran..." -- Chris and Dianne

"o/~ "The ListMom's back and you're gonna be in trou-ble, hey la, hey la, the ListMom's back!... o/~" -- Dianne

"Note to the wise, don't do e-mail while on Codine, it doesn't mix -- though messages start getting a lot funnier! Off to see what else I said this weekend." -- Abby

"I would never! I have a deep and sacred personal code against mocking them cute little munchkin types! *g*"
"This from the woman who said she would duck if I tried to hit her... make it *easier* on me, why don't you?!?!?" -- Dianne and Lizbet

"Well, that's really what you need to start a cult, right? An evil leader you love...." -- Chris

"Ding dong the brat is dead." -- Mary Beth

"Silly boy, didn't he see the opening credits?"
"This isn't called Spike the Vampire. Well in a sense it is, but..." -- the Roomies from Hell

"I don't know, I actually kinda like "Nick ricks." "Nock rocks"? 'Hickory dickory dock, a mouse ran up the clock...'"
"'...the clock struck one and the rest escaped with minor injuries' - the 1st mouse was obviously a NatPacker, braving the odds. " -- Lizbet and Lynn

"Not only did I get to be evil, but someone else got the blame...uh, credit...for it. Ha!" -- Tina

"Oh boy, Angel Angst(tm)! Gotta love it."
"Not only does it make for a good story, but we usually get some drool-worthy moments from it. Well, that is, if you can hear the dialogue over the combined sounds of Leslie, Perri, myself, and many people here (but not Amy) thudding. Or, after we've watched the ep repeatedly, over us repeating dialogue with the characters (what, no, we haven't done that with "Angel," no, why do you ask?)" -- Maureen and Tina

"Yes, with a shirtless Angel, sound goes bye-bye, breathing goes bye-bye, and there's a thud factor. This is *not* to be confused with an ick or an oogy factor. Got it!!" -- Leslie

"This is not spoiler space. This is me trying to crawl off the floor after watching School Hard." -- Sasha

"The more I see of Willow the more I like her.... she's smart enough to know that sometimes there's no substitute for a good bust." -- Sasha after 'School Hard'

"Been there, done that, got the crossbow." -- Betsy

"He's a neat character, and although he's still oogy, but he's less oogy, and I'm not just going "ew-ew-ew" (or making random disparaging comments) whenever he's onscreen. I like it when I like all the regulars. This pleases me." -- Amy

"Well, Joyce has caught a clew - this could make mother/daughter interactions for the rest of the series very interesting. 'No slaying until your homework is done!'"
"'But *Mo-mmmmmmmmm!* The Fate of the Universe rests on my shoulders! Like, the world is ending! The Apocalypse is here! Can't Napoleon wait one more day?' 'Just because we're all going to die doesn't mean you can't die properly educated, young lady. Start that history report now!'"-- Maureen and Dianne

"But assuming that Buffy beats the odds, lives through high school, graduates, and goes to college, what the heck is this girl going to major in? Much less have as a money-paying career? Don't just answer that, write me fic!" -- Chris

"Spike woke me up at 1 AM and said, "You're writing this. *NOW*." I don't argue with vampires. " -- Lizbet

"Yup, Undead Q-Tips never die, they just mutate onto other shows..." -- Lizbet

"Um, nice theory, Snyder, but PCP would mess up the way _they_ saw _your_ faces... not the other way around!" -- Chris

"If you see my brain, tell it to please come home. All is forgiven...." -- Dianne

"You have *no* idea how frightening this is to me. Bad enough I get Victoria blathering in my ear on and off, and now I'm channelling Spike? *whimper* After one friggin' episode? *wail*" -- Lizbet

"The same is true for Angel. Nice characterization. However, I refuse to say you nailed Angel. ;-)"
"That's OK, my Roomie-to-be took care of it."
"I nailed Angel? When? Where? And....*sigh*. In that order." -- Leslie, Lizbet, and Celli

"You're good. (I'd say sick, but I have to live with you.)"
"And who knows when I'll snap and decide that I'm a vampire slayer and that my roomie is just looking a little too sharp-toothed for my comfort..." -- Celli and Lizbet

"*Bite me*, .Sig Girl!" -- Dianne

"...then the vamps misread Spike's handwritten orders and instead of attacking Joyce Summers they attack Ojai native and resident Jamie Sommers (Bionic Woman, former tennis pro, former school teacher, now a counselor). Next thing you know, we have a crossover involving special sound effects and slo-mo video. Fanfic, anyone?" -- Betsy

"And where would THAT nasty train of thought take us? Nowhere we want to go. Well, at least, nowhere we want to *stay*. We might visit. That might be interesting." -- Chris

"I love watching Angel and Xander play off each other, it's a hoot, the testosterone levels just rise through the ceiling if they're in each other's company longer than fifteen seconds." -- Chris

"Why are these evil, despicable characters always wanting to talk to *you*, Merclet? *sigh* Did you leave the garage door on your brain open, or what?" -- Chris

"Yes, I feel stupid buying Teen and YM. But I'll live."
"And that's why you spent last night absorbed in every single page of both??"
"We regret to inform you that MB will no longer be posting, as typing becomes difficult when you are both dead and six feet under. Unless, of course, she's a vampire, in which case Buffy will have to stand in line behind me to drive the damn stake." -- Beth and Mary Beth

"Mouth, shut. Mouth shut. I can get this concept. Mouth shut..... *Sigh.* Nope, not gonna happen..." -- Lizbet

"Someday all this drool really is going to short out my keyboard." -- Gina

"I was trying to resist, I really really was but could whomever is not making copies of the movie script that doesn't exist and the hypothetical pilot episode please send any pretend materials to me?" -- hypothetical SunS member

"Yes, we like Xander primal. OK, we don't *like* him, we just respond in a totally different way." -- Lizbet

"I was very miserabable. Now I'm...miserabable but dazed." -- Celli

"That's what I love about round robins: license to be mildly sloppy. I would *never* have perpetrated a hokiness like that tears thing in a more serious mode. But with everything else that had already happened, I simply couldn't resist..." -- Valerie

"I figured maybe reconstituting one of our favourite drool objects might earn me forgiveness for the tardiness of my part." -- Valerie

"Xander is forcing me to dress him... but that can also be fixed in later installments." -- Abby

"Dear God, when did I become an adjective?" -- Lizbet

"I don't like sleeping with Guilt. Wild Abandon is a LOT more fun..." -- Lizbet

"Mummy insanely busy. Mummy going nuts. Mummy need Advil, a backrub and Angel. *NOT* in that order." -- Lizbet (of course)

"Who needs plot? It's Angel without his clothes on!" -- Tina

"Betsy is dancing the dance of joy and relief that she doesn't have to follow *this*! *G*"
"Huzzah! So am... uh... so am, um, that is....Oh. Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. I'm up, aren't I? Oh, my. Coooool." -- Betsy and Elaine

"Wouldn't it be much more fun to have a slumber party on the Hellmouth? Ok, hi, I'm so non-self-preservational that it'd just be safer for me to drink Draino and put myself into the hospital than to do some of the stupid stuff I've been known to do." -- Tina

"I have been informed from a rather unexpected direction that I'm taking Never Kill a Boy. Courtesy of Angel, gods help me. Does anyone else think I should take his claim to have "a lot to say" on the subject with a pillar of salt...?" -- Valerie

"Welcome to the house of the final chapter where we now control the fate of the entire cast... *evil grin*"
"Can you say, "gulp"?" -- Beth and Lizbet

"Perri, you *are* coming to see Lear? Because I really *must* murder you in your innocent unsuspecting sleep on my hide-a-bed." -- Valerie

//Dianne blinks in confuzzlement as her verb tenses tangle up into knots around her ankles// -- Dianne

"Oh Good Goddess, it never stops...!!! //cue thunderous organ music// o/~ "The Qu-otes of the Buffyverse are there... inside my mind....!" o/~" -- Dianne

"Your attention please, the round robin will be coming along shortly -- as soon as the author regains consciousness and is able to stay conscious for longer than a few moments upon reflecting on red crushed velvet and black satin shirts." -- Mary Beth

"Did I ever mention that WGN is evil incarnate? I mean beyond your normal, everyday "try to take over the world" evil." -- Tina

"(::resolutely drags brain away from ideas about torturing Angels:: *slap*! Wrong series, Jen!)." -- Jenny

"The first law of Fanfic writing: "The story ideas being fed into your skull at any given time will be inversely proportional to the amount of time you have available to write it all down without losing what's left of your mind."" -- Dianne

"I think I'll go home, lie down, and listen to rock music, the music of pissed off." -- Maureen

"Where are we? Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. *g* All hell has broken loose. There, that about covers it. *bg*" -- Beth

"Joss is evil in the best possible way, and the man must _die_... but only after finishing a few more seasons of this." -- Dianne

'Go on. Kick my ass.'
"Oh please! Do it! *Somebody* needs to!" -- Buffy and 4/5s of the HorseChicks

"I have strayed oh great one... I have trusted wicked marketers who knew you not... I have not had respect for your integrity and talant... I'm unworthy to set eyes upon the fruit of your creation ..... But see if you can stop me!! Just try it buster...." -- Sasha

"I always worry when Colin's not on-screen."
"I must admit, this is the _intelligent_ response. Unfortunately, mine tends more towards the visceral *DIE EVIL IMMORTAL BRAT, DIE!!!!!!!!!" -- Chris and Dianne

"I'll take the Slayers to beat the Forces of Evil next Monday for $5..." -- Dianne

"It needs a transplant. We're waiting for the donor."
"Which means it's really important for your computer to sign its donor card. You never know when a sudden hard drive meltdown will make your spare parts available for those who have been waiting desperately for new life..." -- Perri and Lizbet

"Quick! Somebody say something memorable, so I can steal it for a sig!" -- Dawn

"Well, no one was dead yet. I mean, no one got killed yet. I mean no one was murdered for their body parts yet. Oh, God, the things fandoms make you write..." -- Lizbet

"I swear, it's all Joss' fault! He left me hanging all summer so I found another pusher for my fix!"
"Hey. Pssst. You over there, whimpering in front of the blank TV screen. Want some Buffy? I can get you Buffy...." -- Dianne and Lizbet

"I have no problem with Xander naked. I have no problem with Angel in beige. I have no problem with Xander in beige. I have no problem with Angel... well, you know where this is going..." -- Lizbet

"I thought he was on his way to the clue store last week, but this week he seems lost." -- Sheryl

"This is going to be fun...and may be a lovely angsty way." -- Leslie

"Those DC people are at it again. Maybe they really intend to become the East Coast fan headquarters."
"We would never aim for something like that! We'd much prefer to just take over the whole world so that everyone has to drive like us."
"Things Which Would Make the Master's Rising a GOOD Thing..."
"Oh, no, you'd much rather have us than the Master. We don't send three headed dogs through library floors. Usually." -- Betsy, Beth, Lizbet, Beth

"Panicking Authors Anonymous, can I have you?" -- Lizbet

"So many Buffy quotes, so little time..."
"So many quotes from you guys, so little time" -- Lizbet and Tina

"I'm busy, torture me later, OK?" -- Lizbet

"An asthmatic vampire. That might qualify him for NatPack membership." -- Perri

"Send in the quotes, there have to be quotes..." -- Lizbet

"I think it's poetic in a quotable sort of way." -- Tina

"Feral Xander was rather... um, well... let's not go there, either, now that I think about it."
"That's OK, Mommy, you just watch ASH groping bimbos. *I'll* go there..." -- Maureen and Lizbet

"*Sigh*. I thought you finally had these straight Dawn; the War *is* over. Now is now. That distinguishes it from before, in which you cannot write a story unless you benefit from a time machine or a mystical occurrence; and from later, in which you cannot write a story unless you wish to torment your fellow listmembers and risk dismemberment. Got the definitions down now?" -- Valerie

"Not many people would be okay with having caskets remind someone of them, but I figured you guys wouldn't mind." -- Beth

"Does Giles have a "Vampires, Demons, and Other things That Go Bump In The Night Phone Directory" for Sunnydale back there?????" -- Dianne

"To understand Excel makes our speaking English good."
"Actually, to try to understand Excel makes my speaking English profane." -- Lizbet and Beth

"I just realized that we have some serious Sarah standing on an apple box for that little conversation & kiss. Which is a good thing, since Angel would look awfully silly with a cross burn somewhere around the base of his sternum. Although I doubt few people here would have objected to the additional unbuttoning that would have been necessary to accomplish that.... I'm actually a little disappointed in them for resorting to having her stand on something, because they can't *help* having it noticed; but the shot was so tight they couldn't really do anything else other than shoot David's chiropractic bills through the roof." -- Valerie

"Or it could have been a figment of my fertile imagination, a land currently densely populated with assorted Slayfolk who are making it damn difficult to stay focused on cleaning my apartment and getting ready to move." -- Valerie

"Gotta channel Cordy once in a while." -- Valerie

"We're scary, we're cool, we generally have way too much cleavage." -- Lizbet

"Well, if you've got an apple box in a skirt, I don't wanna know about it..." -- Celli

"If Angel's going to be this busy, we really must cast guys will look awfully silly kissing & getting carried by thin air..." -- Valerie

"We're SunS. We're random wandering multifandom." -- Valerie

"You don't. You just don't. Majorly don't. Way don't. So don't."
"So, not a little don't, then." -- Valerie and Lizbet

"I picture a Hershey's bar standing on the table behind her..." me..." -- Debra Ann

"Oh, I thought the earth opening up and swallowing people *was* a natural disaster...silly me." -- Debra Ann

"Hey, Lizbet, Perri and I share a brain frequently but we're NOT the same person! We're a complete different person! :-)" -- Valerie

"Can Abby come in and play on the list? Huh, huh, can she? I'll feed her and walk her and, and...."
"Well, as long as you remember to take better care of her than that goldfish last year..." -- Perri and Dianne

"She's happily employed *and* housed... it's... it's... *unnatural*!!! Someone call the Slayerettes... or Mulder... or _someone_!" -- Dianne

"I didn't touch him. I just drooled on him. Come on, Mommy, aren't you supposed to sacrifice for your little ones?"
"I will sacrifice many things for my babies, but Giles ain't one of them! I mean, come on, everyone has to have _limits_!" -- Lizbet and Maureen

"Oh, goody, I'm not after Maureen, The Mad Writer. I just may survive this (said Betsy, self-deludedly)." -- Betsy

"You should have heard the shout I made when I happened to catch sight of the cover from across the room. "Buffy!" I yelled as I snatched it up and mom's eyes rolled ...." -- Mary Beth

"I *am* the Buffy Evangalist."
"Say amen, Sister! *Feel* the power of the Slayers... Enter the Circle of Kayless... Accept your destiny..." -- Perri and Christina

"Lizbet, you have 'til midnight Weds. to do your part of The Fifth Slayerette -- but maybe Dianne will give an extension? Seeing as how you were at ComicCon? No, wait... *frown* hey! You got to see Nick in person! No extensions for you, Merclet!!" -- Christina

"Of course, then SOME PEOPLE (and I'm not naming names, you understand) jump me in hotel rooms and insist that I watch this really, really cool show..." -- Lizbet

"The Cult of Joss: kinda like the Cult of Skinner, only not really." -- Tina

"When you get back I'll be licking the screen."
"Sounds like she's spent too much time with Lizbet..."
"Pffffft. It was the shot of Julian MacMahon coming out of the swimming pool that prompted that remark. The same shot that you, m'dear, BTW, offered your first-born child for."
"Oh yeah. That one. I'd lick the screen too..." -- Celli, Beth, Lizbet, Beth

"Excuse me, I have to go make vowel sounds now... aieo-whoo-boy!" -- Lizbet

"Now remember, I am a person, I have a right to drool over David." -- Celli

"Giles, of course, being the last person I would *expect* to have fall at Angel's feet..." -- Lizbet

"No, no! Go away. Bad fanfic, bad!" -- Celli

"My Muse met Dianne's Muse, and Dianne's Muse sold mine drugs.... Bad Muse! Bad!" -- Christina

"Giggling with both hands over your mouth in front of the computer that is usually processing inspection reports and maps, is considered grounds for being told to 'seek help' in the government sector, you know...." -- Kiki

"Hey, at least I got everyone in the same room together! Admittedly there's some death imminent, but at least they're all in the same place." -- Tina

"I can't decide who's sicker...Elaine or Tina. I think it's a tie." -- Celli

"Oh, God. I'm in your sig." -- Celli

"Yes, well the next writer is sitting huddled in a corner, whimpering. If she manages to extricate herself within the next four days, you'll hear about it. " -- Kimberley

"We're sorry, Lizbet's brain is away from her body right now. But we'd be happy to take a message until she returns... " -- Lizbet

"I'd say it's a gift, but actually I believe my mother was scared by Barry Manilow. Speaking of whom-- um, never mind." -- Elaine

San Diego Comic Con '97 Quote List -- because they're honorary SunS, so get to be embarrassed just like us. [g]

"What's it like going back to high school?"
"I envy the people who die on our show." -- Nick

"We're actually going to be importing teachers from the LA Unified School District." -- Joss

"How's the new principal going to die?"
"How and when I say." -- Joss

"How do you play high school school students?"
"We're just very immature." -- Alyson

"Kenny moment!" -- Joss

"We don't need cartoon characters, we've got Alyson." -- Joss

"What about the novels?"
"Which novel?"
"War and Peace." -- Joss and Alyson

"And Tony, well, he's just British." -- Nick

"I wanna be Angel. I could do it." -- Nick

"You don't do improv when you've got a writer like this."
"Suck up much, Nick?" -- Nick and Lizbet

"Do you want some lines in the next episode?" -- Joss to Nick

"Bye, all. Put something cool on my tombstone and tell everyone I said it." -- Tina

"I'm especially tickled by the looks on his face after carrying Willow out, that translate approximately to "If she dies, Buffy is going to take me apart... Oh, boy, she thinks she's talking to her mom... Will somebody take her, please, 'cause she ain't gonna stand by herself for a few minutes... If she dies, Buffy is going to take me apart..." -- Valerie on Angel

"I confess, I want them purely for mad, passionate sex. Is anyone else going to claim differently (and be believed)?"
"I'll give it a go. :-) I'd be very happy for lunch and a good long talk with any of them. Well, skipping the lunch part with Angel. And...okay, maybe I won't be believed on that one...but I *do* want him to talk. He does so little of it..." -- Tina and Valerie

"Dianne (Who notes that the inclusion of Angel in this one was even _more_ gratuitious than the use of Fork-Guy... but, oddly enough, she doesn't see Lizbet complaining about _that_... *vvvbg*)"
"Dee, duh! Angel was in the episode to tell Buffy about the Fork Guy. *shakes head* Gee, that was obvious! :P" -- Dianne and Lizbet

"Oh, you're just too little and *cute* to be evil! Kootchi-kootchi-coo! Gee, do ya think if we keep teasing her, we can actually get Lizbet to explode? It's a fun experiment, anyway! :)" -- Maureen

"Oh, right. Wouldn't want the List Mummy to wig out. After all, she's far more fun when we're in the process of getting her to wig. The stage previous to the wigging needs to last."
"The stage previous to killing, however, doesn't last very long at all..." -- Tina and Lizbet

"I'm claiming equal time with everyone else for Xander, Giles, and Angel. Definitely. Have to. In the interests of fairness...and making sure that they're all properly trained for Willow, Ms. Calendar, and Buffy. Really." -- Tina

"That's guilt by association and it's just not fair! That would be like saying I bounce just because I know Lizbet..." -- deb

"To drool makes our speaking English unnecessary..." -- Lizbet

"I'm willing to concede Angel to Lizbet and Giner if I can have Giles. There's something about a more mature man. In a library. without fangs... (Not, you'll note, that I'd turn Angel down if he were offered to me on a silver platter)(or perhaps in a hayloft). -- deb

"I *am* demure, dammit! I mean, there's a whole group of people here who don't know me and this is my chance...." -- deb

"I love that scene. He looks so... young."
"Yeah... and sweet and vulnerable...."
"Hell, he looks so half-naked in that scene. That's the best thing about it." -- Lizbet, Perri, Tina

"*scribbles down, see David, pass out, call. Or is that pass out, see David, call? Or is that see Perri, pass out, call David?*" -- Lizbet

"I'm a screw! I'm a screw!" -- Valerie

"M seeking F: strong, competent, capable of staking vampires, cheerleading, and all-around Slaying. Cannibalism a plus. Call 555-6666, and ask for 'Hyena-boy.'" -- Tina

"Of course, not much alarms me. Imminent and permanent crash of the computer will, and maybe imminent death (depending on the situation), but not much else." -- Tina

"The phones have been extremely *not* ringing today."
"'To read makes our speaking English good.' What can I say, it was a Buffy moment." -- Betsy and Maureen

"Tptb sometimes need a reality check. Of course, I'm saying this about a show where people live until their heads are cut off, but that's not the point, is it?"
"You mean that isn't reality? Sheesh, next thing you know you'll be telling me vampires don't really exist!" -- Tina and Beth

"I wasn't aware Angel's apartment was precisely *safe*. Certainly a good place to be. Definitely fun. Absolutely enviable. But safe? I don't know about that part..."
"Yeah, but the only thing to fear in Angel's apartment is Angel himself. And as the rest of the stuff certainly applies and I *am* a NatPacker... I knew the risks when I went in. *eg*"
"Well, yeah, I'd take the risks if I were you. I'd definitely take the risks. Hell, I'd take the risks if I were me. Mmmm...maybe I'll wait outside the door for you to leave and ambush Angel."
"Oh, dear. Oh, dear. You know, we better never have a War. I think Angel would run screaming into the night and refuse to return... *eg*" -- Tina, Perri, Tina, Lizbet

"Me, I'm resigned to the fact that when I open my mouth, things come out. Unplanned things, but they're there and we have to deal with them." -- Lizbet

"I certainly don't consider it to have happened. I mean--I'm sorry, but I actually grew to *like* Richie. He's just so not dead. Not in the least. He just moved to Sunnydale." -- Tina

"Well, whack Giles upside the head and tell him to stop freaking so he'll talk to me, OK? I think I finally found the point at which his detacted curiousity gives way to panic."
"Your wish is my command. :: THWACK! :: Giles? Giles? Oh dear....Lizbet, see if he's stopped freaking when he regains consciousness..." -- Lizbet and Gina

"Go ahead and put it on the page, Perri. I have escaped unscathed. ;-) Of *course* I'm going to regret that. *blink-blink* Your point?" -- Valerie

"What Perri said--- I love it, but it's not finished and that's cause for dolphining in distress!" -- Chris

"Okay, so, say you haven't seen the movie (all together now, "you haven't..."). (Did I mention I have my own personal e-mail editor over my shoulder? Say hi to MB. *g*)" -- Beth

"We both saw him - zoned in on that boy like a homing device. I think my fingerprints are still on the screen." -- Beth

"I'm reporting you to Maureen. She'll protect me from you evil something-or-others." -- Betsy

"There, there, Val, it'll be all right. We'll make the nasty AOL behave... How 'bout I send Buffy over to stake Steve Case?" -- Perri

"What amuses me is what her reaction is going to be if and when she realizes Mr Salty Goodness (aka Angel) is a vampire." -- Perri

"Don't even ask where Perri and I went on the phone last night. We went scary places. Places that should be unknown to the mass of humanity. And it was *fun*!" -- Lizbet

"How about if I bribe you to put it up? *eg* Hell, I'm certainly on enough quote lists, what's one more?" -- Maureen

"Death is a good thing, I'm fond of death, especially in the cause of torment through quotes!" -- Tina

"Now who will be the first to say, "But I didn't know Angel and Scully even knew each other?" No's me." -- Debra Ann

"See... there's always someone else willing to throw their sanity into question for a good cause. :) Thanks ... at least I'm not alone." -- Mary Beth

"It's really horrible how stories can just jump you in the car and nobody does anything... the perils of living in a big city..." -- Lizbet

"Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide; just me and this ghost of an ex-Slayer who wouldn't shut up..." -- Valerie

"Perri, dearest, learning what you mean about Angel being closed-mouthed. Although once I got him to let loose a little on his control, he was wonderful..." -- Lizbet

"Okay, the other brain cell just woke up." -- Betsy

"A plague on *both* your e-mail accounts." -- Perri

"Now see, a Natpacker would stick around and try to reasons with them -- or confuse them into submission. Willow is obviously not a Natpacker, although she does meet other qualifications." -- Perri

"Don't enjoy it too much or much longer, okay? Or I might have to do some serious damage to someone. And since Maureen's the only one handy, she might have something to say about that." -- Betsy

"It's always very amusing... I guess they never really outgrow the Guy Stuff." -- Perri

"Fan is the name, Obsession is the game!"
"Fan is the name, Obsession is the perfume." -- Maureen and Betsy

"Vampire slaying is not a spectator sport." -- Valerie

"But I have to agree... that was pretty damn ugly, even for a Hound of Hell..." -- Dianne

"Give her time. Now that she's starting to get obliquely involved with slayage, I'm sure her list will expand..." -- Valerie

"It's a very weird, funny chemistry, so very *guy*..." -- Chris

"That's OK, we can move south... into the gutter." -- Lizbet

"I dreamed last night that I was helping Giles look something up except that he kept having to stop to help students, and the Master kept trying to call but the line was busy and Cath (my non-Buffy-watching graduating friend) was giggling madly in the background..." -- Lizbet

"I really need to get over to the main list and claim Joss's evil brain as the thing I will Keep..." -- Lizbet

"I keep trying and *trying* to be a nastier person, but it only seems to come out in fanfic." -- Dawn

"Oh, god... Let's not go there.... Actually, let's go there. Often. For a long time....Yeah." -- Perri

"Oh, and guys? Somehow I suspect that Angel might enjoy a midnight swim now and then, were there a handy body of water around...and, well... seeing as vampires don't swim in public, as a rule... and the invention of actual *clothing* to wear while swimming is a rather recent (and somewhat silly, if you think about it) phenomenon..." -- Dianne

"Oh, and just to prove that I am obnoxious, professionally... behold the sig." -- Lizbet

"One of the major disadvatages to lusting after a vampire, is the fact that the opportunities to see them in swim trunks are rare...." -- Perri

"As different as Xander and Giles are, they also have more than a little in common. Not the least, of course, being that they are two defenseless males *always* confronted by the Force of Nature That Is Buffy, in concert with the supposedly deathly shy Willow who can babble a blue streak worthy of any NatPacker when she's not paying attention... and sometimes also have added to that Cordy and Ms. Calendar..." -- Valerie

"And then there's the whole frightening concept of Willow...who feels the strongest need to tell things when she's injured and sleep-deprived and making no sense..." -- Valerie

"Nobody ever better mention the words "war" and "buffy" and "let's try it!" all together in my presence, or they better be prepared to face the consequences!" -- Dawn

"Where is that Universe Reset button? There is a time or two in my life I'd've liked to use it..." -- Lizbet

"Chronological order? That's so passe!" -- Valerie

"Adjusted to normal life yet, Chris Robin?"
"What's that? ;-) There are times when I think living on a Hellmouth would be easier to understand..." -- Perri and Valerie

"I just might have to do this. Can't believe you didn't do Angel, though..."
"But I thought that wasn't allowed..." -- Lizbet and Beth

"Mary Beth (Yes, Beth's roommie) (And proud to admit it) (or was that too stupid not to?) (*g*) (I'm the roomie... gotta love me)" -- Mary Beth

"I used to work somewhere where you'd have to kill people after you told them what you did too." -- Chris

"Actually, Terrorism Studies is down the hall in our suite. Nancy and I work in Conference Management Services. Those terrorism people are scary." -- Beth

"Please note, all, that I-- even at my worst-- never attempted use of "wignacious" as a word!" -- Dianne

"//Ooh, see Dianne wig!// //Now see Lizbet wig!// //Wig, Lizbet, wig!//" -- Betsy

"You know, you start a list for your friends, and then you pay and pay and pay..." -- Lizbet

"Well, seeing as how ListMummy Lizbet was last seen heading off to find someone to suck her blood (and not Angel? Lizbet, I'm amazed!)...." -- Dianne

"Really, I'm not a spy. Just because I don't like having my picture taken and I tell my friends that I'm in the witness protection program and that I use to be a klepto and that... anyways, I'm glad to be here!" -- Nancy

"Well, if she changes the beeper to "vibrate" mode, she could wind up having a very good time... *vveg*" -- Maureen

"That should do it - stick a fork in me, I'm dead!" -- Maureen

"That's not like a RULE rule, that's just a "be nice or we kill you" thing." -- Lizbet

"Dianne dodges the guys in nice white coats who were called in when it was determined that over-exposure to Buffy was causing post-traumatic stress flashbacks to growing up not-in-but-right-next-to The Valley." -- Dianne

"Die. I love you dearly, but die." -- Lizbet

"Yes, yes, we've all decided that Dianne needs a 12-step group for the Blatant Miss-Use and Abuse of Buffy Quotes. Deal." -- Dianne

"Or, 'If you bounce it, they will come.'"
"Knowing this crowd, I am just *not* asking what "it" is..." -- Betsy and Dianne

"Amen, Blessed Be, and pass the stakes!" -- Dianne

"If the Apocalypse comes, beep me."
"Maybe you should change that to: 'If the Natpack comes, beep me.'"
"And the practical difference is...?" -- Lizbet's sig, Betsy, Lizbet

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