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Taken out of context whenever and wherever possible. Compiled by Perri
(just to clarify why my dead body will shortly be discovered staked somewhere).
Warning: profanity happens.

Last updated February 6, 2003.

"I've concluded that [sixth] season's Big Bad is Joss' brain. Possibly under an assumed name, but Joss' brain nonetheless." -- Jennie

"It's what we're here for! ...To lead the dazed and confused by the hand into the desert until they're confused on a much deeper level, as well as thirsty. Sort of like gurus. Only not." -- Kiki

"I have participated in the ASCIIization of Kiki's brother. Cool."
"Usually I'd make you pay for that, but since I ASCII'd you to begin with, we'll waive the fee this time. Next time, though, you have to give him a Cubs shirt before you do that to him! "
"Was it good for you?"
"It was great. < fanning self > But don't tell my husband. He might get jealous. < snerk > < giggle > On the other hand, Lizbet ASCIIed him at Mediawest, so this is only fair. "
"Tina is very generous, she lets me ASCII with her husband." -- Tina, Kiki, Tom, Tina and Lizbet

"Formerly ADD, quite bright, overly romantic, overly dramatic, with snark to spare vampire (now all of the above plus-soul and regretting it) seeks minions with follow-through and ability to maintain calm to carry out my evil plans while I freak out and stalk the Slayer...." -- Kiki

"We hear fictional characters and tell their stories. They spend hundreds of dollars on a haircut. It's official. We're not the insane ones any more." -- Tina

"I couldn't figure out why the show was called "Firefly" until someone pointed me at the "Firefly-class ship" line. Dude. I'm a brand name? I'm a *Toyota*?????" -- Celli (aka, the firefly)

"Can we sic Evil Willow on the NBA? Or would that be bad?"
"It would be bad. But damn, I bet the ratings would be through the roof." -- Julie and Chris

"Yep, welcome to the nest of geeks, also known as the SunS list. < g > You know, I just can't get into in-depth discussions of Egyptian-style mummification and the ramifications it might have on vampirism with any of my coworkers. Either they wouldn't get it, they'd think I was a great big freak (which I am, but that's another point entirely), or both." -- Tina

"Heh. List Mommy and List Mummy aren't looking! They have company! Everyone flood the list! Bibble! Break rules! If we all do it at once, we can't be grounded! Or at least we'll get grounded together, and not ground together, 'cause they won't be able to separate the malefactors and perpetrators! (Okay, so I can't remember what the Rules are to be breaking, but it's the avoiding of the principle that's the thing. Got it? Good)." -- Chaos

"Yayyy! You can be my campaign manager when we go on the rampage! Because, of course, no one actually votes in a coup d'etat, except with their weapons." -- Kiki

"Whoops, killed Celli. Cleanup on aisle three!" -- Jennie

"heh. Heh. HEH. No one can stop us, no one *will* stop us --- I can declare anarchy, and I will not be shot! *Find* me in Colorado! mwhwhahahahhahahah.... (Yes, tired. Yes, silly. Not sorry. Not yet.)" -- Chaos

"You just have to find your niche. And then start firing bombs from it, that's all."
"That's half the problem, I'm *in* a niche. No elbow room. Right...must find explosives." -- Kiki and Jennie

"I was just rolling my eyes and wondering if [Angel]'d been drinking from the same carton of Red Bull as Buffy. The dread Speech Infection being passed from one Champion to another...." -- Kiki

"They wanted to club the Angel/Cordy angle."
"And the "Joss Award for Creative Use of Geometrical Terms" goes to... Kiki, for using the word "angle" correctly!! That's gotta be a first for this fandom."
"Don't think that didn't occur to me. And make me double-check it twice before I sent it. " -- Chris and Maureen

"Agreeing with Maureen and Christina and MaryBeth on the . . . oh my. *fans self* In fact, when try to comment, find self writing in style of Bridget Jones . . . what's *that* about?"
"< nods solemnly > It's what the Spike worship does to one. It's a whole British-gorgeous-man-passion thing -- well documented medical condition, actually. Only cure for it is total immersion in the Spike-thing, hope to get an aversion therapy thing going. And if it doesn't work, well, hell, then you've been immersed in Spike-goodness, and where's the bad in that? < ggg > I'm an enabler, ain't it cool?" -- someone and Maureen

"Of course, the three #1 priorities doesn't mean [Angel] can't _count_ ("One! One! One! #1 Priority!...Ah ha!... Two! Two! Two #2 Priorities... Bwhahahahaaaa!" < g >), just that it's a good thing he resigned his bossness last year, or he'd be eligible for some serious pointy hair. Well, even pointier than he has now, I mean.... ;-)" -- Dianne

"It is some comfort that I got Spike's character down perfectly. Get your minds out of the gutter. No, wait, don't bother. (The unfortunate result of having a very randy former-poet-now-undead-creature-of-the-night vampire in your head telling you about how much he wants to... hmmmmm with Buffy is that now you're never going to be able to hear "Spike" again without all the phallic connotations just leaping out at you." -- Lizbet on a Jossed fic

"...yes I'm ranting, I can't help it. This is one of my pet peeves (I'm naming him Bob)." -- Maddog

"Do I think a lot of conservatives are going to be surprised when they die? Yes. Any God that creates the platypus really... well, gay waterslides in Heaven wouldn't surprise me. But, I could be wrong." -- Abby

"*blink* Todd, son of Angel and Darla, ender of the universe. I like it. " -- Chris

"I'm still sorry that Darla never ran into Spike while she was pregnant (that we saw). That would've been the snarkfest to end all snarkfests right there... ("Knocked up, Grandma? You'd think you'd know better, at your age...")" -- Chris

"I realized this morning that the end of last night's episode had less to do with Joss carefully planning and plotting and scheming, then with the fact that he had a horny vampire with a chip in his head in his head and was insisting that he was going to spontaniously combust if Joss did not allow him to get laid really, really, REALLY soon." -- anon. for self-preservation

"...if Lorne isn't omnisexual I'll eat his blue suede shoes. < g >"
"I never thought Lorne liking *boys* was in question. What I'm more surprised about is his occasional lustbunnies for Cordy. ;-)"
"Hey, bi is bi is omni is multi. He's willing to date outside his species, why should gender stop him? Especially considering his mother. Have you *seen* his mother? With her for a feminine role model, anyone who's not a professional wrestler probably looks attractive." -- Lizbet, Catherine and Chris

"And don't these people know what happens to babies raised in demon dimensions? Don't they read X-Men? Last time this happened, the squirt in question grew up to rule the dimension and make everyone around her in said dimension suffer for it." -- Chris

"And excuse me - Utah? Is the darkest of the demon dimensions the rock or the hard place?"
"*laugh* Okay, but, I don't think you can ski in Hell." -- Deb and Chris

"I like my time classical and linear, thank you, even if a bit frayed into multi-dimensional choices." -- Chris

"I know! I know! I know!!!! < Lizbet waves hand wildly > The demon dimention Holtz took Connor to is an alternate universe that is Scotland in the 16th century, and he leaves Connor with the Clan MacLeod..."
"And you people think *I'm* ill..." -- Lizbet and Dianne

"Odds that Connor becomes Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod: 25-to-1 ('cause it's just too darn fun)

"Odds that Connor is Angel, Angel is Connor, and thus his father issues are both explained and impossible to treat with any therapy known to man: 10-to-1

"Odds that Connor is *Riley*, which means they're both gonna need a lot of therapy: 15-to-1" -- Kiki (full odds listing to be posted over on the Annex at some point)

"Everyone involved in this thread is evil. Except for me. I'm too tired to be evil." -- Tina

"So, wy ys yt necessary for pyple to ryplace all thyr frylling vywls wyth 'y'? Ys yt Nyw Age, some kynd of wymynyst thyng, or whyt? Jysys, yt's annoying. :P" -- Boo (on vamp fic)

"Are you from the Planet Gothdork? Why can't you wear denim and flannel like a normal dad?" - Giles/Connor via Catherine S.

"If I were Lorne, I'd be demanding musical security checks at regular intervals. 'I don't care if you need to run down to the store to get milk. I wanna hear a couple bars of "Proud Mary" before you go anywhere.'"
"*laughing an awful lot* If this were enforced, Angel would never leave the building." -- ???? and Chris

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