SunS Quote List -- August, 1998 - January, 1999

"The cat really doesn't give a f*** about the Angel/Buffy relationship." -- Celli

"O.K., so that was a really _dim_ bright side." -- Celli

"I'm with Celli-- along with the "TV14-DVL" warning there should be a small "C" in the corner to warn anyone trying to watch or tape that this is a cursed ep." -- Dianne on 'Band Candy'

"Hey, *hey*! < glares > Don't you go blaming my quotes on sugar, poor misunderstood chemical that it is. They're a product of my very own fevered brain - poor misunderstood organ that it is..." -- Maureen

"I've lost my brain. Never should have let it off the leash."
"Well, but wild things _should_ run free..." -- Julie and Maureen"

"Wow, a whole month of quotelist without any of my sexual innuendos. I must be slipping." -- Abby

"I'm not his mother! Just 'cuz I've got warm and fuzzy maternal feelings for his evilness...." -- Chaos on Ethan

"Can you be shallow and go off the deep end at the same time?" -- Jennie

"Back away from the Send key slowly, and no one gets hurt." -- Celli

"Does someone just want to tatoo "Trill Slut" on my forehead and be done with it???" -- Lizbet

"Where's the cat?"
"Oh it's around. And around and around and around...." -- Celli and MB

"I was also amused by Nov. 5 (Guy Fawkes Day) being "Gunpowder Day"."
"*pout* And not a single person got me any..." -- Valerie and Abby

"*blinkblink* Oh, um, you meant *coherent* feedback? Ask me this rate, "later" being sometime *after* the end of the series..." -- Mary Beth

"I'd just finished planning my epic "hate-mail" to the new VR, and was about to rally fellow Southern Ontarians into a bloodthirsty raid of the station! (Withdrawal ain't purty.)" -- Anya

"On another note, my friend, the deprived one with no WB that I've been sending her Buffy care packages (after having hooked her on it), I've been very evil to her. When I send her 1/2 of season 2 (up to Bad Eggs. < eg >) I also told her that of the following listed characters three wouldn't make it: Buffy, Giles, Angel, The Chosen One, Xander, Willow, Cordy, Snyder, Joyce and Ms. Calander. Why is this especially evil? I've helped her convince herself that Giles is one of them. Heh, heh. I think Joss is rubbing off on me." -- Julie

"Yes, I still hate Joss. Does he have ANY idea how difficult it is to refluff that moose? Bad, mean Joss." -- Julie

"Looks like the Ghost of Christmas Past is coming... and it's pissed. Poor Angel. Poor us." -- Julie

"You know, most people are kind enough to lock you up and give you drugs when you claim that you have voices in your head. You people just laugh and ask them questions. Stop that! Please don't feed the voices." -- Lizbet

"Lizbet? I can't decide whether to feed your voices popcorn laced with arsenic, or hold chocolate just in front of them out of reach until they tell you the rest."
"You're *NOT* helping." -- Chris and Lizbet

"As with all good email-hoax forwards: no I didn't write this, I don't know who did (except the first blurb ), feel free to steal it, and *SEND IT TO EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER KNOWN RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND OR WE ALL COULD DIE HORRIBLE JOSS-ESQUE DEATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*" -- Dianne

"Okay...I'll just crawl away now...and not do fic. No fic. Having allergic reactions to the eps lately. My reaction is involving a fake book. The Muppet Show Theme caught my attention. Be afraid. Be very afraid. But no fic. I chased Spike away." -- Julie, on something interesting tonight. But no fic.

"Are you saying that handcuffs and me are a common thought?"
"Well, sometimes I add pool tables." --Beth and Celli

"Match you and all your friends to the various lust objects of your continually changing choices? Sorry, but I don't think that the gods are accepting five females times twenty males as one hundred couples." -- Trevor/Cupid (as voiced by Lizbet ;-)

"...Actually we were recently referred to as Threats to the Known Universe but I think they meant it as a compliment." -- Deb M.

"Abby, Abby.... Trust me, you'll look back on all of this one day and... well... you'll curse our names, persons, and ancestry for ten generations back. But that's not the point. (Did I have a point? ;-)"
"I thought you did. His name is Mr. Pointy. See, I can be on topic!" -- Dianne and Abby

"What, Deb? Oh, yeah, we have reputations now. I picked us up some at the CVS cheap. They're only slightly cracked... " -- Dianne

"Ya know, from the number of comments I've seen on the board and now here (not to mention the phone call re: the eepenanny I had), I have to assume there was a vast number of people around the country who this year, upon being asked to contribute to the office party, proudly declared themselves "the dip" .... only to receive blank stares from their unenlightened coworkers. It sucks to be so misunderstood." -- Mary Beth

"Oh, Gawd, now look what you've done! I'm having a Citrus Identity Crisis! So much for pop psychology. FIX me, dangit!!!" -- Jennie

"I just hope they get more consistent with dating & placing the flashbacks. Various posts to xmission & the Bronze about costume & historical bits have already set me up to get drafted as Timeline Girl, a job that is likely to land me in the thundering-looney bin with Joss's freestyle math abilities..." -- Valerie

"Umm...I didn't think that was his *chest* everyone was looking at this past week... but at any rate, if he's in such bad shape, how'd he get pants on? Apparently the man has clothes that seek out his body no matter what state he is in...?" -- Jennie on Angel

"Now that we've had Kakistos, who was evidently devolving into a goat, how long can it be before the kitchen utensils start plotting to murder Joyce or something? And how many other Joss-sequiturs are spoilers in impenetrable disguise?" -- Val

"Not many shows do Christmas episodes. And no one could ever do a Christmas episode like Joss. I'm sure he'll throw a goat in there somewhere...." -- Leslie

"I love Giles and Oz and Spike. Sqwoosh them altogether and they'd make... something really wierd. but I love them." -- Sasha

"Okay, so now I have this mental image of Naked Angel chasing loose coins around Dru's mansion in his free time. I'd complain about this, but on further consideration, it's not a bad mental image after all." -- Jen

"Then again... Joss just *could* be that evil..."
"Oh, *yeah*! The Man has _depths_ of un-plumbed evil. I can see him sitting in front of his word-processor, cackling with glee and rubbing his hands together as he prepares to do horrible, nasty things to his next script. Evil, *evil* I say! All hail Joss, evil god of the all-holy script, may his blessed word-processor glow long into the night, yadda yadda yadda..." -- Lizbet and Maureen [Ed. One of these two people had had too much sugar. I'm not saying which...]

"I say again.... *how* am I supposed to survive this season??"
"You're not. Joss works for a secret government agency and this is all a plot to assasinate a large percentage of the English speaking population. It's Death by Whimper, a highly-classified weapon of mass destruction. Be afraid. Be very afraid." -- Mary Beth and Lizbet

"...not to mention I'm misusing commas like nobody's business, all for the sake of a librarian in pain." -- Elaine

"Sasha, Who appreciates a good mouth on a man"
"...make up your *own* joke here, folks...." -- Sasha and Elaine

"Note to self - do not drink soda while reading posts consisting of Betsy answering Elaine on the subject of Swedish chefs." -- Karen Topinka

"OK, it was beyond lame (think Walker, Texas Ranger and every Karate Kid movie ever made), but I'm a kung-fu movie slut." -- Jean

"Ya want us to go beat up some network VIP's for ya?"
"< beam > Would you? That's sweet. Just one or two is fine. Not need to go overboard. :-) Leave some standing to sign the contract for more eps." -- Maureen and Deb (freaking about Vengeance Unlimited)

"Part of me regrets that I didn't take a picture, but the other part is glad I didn't: I was so close that I would've blinded him with the flash and he would've lost his balance and fallen down and I was the only one in front of him and.... hang on, why was this a bad thing?" -- Betsy

"Why *are* they running Victoria's Secret ads during Buffy?"
"Maybe they read the quotelist and have decided we're the target demographic." - Horsechicks on the phone

".....Was Joyce wearing Buffy's/Angel's leather jacket?"
"Oooh, now I need to find one of those teeny-bopper Angel droolers so I can tell them this and watch them go "Ewwwwww!" " -- Amy and Betsy

"o/~Everybody run! The Homecoming Queen's got a... *spatula*???o/~" -- Dianne

"< waving both hands above her head like she's facing Mecca > Oh yes, Sister! Yup, yup, yup! I have seen the light, and it's glinting off silver frames...." -- Kiki

"Oh, and the other thing was Seth. You were gonna send him to me. Remember? No? Must be the LA smog, it wiped your mind. You said he'd be here by Friday. ;)" -- Abby

"'What are we gonna do tonight, Buffy?'
'Same thing we do every Wednesday night Angel. Try to have a conversation about our show without resorting to sex.'
'Tsch, yeah. And next thing you're gonna tell me is that Cordelia's chest isn't from the Silicon Valley. '
'Well, it was a thought...'" -- Abby

"But...but...they can't *do* that! My bumps are round, they should *stay* round." --Jennie

"The people on the Posting Board... have officially gone nuts from rerunitis. I surfed in tonight to see what went on today. All I found was a lot of nudity, goats, and chanting..." -- MaryBeth

"Dianne, I'm sure you've got some *lovely* little comment to reply to this with, so why don't you just say it now and be gratified, okay? That or just .sig me and get it over with." --Tina (in Dianne's .sig)


"If I had an opposable thumb I'd .sig that." -- Cante the Cat, Familiar of the Cult of Joss (as voiced by Celli)

"Me Conan. Conan smash. Ooh, Conan see skin. Conan be entranced. *plonk* What me name?" -- Tina

"The whole vampirefantasy/horror thing I can accept. It's the creepy axe murder down the street that gives me the wig." -- Leslie

"Well, as normal as you can get when the guy's got wings and the other one's a purple telepath." -- Chris

"Like I said: I'm biased. Don't care if you want him back, because I want him to fry like an egg in those leather pants. < eg >"
"But he wouldn't, Tina dear. He'd just go *POOF*. And frankly, I like him unpoofed." -- Tina & Julie

"It's just it's *very* hard to tell guy's voices apart when they do the deep-in-the-chest, "Hi, this is me being deep and meaningful" thing." -- Lizbet

("Drooling would be more accurate.")
("I don't drool when I'm being French-kissed.")
("Do you *really* want me to say what you're doing when you're being French-kissed?")
("Moving on...") --The WC Roomies

"Please. This is soooo taken out of context. You really need the ancient Grecians running around chasing each other to understand why someone would *much* rather be French-kissed by a CIA agent in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont. (Don't ask me. I was being chased by Iolaus at the time...)" -- Lizbet on the above quote

"My take on it is that it *was* Max the first time, but not doing the Whistler character voice as distinctively as he did in the rest of the ep. Which resulted in confusion among the fans...which resulted in Joss going "Hmm, we should really have Max record that line again in a more distinctively Whisterish voice to avoid further confusion when new viewers see it. And to amuse ourselves with the ensuing debates among those who were around the first time." -- Valerie

"Thudding? *Tina throws a blanket over Mary Beth's unconscious form* What thudding? *Tina drags Julie behind a chair* No thudding here. *Tina closes the door, blocking a view of a passed-out Beth* Gee, I can't imagine *why* you'd think that people would thud. *innocent look*" -- Tina

"They taped it, aired it... then looked at the script and said '*Doh!* Damn! I knew we should have actually _read_ the directions first!'" -- Dianne

"Wow.... Honey, there are decaffeinated brands that are just as tasty as the real thing..." --Val

"I think my stuffed animals will be watching with me on the 29th." -- Julie

"Want Jenny back. Want Jenny back *now*. Grumble. Grump. Moan."
"Tina, if I were you, I'd be a bit more specific. We wanted Angel back and we got him--for 30 seconds. Make the conditions as air-tight as possible--then have a shark, er ah, a lawyer go over it to catch what you missed." -- Tina and Julie

"I'm channeling the whole production staff now??? No wonder I've got a headache... (Hey! You all! Yeah, you! *Scram*! Go get your own skulls, you freeloaders!" :-ppp) -- Dianne (perhaps going for a little lie-down now...)

"O.K., it's not bad enough Buffy (and every other show I watch) is in terminal re-runs... now MB's gone into re-runs too?" -- Dianne

"For the SunS': "The Sunnydale Slayers comes out to a good many things, including:
"Lady Satyr Heusen Lens"
"Yes! Sluts Handle Yearn."
"Easy Handy Nuts Seller"
and, last but not least: "Hyena Snyder Ale Sluts" --- Dianne (via the anagram server)

"Gotta love how the characters just whizz past the plot holes with their eyes averted. " -- Chris

"...the purple-haired telepath thing makes *so* much more sense when you don't get into the body-switching Ninja part of it... " -- Kiki

"I think it only made sense if you were mixing pharmaceuticals that are not suppose to go together." -- Julie

"The mice in my head keep singing when he talks!" -- Chris

"Xena and Giles... It's an image that amuses me unduly." --Kiki

"Off to code and edit garlic..." -- Abby

Dammit, my brain just had an idea. -- Betsy Vera

"The point-- *that's* why Murdoc never died, ever, at all, even after they drowned *and* electrocuted him. He's a vampire. Well, duh."
"My pet theory is him being an immortal. As he's never been beheaded...;)" -- Elaine and Julie

"I had to remove the rain forest chirps when you squeeze it and I startled myself." -- Julie

"Well, it's because that stupid Ideas Fairy brought him. He could have at least brought the Writing Muse along." -- Julie

"Dee... you're a pouting water buffalo on a caffeine high, yelling about a butterfly coming back to defend you. And you want *respect*?" -- Perri

"And, no, I don't think that Angelus is going to be reincarnated as a walrus. I'm hoping for a lemming, just in time for migration season." -- Elaine

"Hey, nothing says "No Trespassing" like bear traps. Except for 'No Trespassing' signs. And okay, so it doesn't actually _say_ that, but are you going to wander into them to argue the point?" -- Julie

"Well, since you picked #2, let's see what's behind door #1... *bambah* Aww, a donkey pulling a cart. Well, looks like you were luck that time! So, do you still want what's in #2 or what's in this box.
The box! #2! Take the friggin box! #2!!!!!!!
I'll have to stick with #2, Monty.
Seems like you're sure of yourself. So let's open the box. *bahbam* A trip to Acapulco... I'm so sorry. Well let's see what you did win... *whawaaa* A flock of tap dancing goats????"
"But are they _naked_ dancing goats? inquiring minds wanna know... "
"Nope, this is a bad 70s show... they're wearing sombreros and little pants with puff-ball fringe." -- Abby, obviously on something she wasn't sharing with the rest of us, and Julie

"8. If your CC: list is regularly longer than the actual content of your message, you're probably going to Hell."
"OH! So is *that* what really happened to Angel!" -- Betsy, off a forward by Dianne

"Well, it is a cult. So a crusade would be pretty darned fitting dontcha think?"
"So if you die in this crusade, does your soul go straight to the Buffyverse?"
"And if it does, is that Heaven or Hell? And do you have a really lousy lovelife?"
"Um... I'm suddenly thinking this sounds like a less-thrilling idea..."
"Well, if your choices are, "Lousy Love Life" versus "No Love Life at All"... personally, I'm conflicted here..."
"You know, I'm starting to be sorry I even brought it up. I think I'll just go hang out with the goat now..." -- Dianne, Abby, Tina, Lizbet, Dianne

"Of all the diners in all the cities, the girl with the revolving name had to walk into mine." -- Deb

"I'm considering wearing [my Ares T-shirt] at the same time I wear my Gabrielle t-shirt and seeing which one self-destructs first...." -- Perri

"What cartload of nuns and small, crippled, orphan children did I *uzi* in a past life to earn me this? < sigh >" -- Dianne

"Had fun watching the new Xena and the ending of the new Hercules tonight. Looks like we're all going to the afterlife to visit our friends. Time to take marshmallows for Angel... < g >" --Chris

"I surfed past the "Last season on DS9" thing tonight and saw Sisko heading off somewhere.... I just asumed it was hell and surfed on." -- Mary Beth

"And just to bring the subject kicking and screaming back to Buffy for a moment..." -- Deb

"*I'm* weird? I'm friends with a Viking butterfly in Nikes, a germ, and a water buffalo for Pete's sake, and you're upset 'cause I can stick my tongue out???????????" -- Celli (aka >*p< )

"Basically, I squeaked, I bounced, I bit my pillow." --Julie

"I'm amused-- Hell's getting mighty damn crowded all of a sudden. People must have heard of the limbo parties.... ;-)" -- Dianne

"I am a very high-class Trill slut... and that's all I have to say." --- Lizbet

"What we lack in intelligence we make up for in squeak value." -- Lizbet

"One of the things that pleases me most about this list is, the age range, and the common sense. Also the references to naked animal life. Oh, damn. That's three. Well, there are reasons why I'm a humanities major." -- Elaine

I'm stunned to the point of massive typos -- ElaineMc

"There's something on my foot and it's purring. If it's Lizbet, we're gonna have issues." --Celli

"I was admiring the attractive man until he became Chucky-bait." -- Celli

"It sounds like a rock band: 'Now opening for Velvet Chain-- Kyaking in the Cotswalds!'" -- Celli

"No, I'm just really tired and haven't eaten yet... just ignore the weirdo in the corner.... :)"
"Why? Is that your dinner and you don't want to share?
"O.k., I conceed the "Up Too Late and Getting Weird" Award for last night to you, dearest..." -- Dianne and Betsy

"I was shanghied! Grabbed in a dark alley one night by a pair of cult members! Sure, they seemed really, really nice at first. They took me home, gave me a hot meal, and talked about love and puppies and a bunny or maybe some ducks... Then they brought out the goats and everything changed! < weep! >"
"Saving the frogs for later, huh? Good strategy." -- Dianne and Betsy

"As I was sitting watching "Julius Caesar" (and unfortunately being bored to tears), we get to the battle scene and I'm thinking "yeah, okay, stab, stab, die, die, flee, flee..." It was a SunS moment." -- Maureen

"Brthaosudfhg! Hbrthadp! Proetyrh! Hummnahummnahummna! Yeeeee! (trans.: He's a fine actor, and should be most interesting and illuminating to watch. Quite.)"
"Um, Mama? I *don't* think that's what you said... < g >"
"Hey, you go with _your_ interpretation, and I'll go with _mine_. < eg > I just phrased it in reserved-Brit-speak. Yeeeeee! = Quite. Gary Cole in a Star Fleet uniform... Quite. Quitequitequite!"
"Thanks, Mo. That allows me to express myself with decorum: Indubitably. Quite. Ahem... Well, yes, that's rather... erm... clear. (Translation: Boy howdy, and how, I wish right here right now, oh, baby!)" -- Maureen, Lizbet, Maureen, Chris, RE: Gary Cole on "Crusade"

"No one ever says, 'You can't see the forest for the bushes.'" -- Celli

"I love it, my readers are following me where I lead them -- and then I'm going to drop them down a mineshaft." --Lizbet

"The French have the most fun National Anthem, though. Here comes the enemy, ready to kill your children and family; pick up your weapons, citizens, form your battalions; march on, march on, till our fields are soaked in their impure blood. Oh, yeah." -- Betsy

"Showering is dangerous. Many household accidents take place in the bathroom, and a disproportionate number of those accidents take place in the shower/tub. And then there's this, which occured to me this morning in the shower..."
"My first thought was, "*What* happened to Maureen in the shower this morning, and what do goats have to do with it, and do I really want to know this???" ... Oh. *That* meaning of "occurred.""
"Yes, an accident of a more spiritual than physical nature. I didn't know whether to be frightened or amused, and finally decided to go with amused. With a slight overtone of psychotic, and just a hint of hysterical. And then I finished rinsing my hair. ;-))"
"Just another day with Mo. Nothing out of the ordinary. Move along people." -- Maureen, Betsy, Maureen, Julie

"Y'know, considering the weight of historical trends, imperialist governments must just *dread* July rolling around..."
"Must be the heat. The peasants get all depressed... 'oppressed'... whatever! Makes them all cranky." -- Valerie and Dianne 'sometimes ya just gotta channel Cordy' DeSha

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. - Princess Bride
My name is Dana Scully. You killed my sister. Prepare to die. - NatPack
My name is Antonio Murrietta. You killed my brother. Prepare to die. - Pirate Wenches
My name is Benton Fraser. You killed my mother. Surrender to the authority of the RCMP. - < g >
My name is Darth Vader. I *am* your father. Prepare to die. - SW
My name is Kiki the Butterfly. You're *not* my mama, and that is my guy. Prepare to die! ("*Not* the mama!")" -- Kiki's .sig from *Hell*

"Buckle your swash, it's going to be a bumpy night!" -- Evil StepMama Mo

" Oh, no! Why is it, whatever list I'm on, I wind up in the middle of the Guy Wars? < gg > "
"Many brave and courageous women died to bring us these battle plans (and these pictures...). Er. Sorry. Star Wars flashback." -- Maureen and Tina

"Us? Not post all weekend? *pause* What, you mean when the world ends and we're all dead, the list will still be able to kick out a last digest of the SunS in their death agonies? Cool." -- Tina

"I have a $5,000 credit limit at Victoria's Secret, and I'm not afraid to use it!" -- Chris

"Leaving behind Val fighting Lizbet, Tina fighting Julie, Dee blissfully eating popcorn, Abby chirping "MamaMamaMamaMamaMama!", Perri trying to grab Garibaldi *and* Ray, Methos standing around looking amused, Cath standing around trying to figure whether to grab a guy or join a fight, and various other individuals just looking lost. It's been that kind of day on the list." -- Chris, not making up one word of it

"Fight over. ROG mine. And sneakiness once again triumphs. *applause*" -- Julie

"You know when. You know where. And muppets will not be involved... Security cheifs may be though." -- Abby

"There *is* a god, after all! ;-)) I would have had to kill Joss if he'd given us another Nickie, and I just don't have the time for the jail sentence..." -- Maureen

"What's the exchange rate on blame?" -- Kiki

"And then the brain wandered off into Henry's hose and codpiece..." -- Val

"I make candles look dim!" -- Celli

"So far, Seth's character has been attacked by a werewolf.... and he's said, and I quote, "He almost had my guts for garters...." If a goat shows, I'm outta here. This miniseries is frightening enough....." -- Mary Beth

"I'm very much afraid more will be forthcoming. It's that kind of story. Somewhat disturbing is the fact that one person is now the Keeper of the Nude Avenger action figure... and another Keeps the Towel. " -- Elaine

"I was totally, utterly, and completely wrong. (Lizbet, if you take that line out of context and use it against me I will be forced to hunt you down and gut you like a fish.)" -- Gina

"Do you *really* want to hear about Seth climbing David's body?????" -- Lizbet

"What, you mean you didn't want to know that in a groundbreaking episode Giles, Oz, and Xander get turned into wombats and terrorize Ethan? Jeez, how come you don't want spoilers like that? They're what make the show so great. That and the goats." -- Tina

"Let's look at this rationally -- Bailey? John?"
"Okay, let's look at this hormonally. Bailey? John?" -- Beth and Celli

"But... she started it. I *may* have mentioned it again (I mean, we're talking leather pants here. Which are hot [in more ways than one] and which probably have melted off, but that's beside the point [and what *does* that mean, anyway. "beside" the point. Standing next to it?]) but Beth started it." -- Mary Beth

"Welcome to the wonderful world of Babylon 5! Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Return your tray tables and seats to the upright and locked positions, 'cause, whoo-boy, it's gonna be a _bumpy_ ride! Management is *not* responsible for any damage (physical or psychic) that may befall you during this ride. Have a nice day!" -- Maureen gloating at Mary Beth

"Many of us got addicted (or re-addicted) to Babylon 5 over the summer to cut the Buffy cravings. Sort of like getting addicted to absinthe or Quaaludes to stave off heroin withdrawal."
"Yup. Then again, some of us were hooked in by pushers who *pretended* to be our friends..." -- Chris and Dianne

"Rupert: Do Shadows rattle?"
Ethan: If Ivanova shakes 'em hard enough." -- Elaine, MOCK

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