SunS Quote List -- February, 1999 - June, 1999

"I will not be surviving the rest of this season. Thank you for all the good times. It's been real. Remember to tell the police it's all Joss' fault. *mewl*" -- MB, on seeing the promo for the final five

"I'm filling out my will now. If you want anything, speak up now."
"Dibs on fic! And Buffy tapes. ;-)))"
"Well, I want the Cupid scripts in text files... "
"Can I have your vcr?"
"Sheesh! Feeling the love in this room! Do I get support? Do I get offers to help me through this trying time? nooooo.... I get vultures. Yeah. I see who my friends are. *sniffle*snuffle*SOB*"
"Nah... You just see that your friends are Mercs! ;) I'll support you for a nice gold necklace with an emerald pendant..."
"We don't love you any less, MB, it's just our way of working through our own feelings of hurt and fear and denial. Really. (Is she buying it, huh? < gg >) -- Mary Beth and various SunS

"Maureen, into way serious denial. Joss is going to give a bright shiny happy ending, yes he is, la la la la la! :)"
"Oh! Are the condos in Denial open again? They're lovely this time of year, I hear. No cliffhangers, no deaths, no painful goodbyes. Just happiness and people sitting around talking about how much they all like each other." -- Maureen and MB

"Ray, stop smirking, or I'll sacrifice *you* on the altar of the Singing Mice." -- Anonymous (or she'll kill me)

"He's like a rugged, old-fashioned movie star. If this was the '50s, he might have changed his name to Rock."
"Ummmmmm? So from that we can gleam either David is gay, or a certain VP is going to get made fun of by all of her more historically intelligent assistants." -- quote from a Fox VP on David B, and Abby

"Talk about nasty spells to cast on someone. *Poof*! You're clueless!" -- Chris

"Just so you know, Joss is still an evil genius."
"I didn't think that had changed unless pod-people took over (or Chris Carter. Personally I'm less afraid of pod-people.)" -- Mary Beth and Julie

Looo-oony! Loooooooony. SunS come take the Sanity Test.
Looo-oony! Loooooooony. SunS come take the Sanity Test.

Come little SunS, answer all de questions,
(SunS come take the Sanity Test.)
When they finish, everybody run,
(SunS come take the Sanity Test.)

Looo-oony! Loooooooony. SunS to take the Sanity Test.
Looo-oony! Loooooooony. SunS to take the Sanity Test.

They're 60, 70 percent insane,
(SunS taking the Sanity Test.)
All de members are sick in de brain,
(SunS taking the Sanity Test.)

Looo-oony! Loooooooony. SunS took the Insanity Test.
Looo-oony! Loooooooony. SunS passed the Insanity Test." -- Julie (who obviously *flunked* the sanity test)

"As is evident from the promo posters, if nothing else, the Jedi and the Sith are two entirely different things. Thus are also the Mercs and the Natpack. Technically they represent the Light and Dark Sides of the Fandom, respectively. (And we can *so* kick your butts in a fair fight! ...not that we believe in fighting fair, mind you.... < vwg >)" -- Dianne

"Got my tarot read in the Psychicchicks of the Apocalypse Death Room from Jedi Hell. Cooool." -- Elaine

"Half my flight was strongly considering staying on the plane in South Bend and just having a Dead Dog panel there. Proposed topic of discussions included How Much Airline Butt Buffy Could Kick and whether Chicago is truly located on a Hellmouth." -- Perri (on returning from MediaWest)

"Look up 'obsessive' in the dictionary, and you'll find a picture of Qui-Gon. It's a nice picture." -- Maureen

"Moirae doesn't like any-*&&^%$-body right now, sweetie. I think she needs some serious caffienation... :p" -- Dianne

"And I'm not sure that he's ever nude in Shallow Grave. I'm sure I would remember if he was nude. Something would be wrong with me if I didn't." -- MB on Ewan McGregor

"Can I tell you how tough it is to go grocery shopping these days? Full-size cut-outs of the pretty-bouncy Jedi at the end of every other aisle tends to slow me down significantly..." -- Maureen, also on Ewan McGregor.

"I should feel like a cradle-robbing pervert, but I don't. "-- Maureen, still on Ewan McGregor

"And I have no shame whatsoever about not only having discovered him late, but in fact having not yet seen him in *anything* else. If I don't get my Obi-Wan timeshare, you'll *all* be sorry!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! *pause, brief muttered discussion with Master Skywalker (who gets very uncomfortable when you call him that...)* Oh, all right. I won't go Darksider on you. I'll just have to appeal to your better natures. *guileless, alarmingly Jar Jar-like g*" -- Valerie on (you guessed it) Ewan McGregor. Buffy's in reruns, we have to obsess on something!

"How did I know Ewan drooling would get me .sigged for the first time in a long time." -- Mary Beth

"I have never seen Ewan in anything else. Evidently many of you have seen him in nothing else. We sound the same, but we're not really. " -- Jennie

"This was a test. If this had been an actual post Abby would have changed the word "sedated" to something having to do with Seth." -- Abby (*not* talking about Ewan)

"Does anyone have anything they want to discuss re. Buffy? Seth. I mean we could compare how the characters grew emotionally during the last three years. Seth. How unlikely it is that those kids could afford the clothes they wore. Seth. Even go off-topic and discuss the subliminal message in the opening credits of Crusade. Seth. Ooh! Stargate's on. Se ya! Seth." -- Abby

"For the next six days this list will be conducting a test of the Emergency Posting system. Had this been an actual list post, you would have been instructed which WB affilliate to email in your area to express your displeasure at their cavilier treatment of Buffy. This is just a test." -- Julie

"Dark Knight Cousins?????? Sounds like a chocolate bar. Should I start up the milk chocolate with rice crunchies ravenettes? I could spend the whole War trying to sell chocolate to everyone... or AMWAY!" --Abby

"Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Schrodinger certainly helped." -- Cath

"See, and this is the kind of stuff that reminds me why I love physics. Fantasy meets reality, and wackiness ensues. :)" -- Cath

"Clothes bad. Crichton pretty." -- Celli

"So what do hallucinations do for work? Manage mirages? Freelance at detox centers?"
"Model for Vogue. You didn't think those were real people, did you?" -- Dianne and Celli

"Does Faith even have a last name, or is the motel taking registries from Cher, Sting, Bono, and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince as well? Or did they have to save up last names so Wesley could have two?" -- Chris

"I haven't laughed so hard since the pigs ate my little brother." -- Gina

"I can find no quibbles. Then again, I'm on codeine, so nothing I say should be considered reliable. Then again, it's fun way up here. " -- Betsy

"I'd almost suggest an Angel-Oz fanfic, but there'd be so few words spoken, it'd be the shortest story on record!" -- Maureen

"Loved the ep. Loved practically everything about it. But you know what I loved most of all? Getting the following email:
"The way it should have gone: "Back evil fiend, back. For I am Wesley the Wonder Watcher and I wield the ancient cross of -- Oh, sorry. Just one moment. I've got the cross right...Oh dear me. Yes, well, um...never mind. Carry on. I'll just be over here in the last stall wimpering like a girl."
This from a guy who swore SWORE he would never be hooked into watching this show. He mocked it and called it names. He spoke ill of it without watching it. And now, along with this comment, he finally confessed to having been watching avidly for the past month. Which means I can continue to date him instead of killing him. What a relief. " -- Deb

"If she'd been a guy, tongues would have been involved." -- Celli

"A woman who reminds me of Lizbet is about to throw her voice into a pig." -- Beth

"O.K., now play "Guess the Number of GASPers Who, Once Regaining Consciousness, Will Try To Sell Their Or Anyone Else's Firstborn's Soul For A Time Machine That Could Get Them To The Studio In Time For That One"..." -- Dianne, on ASH's appearance on 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place'

"Love you, dying now, bye!!!" --Lizbet

"I like guys who come... equipped. So to speak. < eg >" -- Chris

"There are a lot of chicks on the phone making money for what I do for free."
"Yes, but that's for men." -- Chris and Celli

"Angel lost his soul the first time because he had a perfect moment with his true love. In this case, unless somebody mistranslated the Romany and 'happiness' is really supposed to be 'orgasm', I think we're fine. In the Angel's soul department, that is. Anything else is up for grabs." -- Val on the trailer for 'Enemies'

I just checked the celebrity guest list for this year's Tucson Golf/Tennis tournament. Geraint Wyn Davies, Rick Springfield and David Boreanz are guests. "
"Oh, Goddess. Do they let vampires play twilight glow-ball? " -- Judy and Lizbet

"Besides, for all we know Spike's soul is a sissy-boy who's scared of snakes. It's his demon that makes him so sexy... special. I meant to say special." -- Mary Beth

"Miniature golf is not a substitute for human contact."
"Obviously, kt has never played full-contact miniature golf." -- KT and Betsy

"What can I say? Joss has taught me to go for ripping still-beating hearts out of people and turning them into string-cheese. He's sweet that way."-- Mary Beth

"Yes, yes, get a nice safe suburban house -- then scare your neighbors silly." -- Lizbet to Valerie

"He's way too fatalistic right now. He can't think of loving anyone but Buffy (not that this is a bad thing, but not conducive to setting up future love interests). He's over-angsty about Angelus's behavior in his absence. He has no sense of direction. He ditched the leather pants." -- Leslie

"Happy Birthday, Dianne! As a special gift, I have arranged for a large lighted ball to drop in the middle of Times Square this evening around midnight in your honor. Extravagant? Perhaps but nothing is too good for my favorite merc." -- Deb

"I was laughing at that to Kiki earlier-- just realized both the SunS ListMoms are Goat-people... how Hellmouthy is that? ;-)))"
"You both frighten me. Or you would, if I weren't an intergalactic Scorpio butterfly assassin. :>" -- Dianne and Kiki

"I have no comment at this time, on the advice of my lungs, which would prefer to remain in my torso. Thank you." -- Celli

"Mercs can do anything. Look at Chapel. :> Look at Humphrey Bogart. Look at Dobreena.... My idols scare me..." -- Kiki

"Actually, now that I think on it, any place that you can *fly* to isn't far enough away. What we need to do is book you tickets to deepest Africa, fly you there, put you on a tour bus into the plains, take you off unexpectedly, get you lost in the wilderness, and get you found by a stone-age tribe who immediately names you their divine goddess. *Then* you'll be far enough away from Kiki."
"It would almost be worth it just to see the worship ceremonies." -- Lizbet and Kiki

"Tina? Prozac." -- Celli (after reading 'One Slayer Dies...')

"I *am* well-adjusted. Just weird. And dark. Very dark. But I deal with it, which is why I'm well-adjusted." -- Tina

"Sorry, I suddenly realized that I was about to let a quote list go quibbleless and I didn't think the balance of the universe could stand it" -- Betsy

"I just want to torture you with 2 things:
1) I'll be able to hear the screams all the way up into Canada, and
2) eep!"
"If you weren't so very far away, I'd come hurt you. Stop teasing the SunS! So, the episode is "eep!"-worthy. How many episodes of BtVS have there been that *weren't* "eep!"-worthy? Damn few, that's how many. So I know this, it's just business as usual, and I'm not gonna let it bother me, no I'm not, la la la la la... < whimper >" -- Dawn and Maureen

"I confused Adam and the other two people I was watching Buffy with by shrieking with incoherent laughter and saying things like, "Oh, Gods. It's the Caddy. It's Nick's Caddy. Susan's gonna be *so* pissed. It's the Caddy!"" -- Tina

"Have you forgotten Joss' evil plan of Death by Whimper? If he gets all the fans incoherent and committed by May, he gets to spend the summer goofing off in the Bahamas!" -- Dianne

"It's not happyfic, but it's also not at Tina's level of evilfic. "
"Hey! Wait... I have no basis of defense for that comment. Never mind." -- Dawn and Tina

"Geeeeeeez. Glue feathers to your body once, and people never let you live it down." -- Elaine

"No no, Trill are like duct tape: they have a light side and a dark side. Use them right, and they can fix anything. Use them wrong, and you'll end up with your cat taped to the wall." -- Catherine

"I tell you, if I'd known you could reach someone's soul by French kissing, I'd've become a nun." -- Elaine on some very badfic

How To Make Your Roommate Insane In One Easy Step: Poke your head in the door about midnight after Zeppo and say innocently, "What if Faith gets pregnant?"
"How to make yourself insane: have that thought occur to you just as you're falling asleep..." -- Lizbet and Val

"I'm trying to imagine Giles, who was practicing asking out Miss Calendar on a *chair*, explaining the facts of Slayer sex to Buffy.... and there's so much stuttering involved that I think he'd just give her a book. One without pictures." -- Chris

"I blame Chris Carter. A gal can only take so much self-parody and spoofiness in a season before her tolerance for such episodes is charred beyond recognition....." -- MB

"It's been 2-3 weeks Real Sunnydale time since Giles was relieved of his duties; they've already had at least one major crisis without an official Watcher-type on the scene; Buffy and Faith's previous experience with Watchers other than Giles is (a) they die, or (b) they're evil, (or cruel enough to qualify as evil) and (c) they're going to disapprove of the Slayers' attitudes and activities without even thinking about it, and diss Giles, who's been there the whole time, in the process. Recipe for disaster, emphasis on "duh". Does anyone else want to summon the whole Council to a Reality Briefing on the Hellmouth?" -- Chris

"Pbbthththhhhhh! Yeah, little *you* care if I ever get any sleep... I'm working on it as fast as I can, but it just keeps _growing_. I couldn't have just left is as it was, could I? Nooooo, everyone decided to be greedy and ask for _more_. Whaaahhh!" -- Maureen, being harrassed for fic

"Old McFanboy had a farm,
TV, TV-o,
And on that farm,
He had a tape,
TV, TV-o.
With a Cupid here,
and a VU there.
Here a Trevor,
There a Chapel,
Everywhere a TV show.
Old McFanboy had a farm,
TV, TV-o.
With a Buffy here,
and a Pretender there.
Here a Willow,
There a Sydney,
Everywhere an sci-fi show...." -- Tina, getting a little psychotic filling spoiler space

"Faith equates slaying far too closely to sex."
"I know. In guys this leads to serial killing, in her case...."
" sleeping with Xander."
"Insert your own joke here..." -- random Horsechicks

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