SunS Quote List -- July, 1999 - December, 1999

"Joss Haters Anonymous. Hi my name is Deb and I hate Joss. I don't know when I first day I am happily watching TV and the next thing I know, I'm flinging socks at the Mutant Enemy logo." -- Deb

"Does that make Riley and his chums Prof. Walsh's Slayerettes? Her very own Scooby gang? (Giles and Walsh: "My Scooby gang kills more vampires than yours?" "Oh yeah? Mine wear better costumes!" "Those army surplus things? Mine dress more stylish." "Oh yeah?" etc)" -- Betsy

"Joss *bad* man! (In a good, rip-their-still-beating-hearts-from-their-chests kind of way.)" -- Maureen

"Why do our conversations on this list always read like we're on some severe drugs that we're not sharing with the world?"
"Well, I thought that's what fandom was, actually." -- Lizbet and Tina

"I'm sure it made sense in context, but as it is I'm going to be going around the rest of the evening with the zombie Jedi wandering through my brain in search of a meal..." -- Val

"The journey of a thousand fics begins with one little phrase: "It didn't happen like that." (Or, possibly, "Hey. *I* can do better than that!" ... I forget which.)" -- Chris

"Oh, so sorry you feel bad. Tell ya what. I'll leave you a quivering mess in a room with lots of weapons you can hurt yourself with while I look for your boyfriend's slutty mistress."" -- Abby

"I must say, I'm impressed that my list-mates are *so* dedicated to getting more fic out of me that they're willing to write notes to my boss for me. Really, I am. Touched, deeply touched. (BTW, that "touched" in the above actually refers to said list-mates. < eg >)" -- Maureen [Ed: I'd include the letters but they were too long!]

"If this monstrosity really is a legit attempt at serious storytelling, that's the only explanation for it that won't summarily make my head explode. And Jack is sick and doesn't need to be stuck cleaning up the mess resulting from that..." -- Valerie

"I'm off to placate the Irish One Who Doesn't Angst (as opposed to the Irish One Who Broods And Angsts, that being Angel, or the Dark Avenger, or BatAngel) by ficcing. Angel doesn't let me fic for him any more. Not after that leather pants in hell story. He's still pouting over that and what I made him do in Snack. Okay, caffeine *obviously* working now." -- Tina [Ed: we're forced to agree about the caffeine, but as long as it results in fic, we'll shut up]

"And I hereby nominate Jeff to be the Official SunS Muse. Just cuz. "
"< blink > I thought it said Official SunS Moose. Boy, do I need sleep."
"I can't imagine Julie squishing Jeff during every new and painfully tragic episode, though." -- Lizbet, Betsy, Tina

"As long as Jeff's not the Official SunS Vampire Moose. Then it could be pretty dangerous for Julie to squish him during traumatic episodes. Of course, maybe he's a moose with a soul. You know, he fed on a nice (yet dumb) Gypsy moose, and the elders of her herd cursed him to have eternal remorse (along with a really annoying cud problem) unless he had a moment of perfect happiness with the moose of his dreams." -- Tina, with some lovely pharmaceuticals

"EEEK! But I'm *grounded* right now--I haven't finished my homework for Perri! < sweating >"
"That just means is Muse Hunting season (as opposed to the Moose Hunting season that's happening in the alternate version of this thread...)"
"Kinda like duck season and wabbit season, only with large hoofed herbivores and Greek inspirational deities. I really dread the thought of who our Elmer Fudd is."
"Wouldn't that be Perri? Since she's the one hunting Jeff for his homework? :::beam::::"
"Yep, I think it would be (and since Jeff is both our Muse and our Moose, he's got one hell of a split personality going). I can just picture it now: Perri, in a khaki and red hunting out fit with a *big* shotgun and a silly, floopy hat, wandering around with a goofy grin on her face and telling everyone to be vewy, vewy quiet--she's hunting Jeffies (or would that be Moosies or Museies?). I'm so dead, and yet I'm having so much fun." -- Jeff, Lizbet, Tina, Mary Beth, Tina [Ed: The joke just kept mutating, Joss help me. 'Scuse me, I got a listmate to kill....]

"TINA: Ssshhh. Be vewy, vewy, qwiet. I'm hunting mwses. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Wook. Mwse twacks." -- Julie

"I leave for one day -- one day! --- to work outta town, and when I get back, it looks like you've all been snorting Coco Puff dust. You have, haven't you?" -- Chris

"Join the few. The clueless. The spoiler-free." -- Julie

"At which time I figured that my computer had lost its mind and personality and did thus rename it... Doyle. < g >"
"So, basically, it's gonna have totally incapacitating visions about once a week now????"
"Then I just run Norton's Anti Demon software and fix the incorrect node structure and evil curses that have bespelled my machine. Available for $19.99 at your favorite Pagan Computer Store. " -- Lizbet and Jennie

"ADAM: What in gods' name did I do to deserve *this*? [Pause. Thinks.] Oh, yeah. Right.
DOYLE: [understandingly] Paying off bad karma?
ADAM: You have *no* idea." -- from Elaine's Mockfic [Ed Adam is Adam Pierson, if that helps]

"I'm going to have to kill Joss. I have to. Moral requirement. He stole my name and I'm having identity-issues. I mean, it's the ultimate in being Jossed, dammit. At first, it was cute. I mean, out of all of the names in the "Name your Baby" book, he picked Anya. But now... I see it for what it really is. He's trying to drive me nuts. I see "Anya" and wonder what I've done THIS time. It's not healthy, I tell you. Very not healthy." -- Anya. No, *ours*

"Between last week's Spikey goodness and this week's giggly goodness, oxygen deprivation is becoming a new state of being." -- Leslie

"Yes, it's *mine*! *Mineminemineminemine!* From the Wars! Joss wanted to borrow it, and I thought "cool!", but then he got emotional gookies all over it, dammit!" -- Dianne on the Shillelagh of Death/Talking Stick

"I shouted at the TV (socks aloft in the air) "Yes, yes we judge you but...not in a bad way."" -- Deb on Angel

"One thing I haven't seen yet on this ep. Am I the only one who got to the "There's always time to be courteous..." bit and finally had it click? Angel's become Benton Fraser!"
"< glare > Bad enough that you do this to me. Did you *have* to traumatize the whole list?!?!?!?"
"But that's exactly what I was thinking! It was _such_ the Bennie thing to say. Who knew? Under that angsty-vamp exterior, there beats the heart of a Mountie. < ggg >"
"Thank you. I now have the image of David Boreanaz in a red Mountie suit. I didn't need that. I'm going to go play in traffic now. Bye! -- Dianne, Lizbet, Maureen, Lizbet on S&S

"I'm being put in the same category as the Lurkers? I don't know whether to feel honored or terrified. It's like being in the Frat House of Fear in "Fear, Itself" and all of a sudden I find myself handcuffed to Maddog and Rastro and forced to eat Vegemite while writing even sillier crossover fics." -- Tina

" about Maureen or Dianne? Come on, people, we want fic!"
"Ha! Like I have time to even finish the fics I _want_ to work on, let alone these strange ideas that are floating around, with Dru and Spike and talking sticks and gods only know what weirdness. You folks are definitely on some new and interesting drugs, and I'm torn between wanting some and wanted to flee screaming into the night." -- Julie and Maureen

"Write, damn you! Does inspiration need to include red-hot poker torture?" -- Tina

"8 hours to go and I don't think I'm going to make it.... *meep*"
"Cool! Does this mean I get her VCR? < g >"
"::look:: The continued love and support I get here just never cease to amaze me, you know that?"
"I suppose this means I can't have your computer, either."
"Excuse me. As her roomie, I must protest this talk about my sweet, lovely roommate. If anything happens to her, *I* get first dibs on all her stuff." -- Mary Beth, Lizbet, Mary Beth, Julie, Beth

"Does anyone else wonder if Marcy Ross works for the Initiative, now? And is there any way I can get out of ficcing this?" -- Chris

"Beep. Sorry, the Goddess can't come to the phone right now. If you'll leave your name and your wish she'll get back to you soon. In the mean time, tune into the WB tomorrow. She's left you a full day of Batman, Pokemon and Animaniacs for you." -abby

"I just got an email from someone wandering about the SunS page reading out comments on the episodes. I was instructed that I owe the list an apology for "further damaging already demented psyches," when I had the horrible idea I sic'd on Joss [the Initiative studying & experimenting on Buffy]. So here the apology.
"I'm sorry to utter such a horrible, tormented idea and sic it on Joss without first trying to foist it off on one of my children, [are any of you listening, Mo? Lizbet? Perri? Kiki? Betsy V.?] so that they may write horrific hurt/comfort and just ravage the tender minds of fellow list mates, rather than having the pain spread world-wide. Will that do?" -- Julie

I would be freaking about tonight's eps, but I'm not thinking about them, no, no, no. Not thinking. Thinking bad. Evil! Bad! Two-word therapy strikes again. " -- Chris

"Like Julie, I am now going to be rating Angel by the squishedness factor of certain items. However, instead of mooses, I am going to use fiances. I would have to rate this a One Squished Fiance episode. Unfortunately, there is a flaw in this rating system. If I rate anything as more than one squished fiance, I will, in the future, have no fiances to squish and therefore will be completely unable to rate Angel or Buffy. Therefore, I am going to have to discontinue the Squished Fiance Rating System For Buffy And Angel." -- Tina

"Oh, God. I knew I forgot something. [Goes, checks SunS Quotes, screams, comes back] In your next life, Perri, you're coming back as a hamster. I mean that. :P!!" -- Chris [Ed. Obviously, I'm deeply threatened]

"la ListMom is back in da house! :-)"
"Thank goodness! (Goodness has nothing to do with it. < eg >) Now, *that* one needs to be scolded and *that* one needs a time-out and *that* one needs to be sent to bed without her supper. < g >"
"It's all Beth's fault! I'm innocent!! (just doing a blanket defense here.... to be safe)"
"< groan > Since when did *I* get to be the heavy? Have you been pulling that old "Just wait 'til your ListMom gets home!" stuff again? < scowls at list co-mom >" -- Dianne, Lizbet, Mary Beth

"I sound like Ally McBeal doing a dragon." -- Celli

"Just tranquility and serenity and light and breathing deep and feeling a oneness with myself and the universe and knowing that it is my sacred duty to kick the butts of the ones I love. < g >" -- Lizbet

"My mother has offered to bear your children if she can get copies of the season premieres of Buffy and Angel from you. Me, I just offer you a blank tape to replace the one you use, but Mom, she tends to go overboard on these sorts of things." -- Tina

"I never said I didn't like Batman. But this new SuperAngel! will be giggled at by me until he throws his Angelarang. Not that he isn't cool. Just giggle worthy when he drops off buildings with a single thud." -- Abby

"Well, if you did, Mama, I'd mention that vampires are stronger than your average mortal and presumably Angel could put enough thrust into his kick to send Winters into the light. Which gives a whole new appreciation for that boy's glutious maximus than I had before..."
"And once again, the trophy for "Turning Mature Discussion Into An Excuse To Ogle Male Anatomy" goes to... my darling daughter Lizbet! Yaaayyyyy! < gg > Take a bow, Lizbet. Better yet, let's have Angel take the bow for you, so we get another chance to view said gluteus maximus..." -- Lizbet and Maureen

"I was pretty much prepared for "Hamlet: The Series"
< brood >
"Life sucks."
< brood >
"I should do something about it."
< brood >
"But what can I really do?"
< brood >
"Yup, It's still sucking."
< brood >
"I should get off my ass and do something one of these hours..."
< brood >
"But I'm overwhelmed by how much it all sucks..."
< brood >
[That last being the audience-participation part of the exercise. ] -- Dianne on 'Angel'

"I don't ask much of my food, but I do ask that it not speak to me in the voices of the Rice Krispy gnomes." -- Celli

"You know, all this talk about Xander and shackles and waistbands and stripping..... happy mental place." -- Beth

"You really aren't fond of your kneecaps, are you, Dianne?" -- Lizbet

"But...while I admire his classical beauty, it really doesn't do much for me (except on a certain day of the month where most beings possessing XY chromosones deserve at least a second glance)." -- Dawn on Angel

"But...but...whimper, and you whimper alone. Torture someone else with the knowledge and you can listen to the lovely music of them whimpering's even *more* fun when there's mercs threatening to kill ya!" -- Jennie on spoilers

"I wasn't bouncing, I was kicking a NatPacker out of my way." --Lizbet

"I wanna squooshable Angel!!!!! I could cuddle him and snuggle with him and.... *ahem* never mind."
"Can plush toys lose their souls? " -- Mary Beth and Lizbet

"If I hit you on the head, will you write fic?" -- Lizbet

"I'm always glad to brighten someone's day while darkening their monitor with half-chewed crackers." -- Tina

"And for the record, I'm not mind just likes to play rollercoaster without a theme park." -- Julie

"Heeee! I live to corrupt. Truly. 'Smy middle name. Chaos Lives-to-Corrupt Butterfly." -- Chris in Tina's .sig

"This statement was taken from me under duress. I categorically refute that I was in any fit state to be held accountable for anything I may have said at the time. So there!"
"Wait, you count the emotional state of 'taking credit for inciting fanfic' as 'under duress?' I believe the appropriate phrase here is 'I don't believe you.' So there." Chris and Tina (on the above quote)

"Can we just shoot all the lawyers, PLEEZ??????"
"But then, who would we make fun of?"
"Fundamentalists?" -- Jennie and Abby

"I liked the music to the "Angel" promo, but it was remarkably Nick-Knight-like in atmosphere otherwise (don't hit me!). Nightscape, car, darkness, brood, brood, brood. Aside from Charisma's half-instant of bright smiling, it could've been 1992 in Toronto. [Pause to read mail] Damn, Abby just dissed this better than I was trying to. See what happens when you wait three seconds on this list?" -- Chris

"Too bad we can't get Amy Madison de-ratted and sent to talk to the executives. She'd put them straight in a heartbeat (or we'd have lots of little rats longing for little rat-sized ties)." -- Tina

"The DirtCop thing is my job--- mining inspector for the State, checking for environmental compliance.)"
"Ohh...I can just see it. Carrying a broken off stalagmite/stlactite strapped to your belt as well as a slingshot and a bag of rocks, sniffing out illegal strip-mining, and yelling, "Halt! Dirtcop! Step slowly away from the mineral deposits or be beaned with a geode." Sorry, Kiki. It just said, "write me," so I did. I have no will power." -- Chris and Julie

"Surreal is when Lady Real gets dressed up in drag." -- Catherine

"Isn't it in the pilot where the love of his life (played by Keri Russell) dies? I'd watch that again just to see Felicity go down..." -- Mary Beth on 'Roar'

"Mmmmmmmmmm.....sorry. The hormones just left & took my brains with 'em." -- Julie

"You know how when you're on several lists and you're replying to different messages from different ones and you have to keep the different reply techniques straight (now, this one, if you just hit reply it goes back to just the sender so hit reply all, but *this* one if you hit reply will go back to the list, have to cut and paste the sender's name to do personal e-mail) and then you get them all confuzzled and send mail to a person that's for the whole list or send mail to the list that was supposed to be private??
I hate that. *sigh*" -- Mary Beth

"A little Ode to the return of discussion to the SunS list:
How doth the little busy list
Improve each shining obsession!
And gather tidbits of news to feed
Our rampant speculation!

How cheerfully we pounce on discussion
And neatly dissect each clue.
For Joss will find some mischief still
For ideal brains to do...
(With apologies to both Dr. Issac Watts and Lewis Carroll...)" -- Lizbet

"They're definitely.... interesting. That boy.... sometimes I wonder. But most of the time, I just *thud*." - Mary Beth on David B's painted pics

"It says Harmony is dead, too. Which, she is. Sort of. Only not."
"Which, if you think about it, pretty much sums up the entire "Buffy" mythos, in one brief sentence. Well, several incomplete sentences. Anyway." -- Mary Beth and Elaine

"PS: You DO exist, don't you? You're not just a figment of Beth's awesome and potentially fragmented imagination, are you?" -- Jeff to MB

"Has anyone ever actually seen the little gnat NOT wired so tight she vibrated? " -- Jeff on Lizbet, starting out right!

"'Giles looked over his glasses at Willow. "I don't care *how* much you quote Shakespeare. I still expect you to turn them back." He pointed at the former-Fates, current-gerbils. "Now."'"

"'Willow pouted. "But I *like* being the supreme arbiter of Destiny."
"Besides, Giles," Buffy added helpfully, "Amy could use some company."'" -- Elaine and Mary Beth. I have no idea.

"I didn't need those three brain cells screaming in horrific agony in the back of my skull..." --Lizbet

"Uh-huh. You didn't rescue her properly because it was an expression of your subconscious desire to express your inner NatPacker, and you couldn't manage to sublimate such urges properly. See, you displace everything related to your Inner NatPacker onto Mercliness, and when the opportunity came up to release a psychological conflict, you couldn't help but take it. See? I *do* use my major. Sometimes." -- Tina

"(The preceding was a public service announcement for the NatPack Recruitment Center. No money changed hands. Money doesn't have hands. Silly mercs. ::bounce::)" -- Julie

"Sweetheart, you own the Freudian lingerie shop, not just a slip."
"At least I get mine at cost..... must stink to have to resort to all that mail order...." -- Lizbet and Mary Beth

"We're the Lurkers"
"We're lurk in corners"
"We do our little thing in the bathroom"
"That's background, you git!"
"Yep, that's them. :) Now I'm just preparing for the vegemite to be loosed on Spike and Dru." -- Maddog and Rastro and Tina

"Welcome Maddog and Rastro! I've heard so much about you..... and still feel as if I know nothing at all. *g*"
"Perhaps because we don't actually exist but are random fluctuations of the universe trying to find a balance within itself. A balance between strangeness and normalcy. A balance between light and dark. A balance between red and green M&Ms. And most of all, a balance between the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch."
"I hate to tell you this, but that balance between strangeness and normalcy that you were trying to find? You fell over and landed on the strange side with a thud. And see where you landed?" -- Mary Beth, the Lurkers, Lizbet

"OI!! Since most of this list is speaking AMERICAN I wouldn't make comments like that! At least we Aussies spell the words correctly (BTW, aluminium is only called 'aluminum' in the US because of a SPELLING MISTAKE!), and we know that 'Z' is 'ZED'. Tho I have to admit that having been in the US for nearly nine years I've been corrupted....I spelt 'realise' as 'realize' the other day! ARGH! SAVE ME! SEND VEGEMITE!!!" -- Rastro

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