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Deconstructing Rygel

August 1999
Copyright 1999 Sci-Fi Entertainment; reproduced without permission

Catch Rygel, Farscape's tiniest and most arrogant crew member on Sci-Fi every Friday at 8pm EST. Against our better judgment, we found out the nitty gritty on Hig Highness (as if his ego needs any stroking). But a plethora of anonymous fanmail dictated we corner him...

Height: 32 inches standing (when he deigns to stand tall)

Mouth: 31.9999999999 inches wide

Facial Hair: Goatee, whiskers and ear fuzz (grown in an effort to appear more distinguished and compensate for what he might lack in stature)

Transport: ThroneSled, a self-propelled sedan chair, created both to pamper a royal personage such as Rygel, and to allow him to hover at eye level with the other actors

Character Background: The victim of a coup led by his ambitious cousin Bishaan -- until then Rygel had become accustomed to a life of excess and leisure at the royal baths, being fed by Hynerian berries by a bevy of beautiful maidens.

Turn-Ons: vestal virgins, weird berries and being stroked on his ear brow

Turn-Offs: body breeders, and bipeds with hanging appendages

Biggest Shortcoming: Flatulates helium when nervous or upset

Goal: "To return to the maidens and berries -- Oh, and of course, to free my people from my duplicitous cousin."