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Here There Be Spoilers. Proceed at your own mental risk.
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Q/A: Is it true?!? Is there a mini-series?!? Where?!? When?!?

Q/A: Why exactly is the show called FARSCAPE?
Q/A: So how did Crichton get stuck out here anyway?
Q/A: And everyone speaks English on the other side of the galaxy because.... why?
Q/A: What is in those food cubes?
Q/A: What are the differences between Humans and Sebaceans?
Q/A: Didn't Our Noble Crew used to be terminally poor? Where'd all the cash come from?
Q/A: Has John ever actually made it back to Earth, or were those all just hallucinations?

Q/A: What's up with Moya? Is she alive? Is she intelligent? Why was she in restraints in the premiere?
Q/A: Why doesn't Pilot ever leave that one room inside Moya? And is claustrophobia responsible for his snarky attitude?
Q/A: What does DRD stand for? And what are those little guys?
Q/A: Why doesn't the crew of the Moya ever shoot back when they're under attack? And what kind of space drive is powering Moya?
Q/A: I though Moya was an anarchy. How'd D'Argo wind up in charge?
Q/A: Moya's baby boy is a cutie! But has anyone stepped forward to claim paternity? And how did a baby get so many weapons?
Q/A: So, what happened to Talyn? Where did he go? Did Crais go with him? What's up?

Q/A: Why were D'Argo, Zhaan and Rygel being held prisoner on board Moya?
Q/A: Why is D'Argo so attached to that sword thing?
Q/A: Speaking of D'Argo, what's with the Luxan hyper-rage?
Q/A: And what does his tongue do? Is it like a tranquilizer or something?
Q/A: Are those rings on D'Argo's chest supposed to be decorative, like the tattoos?
Q/A: So. Zhaan's actually a plant. Hunh?!
Q/A: What's the 'fourth sensation' that Zhaan's evidently experienced (even if it hasn't been recently)?
Q/A: Are any of Rygel's 600 billion subjects actually missing him?
Q/A: So, what does "irreversibly contaminated" mean? What did Aeryn have to do to get classified as that deeply dangerous by Captain Crais?
Q/A: Why does John keep invading Aeryn's personal space?
Q/A: Well, okay, if you're not going to explain that, tell me how Crichton knew to pack extra underwear! And how's Aeryn managing to steal his extras?
Q/A: So, what's Chiana's deal? Why is she on Moya?
Q/A: Um, was I seeing things in Home on the Remains, or were Chiana and D'Argo doing a little "bonding" of their own? What happened with that?
Q/A: Who's this Gilina chick John keeps angsting about in fanfic?
Q/A: Wait a minute, wait a minute! I thought that guy sharing John's cell on the Gammak Base was nuts. And I also thought he was dead. Is he or isn't he? Where did he go? I'm so confused....
Q/A: Hey. Don't tell me Crichton could survive in vacuum for as long as he did during Look at the Princess 2 ('I Do, I Think'). I'm just not buying it!
Q/A: So where did Jothee disappear to? I turn my back, and the kid's gone!
Q/A: Where did Zhaan go?!? Is she really gone? Is she coming back? When? When? Please say when!
Q/A: How did Princess Screech-a-lot -- otherwise known as Jool -- ever survive long enough to become a crew member?
Q/A: Am I having some kind of double vision or were there two John Crichtons for a while there? Which one was the real one?!?
Q/A: When did Chiana pick up this funky new 'see the future' power? Did she get anything else in the package? What's with the blindness?
Q/A: Where'd Jool get off to? And who's this other red-haired chick with the attitude problem (and questionable taste in allies. I mean, Scorpius?)?
Q/A: Is Granny really as senile as she sounds? Why's she always blowing powder all over the place? And what's she doing on Moya, anyway?
Q/A: Speaking of senile, whatever happened to that Scorpius clone that was hanging out in John's head? Did John finally get therapy or something?
Q/A: Lo'La is a really cool ship -- where the heck did she come from again?
Q/A: Okay, so, is Aeryn pregnant or isn't she? Who's the father? One of the John's?
Q/A: What really happened to D'Argo's wife Lo'Laan?

Q/A: And just what has Crais got against Crichton, hmmm?
Q/A: Who is Durka, why did he return and is he going to do it again?
Q/A: Who's this Maldis dude, and why do we hate him?
Q/A: Scorpius seems... charming. What's his story?
Q/A: How is Xhalax Sun related to Aeryn? Where is she now? And whatever happened to Aeryn's dad, Talyn?
Q/A: So. Scarrens. Lack of good dental coverage makes them want to take over the universe or what?
Q/A: What's up with Commandant Cleavage and the sweat thing? And are we going to keep being subjected to it?
Q/A: Braca got promoted? How in hezmana did that happen?
Q/A: Is there anyone in the universe who isn't trying to get their hands on wormhole technology?
Q/A: Okay, what the frell is up with Scorpius? Alive, dead, alive, hitchhiking.... My head hurts. Explain, please?

Q/A: How did they create that bizarre clicking and backwards-sounding speech for Aeryn's native tongue in A Human Reaction?
Q/A: Um, hello? Did we miss something? The first episode of second season, Mind the Baby, seemed to start in the middle of the plot. Either that, or I was out getting popcorn when it started....
Q/A: Right, so, what's up with the Sci-Fi Chick? Did they think we'd like her better if they dressed her like a Peacekeeper?
Q/A: Why do you two keep giggling every time Francesca Buller's name is in the credits? And what is her name doing in the credits that often, anyway?
Q/A: Any news on the fifth season? The mini-series? Will we get more Farscape in 2004?

Q/A: How do I get TGUT to link to me?
Q/A: Can I link to TGUT? Do you guys have a banner?
Q/A: How do I submit fanfic to TGUT?