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1.3 Back and Back and Back to the Future
Writer: Babs Greyhosky
A=Aeryn, D=D'Argo, J=John, R=Rygel, Z=Zhaan, M=Matala, V=Vyrel

Thought 1:
It was interesting, and next week I get "Thank God It's Friday Again". With me seeing the production order, I get the sneaky suspicion that D'Argo's "mivonks" were really stirred up by Matala and that's what put him into the Luxan hyperrage. He might have even known he was starting to go into it in that that kitchen conversation scene with Crichton at the end. Not that Luxans *ever* apologize (in advance or not).

Thought 2:
D'Argo's reactions with Matala and Vyrel were very... junior soldier to a higher elite. I don't think it was all Matala. He also showed a very strong emotional reaction to the news that the Ilanics were at war, and by extension, so were the Luxans. It's another indication that when he was arrested (young son or not), he must have been fairly young. His romance with his wife and marriage would have probably be in the equivalent of teenage years.

Thought 3:
The comment Vyrel made about D'Argo's "exile" from his own people being atonement enough. It was likely far more than 8 cycles if he never saw them all the time he was hidden away with Lo'Lann as well.

The cuts were very sharply defined this week. I get a general sense of where the cuts are by timing the length between commercial breaks. All the extra material was after the first (3 min) and second (0:35) commercial breaks, with the other 25-30 seconds lost when Sci-Fi speeded up the credits at the end. It was a tight plot, and the cuts all directly related to it.

Scene 1: Extra scene just after D'Argo and Matala leaving Rygel and bringing Vyrel food the first time. The ** is me saying [ed? I'm pretty sure of what I heard but it doesn't make sense.]

D: "More, Vyrel?"
V: "No. Thank you. So... you, Zhaan and Rygel escaped Peacekeeper imprisonment and commandeered this ship."
D: "I have left that one part... crime for which I was imprisoned."**
V: "Was it treason?"
D: "No! It..."
V: "Then... I don't need to hear it. Matala and I owe you our lives. Whatever your past, exile from your own kind is atonement enough." (pause) "How long has it been?"
D: "Nearly eight cycles."
V: "If you have been out of contact for eight cycles then you haven't heard... The Ilanic sector is at war."
D: (softly) "The Scorvians?"
V: "Yes. Three cycles ago they attacked an outlying colony -- completely unprovoked -- slaughtered two million civilians. We've been fighting ever since, massive casualties, and no end in sight."
D: "And the Luxans? Do they fight at your side?"
V: "Your people have been more than generous with troops, armament. Far beyond what our mutual treaty requires."
D: (his voice is still low but emotionally shaken) "How can I help you now?"
V: "Luxans truly are the best allies one could want. Just getting us to the rendevous point will help the war effort more than you could ever know."

(Matala peeks her head around the corner and we see her watching the two men. They don't see her and we don't know how long she's been there.)

Scene 2: Just after scene one. Aeryn's inside Matala and Vyrel's escape pod, checking things out.

When the scene starts, she's heard a noise at the panel where John was zapped, and she's walking towards it. We see Matala enter the chamber but Aeryn hasn't noticed her yet.

M: "Get away from that hatch!"
A: (turns) "What's inside there?"
M: "We've already told you; very sensitive equipment that contains a cycle's worth of complex sensor readings."
A: (turns back to panel) "Hmm... I'd like to see..."
M: "I said get away from...."
(She makes a hissing sound and suddenly both of them are facing each other, arms upraised very much like their positions at the start of their fight scene later on. Aeryn is very calm and does not look threatened at all.)
A "Oh... You've had some training."
M "Care to test it?"

(We hear footfalls in the background and D'Argo appears in the doorway. Immediately, both of them lower their arms. Throughout the rest of the scene, Matata keeps turning back and forth to face whoever she's talking to. When facing D'Argo, she's all hurt innocence/seductive, and when facing Aeryn she's just very slightly mocking.)

D "Is there a problem here?"
A "I was just scanning for those broken power conduits you mentioned. I thought if I could identify them, the DRD's could repare them."
M: "I never asked you to fix anything."
A: "Well... I took it upon myself."
M: "Please, D'Argo... If anything were to happen to our data, all our hard work would be lost."
A: "Surely an operational pod is of far more use to us than..."
D: (harshly) "Respect their wishes! I do not want to see you in here again!"
(Aeryn walks between them and Matala turns away -- dismissively.)
A: (looking up at D'Argo) "Fine. I'll leave you both to it." (leaves)
D: "She will not return."
(Matala doesn't say anything, she just walks over to the panel where John was zapped and slams it shut.)

Scene 3: After Matala asks Zhaan about Crichton and Zhaan says he's too complex, she says she's going to talk with Vyrel. Then... we get to see her talk with Vyrel. :)

He's sitting at the workbench and she's standing right beside him. Throughout the entire conversation, Matala is sitting at a "computer" terminal in the background. She doesn't look at either of them, but she's hearing everything.

V: "I don't blame you for being concerned, especially after what happened to my ship."
Z: "You said the problem was phase related, and didn't become apparent until it was too late to fix."
V: "But it was caused by a malfunction in our core regulator; a subsystem that Leviathans like Moya do not possess. In fact, I doubt that Moya's phase imbalance actually exists. Probably a sensor-synapse out of calibration."
(A moment of them looking at each other very noncomittantly and calmly and then we switch back to John going into the eating area, babbling to himself, with Rygel pigging out.)