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1.8 That Old Black Magic
Writer: Richard Manning
Z=Zhaan, J=John, C=Crais, A=Aeryn, D=D'Argo, P=Priest (Liko), MN=Maldis/Haroth, F=Crais's father

Here's the extra bits for "That Old Black Magic" -- the *most* annoying one to do so far. It was hard to find them all.

Scene 1: Herbalist shop. Zhaan's just taken a whiff of the sensual oil.

P: (vUS) "Yes, though it was some time ago."
Z: (smiles, moves about shop and sighs happily) "It's still potent."
P: "Nonetheless, I'd suggest you test it before you buy."
Z: (looks at him suggestively) "Alone?"
P: "As you choose, but I'm willing to stand by my products."
Z: (laughs and sniffs at the bottle again) "Let me see what else you have to offer."
Z: (vUS) (laughs)

Scene 2: After Maldis/Haroth goes to fetch Crais.

J: "Hey wait! I"ve got a couple of questions!" (MN's gone) "... couple a thousand more questions..." (starts walking and turning slowly around to check the place out, has his arms crossed)

Scene 3: Just after Crais see's John's hologram and before they cut to the next scene. Thus MH's later mention of a better price.

C: "What are you?"
MH: "A friend, who'll give you Crichton... for a price."
C: "What price! Tell me!"

Scene 4: When John is confronting Crais around the fire pit.

Just after MH waves his hand, Crais's father appears first and then we get the US version with his brother showing up. Note: Some of the same footing as shown in the chair memory scenes about Crais's background.

MH: (vUS) "Let me spread some light on Crais's hostility." (waves hands, and Crais's father appears)
C: "Father!" (looks at MH) "How dare you bring this man here!"
MH: "Don't worry Crais. I wouldn't touch your father. This is simply an image from your past."

(Crais's father turns back to the door and two small boys enter. They's a black clad Peacekeeper behind them that you don't see the face of.)

F: "Bialar, Tauvo -- come here please."
MH: "That's right, Bialar Crais." (pause) "The acorn and the mightly oak."
C: "Maldis! Remove these images!"
F: "It's time sons. The recruiter is here to pick you up." (Looks at older boy with a solemn expression.) "Stay close to Tauvo. Give him guidance. I'm counting on you to protect him. Do you understand?" (Older boy nods, and then the Peacekeeper recruiter grabs his shoulder.) "Bialar?!"
C: (looks stricken and anguished)
J: "Is that real? You didn't choose to be a Peacekeeper? You and your brother [are] shanghaied from your home?"
C: "No, no! We were selected for Peacekeeper training. It is a great honour."
MH: "Yes, wasn't it. Just imagine how proud your father would be if he knew his sons both rose from the ranks...."
(v US, with Tauvo Crais walking in)

Scene 5: Aeryn and D'Argo are trying to blast their way into Maldis/Haroth's place, and Zhaan is still deciding whether to attack him or not.

D: (v US) "I suppose I would choose the lesser of the evils."
Z: (nods) "Well then... there's no reason to delay, is there?" (She turns and starts walking back out of the alleyway.)
A: (perplexed/annoyed) "Maldis is that way!" (She jerks her head at the doorway but Zhaan doesn't even look back.)
D: "But we cannot get through that door!"
A: "Well, we'll keep trying!"

Scene 6: John has just popped his shoulder back into its socket and he's getting himself worked up to fight Crais.

MH is egging him on and looking gleeful though most of this scene. Maldis has just told John that one of them can go back to their ship.

MH: "Back to your ship anyway. Believe me, I give you my word."
J: (laughs, and falls to his knees. He's still in a lot of pain.) "As if that's worth anything."
MH: "It's better than Crais's, I'll assure you."
J: "Crais... is... an animal." (pause) "I thought I could reason with him."
MH: "You can't." (Leans closer and speaks right into John's ear.) "It's him or...."
J: "Shush! I've had enough of both of you! You wants gladiators -- fine!" (Gets up and starts walking away.) "You got 'em! Tell Crais that I'm waiting for him!"
MH: (shouting) "Are you done talking to him?"
J: (shouting back) "Yeah... all done!"