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1.9 DNA Mad Scientist
Writer: Tom Blomquist
A=Aeryn, D=D'Argo, J=John, Z=Zhaan

The extra bits in this episode came in three distinct scenes. The commerical breaks were very different in the US and Canadian versions, and this made finding the extra material harder. These extras really give some more screentime to Zhaan, and her lack of control. This episode comes (production order), right after "That Old Black Magic", and Zhaan's self control is shot. In her fights with D'Argo, she's constantly fluctuating between anger, annoyance, and joy.

Scene 1: Right at the start.

Opens up with John sitting at the bar and then moves on the Aeryn sitting at the table. John joins her, he's carrying the metal bottle and glass. (0:37 min)

A: "Don't you want to analyze it be--?"
(John takes a drink, makes a face like's he's tasted something awful, but swallows anyway.)
A: "[You're] usually so careful about these things -- neurotically careful. What's wrong?"
(John sticks out his tongue and taps it with his fingers. It looks like it's gone numb.)
J; "Um... have to get back to you on that one." (Pours himself another drink, and drink throughout scene.)
A: "You know you're no worse off than you were a couple of arns ago. So Namtar didn't have Earth on his data stores...."
J: (vUS) "...eleven...million...species. Eleven million!"

Scene 2: Extra D'Argo/Zhaan scene set just after D'Argo finds Rygel throwing out his store of "junk", including the food cubes.

Zhaan's sitting with her back to D'Argo while he paces the room. (2:05 min)

Z: "I did not expect Aeryn to share our excitement, but Crichton's attitude surprises me."
D: "If Namtar's knowledge had extended to Crichton's pathetic home world, you can wager he would have offered up his own mivonks, useless as they are."
Z: "Would you, if that had been the price demanded?"
D: "Fortunately, it was not. Only a female would make light of such [a] thoughts!"
Z: "I was not making light."
D: "You! What would have have given?"
Z: "I would risk my [numa] for a chance to go home."
D: "Namtar has no use for that out here.... I'm surprised he has stayed out here in the Uncharted Territories." (pause) "His knowledge could bring him great fame and power, even great wealth."
Z: "It could change the basis of astronavigation."
D: "It would change the basis for war."
(Zhaan finally turns around to face him.)
D: "One single prisoner, and you would have the ability to strike at their very heart -- their homeland."
Z: "You would pervert Namtar's genius to, to a weapon?"
D: (Rubs at his eye.) "Why not? Somebody will. Why shouldn't it be me?"
Z: "You still feel pain from the needle?"
D: "It's nothing."
Z: "And soon forgotten.... Once we're on our voyage home." (Her expression turns joyous and she smiles.) "On Delvia the [filgrem] will just be coming into bloom."
D: "My parents will be preparing for the festival of [Breckmar]. There is no need for them to keep my seat vacant at this cycle's festival."
Z: "If you reach there this cycle."
D: "The crystal will be arriving from Namtar within an arn...."
Z: "I don't doubt, but there are decisions to be made about our course."
D: "Without my Qualta blade, you would not have been able to give Namtar what he wanted."
(Zhaan's face turns stubborn/angry)
D: "I will make the decisions!"
Z: "To suit yourself! But it is not as easy as you wish. This is a time for logic and reason. Unless of course, you wish to find yourself at odds with everyone on this ship... not just Aeryn Sun and Crichton."
D: "And what would you suggest?"
Z: "A fair compromise..."

Scene 3: There's also an extra Zhaan/D'Argo scene just after the shot of Rygel putting the crystal into the setting and preparing to input the data.

Zhaan and D'Argo are locked in Rygel's room. This time Zhaan is pacing, while D'Argo works semi-patiently at the lock with some sort of metal tool. (0:59 min)

Z: "Look... just stop... don't force it... let me try."
D: "Grr!" (He stays at the lock.) "You've been trying!"
Z: "Decoy. Hah! How did such a great warrior fall for such an obvious trick?"
D: "You blame me? If I [hadn't] listened to your [trondek] of an idea of a deal....
Z: "You had no better idea."
D: "I wanted to kill him, and I swear that when I get out of here I will enjoy watching him die."
Z: "When you get out of here?" (Face/posture challenging.)
D: "Well until this point, your assistance has been worse than useless."
Z: "You gave your word we work together."
D: "And you gave yours." (Pause) "I saw you leaving this corridor earlier." Z: "I was... merely asking Rygel to see reason."
D: "A deal that you didn't bother to mention to me."
Z: "Had I succeeded, of course I would have discussed it with you."
D: "Had you succeeded you would be on your way to Delvia."
Z: (Touches her wrist communicator.) "Crichton? Aeryn?"
D: "You're wasting your time!"
Z: "I do not wish to grow old here watching you scratch at that lock like some scabbrous scenthound!"