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1.15 Durka Returns
Writer: Grant McAloon
A=Aeryn, C=Chiana, J=John, P=Pilot, R=Rygel, Z=Zhaan Dk=Durka, S=Salis

Scene 1: At the start of the show, when Aeryn warns Rygel, the scene is longer. (48 sec)

R: (US) "Reflecting on my fond memories of Durka and the Zelbinian.
A: "Reflect all you want, but you will leave the visitors alone. Is that clear?"
R: "Visitors? Has Moya turned into a [Glendian] pleasure vessel now?
A: (US) "I'm just here to make sure that you don't think it's a good idea to run amok on some childish vendetta."
R: "That is a sadistic madman out there!"
A: "So you have claimed."
R: "I was there! Imprisoned on board the Zelbinian nearly a hundred cycles before you were born! What do you know of Durka? Nothing!"
A: "Actually, I was taught a great deal about Captain Durka's distinguished career."
R: "[Horsefed] pack of Peacekeeper propaganda! Hah! And what did you then think when we came upon the wreck of the Zelbinian and found that your brave Captain had shot himself!?"
A: "Simply this -- you said that you found his corpse -- obviously you were mistaken."
R: "Apparently he chose to end his distinguished career by faking his own death -- all to save himself whilst his crew died around him."
A: "You don't know what happened."
R: "I know all I need to."
R: (US) "Durka is alive."
A: (US) "See that he stays that way."

Scene 2: Just after Rygel talks about the bomb, and just before Chiana's breakout, there's an extra scene between Zhaan and Salis.

When it starts, Zhaan is talking to Pilot and Salis walks up behind her. (45 sec)

P: "The explosion does not seem to have damaged Moya's systems."
S: "What if he tries again?"
Z: (turns head around to look at him and then back to the controls she's working on) "He won't. He's locked in his quarters, under restraint."
S: "You will, of course, turn him over to me when the host ship arrives." Z: "I will do nothing of the sort."
S: "He has serious. flaws in his character that must be corrected."
Z: (Turns to face him) "Even Rygel with his many faults does not deserve that."
S: "There are many aspects of your character that would benefit from adjustment."
(Zhaan comes up close to him and just stares daggers threateningly.)
S: "My point exactly." (Leaves)
(Zhaan continues to stare angrily)

Scene 3: Just after Chiana's escape, when everyone's looking for her, we see Durka's form briefly.

In the longer version, there's an extra Durka, Aeryn, Rygel scene. Aeryn is untying Rygel from his bonds, and Durka comes up from behind. (23 sec)

A: "Oh, you can do it yourself Rygel then."
R: "Ow! That hurts!"
(D'Argo comes up and taps her on the back. Aeryn turns, startled)
R: "Agh! Get him away from me!"
D: "I can't find Chiana. Is someone guarding the command?"
A: "Why? Is she capable of taking over the ship?"
D: "Possibly. She is capable of anything." (leaves)

Scene 4: After Durka takes over, there's about an extra 15 seconds of slow-mo John running and stuff.

Scene 5: The scene in which John pins Chiana down and tries to talk sense into her is longer (45 sec).

J: (US) "Commit yourself, Chiana. Are you with us, or are you on your own?"
C: "When my people find out what happened to Salis. they're going to want to cleanse the lot of us."
J: "Yeah. I guess that makes us natural allies."
C: "All right then. What's your plan?
(John stares at her)
C: "Why do I always get stuck with the [dweebos] that don't have any plan?"
J: "No, no. I got a plan. You're just not going to like it."
C: "Why?"
J: "Because I don't like it. I don't trust you any more than you trust me."
C: (laughs) "Fair enough - let's hear it."
J: (Taps her on the nose.) "Bait."
(Chiana grins)

Scene 6: In the final segment when Aeryn and Rygel have their last talk, it's longer. (18 sec)

R: (US) "Crichton threw a bomb too!"
A: (US) "The one he threw stimulated her to expel Durka's transport."
R: "I didn't know she could do that. Did you know she could do that?"
A: "Moya didn't even know she could do it." (pause) "Pilot says she's still in a lot of pain from [the damage] she caused protecting her child".
(Suddenly Aeryn slams down the knife she's been playing with into the middle of the tray with the food cubes.)
R: (Jerks back) "Ow!"
A "You can have that back now."
R "Sure! Now that I don't need it."
A: (US) "You know I never thought I'd say this...."