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1.2 Exodus from Genesis
Writer: Ro Hume
J = John, D = D'Argo, Z = Zhaan, A = Aeryn, R = Rygel

Scene 1: Extra shot of Rygel eating a piece of something fruitlike.

Scene 2: Shot of John and Zhaan bumping into walls as Moya lurches.

Scene 3: Scene with Zhaan showing John how to flip the switch to cool things down.

J: (v US) "With Aeryn and D'Argo, it's like everything's a test... (v Canadian) It's like I'm in some never ending frat hazing at Alien U."
Z: "Frat... hazing?"
J: "Next planet, I'll rent you a copy of Animal House."
(They continue talking and John starts to leave)
J (v US) "Hey... thanks."
Z: "There's a lot more of these to check, you're sure you have the hang of it now?"
J: "Oh, yeah. Just watch me spring into action." (He starts to take off his coat as he's walking away) "Look, I'll check the vents in the living quarters and meet you back in command."

Scene 4: An extra 30 seconds of John banging the insect around until fluid starts leaking out, and him looking very grossed out.

John and D'Argo banging against the walls to scare the bugs, and talking about heat delirium.

D: (v US) "I cannot say I did not find the sight most enjoyable."
J: "You want her to die?"
D: "That's not true." (pause) "She was one of them. Now she's a comrade... like you."
J: "Now there's a load of bull. You hate her, right? You hate Peacekeepers and you hate her. You want her to die."
D: (hisses and throws John against the wall) "Listen human! Everyone is frustrated. We're all hot, and we're all going to be a lot better off if we stop just wasting time and just fix this blasted ship."
(Lets go and starts walking again)
(John bangs wall)

R: (v US but in different spot) "Will you stop that!"
J: "Just find the problem, Rygel -- and fast."
D: "The little wretch is doing the best he can."
J: "I know and in the meantime, Aeryn's melting away."
D: "Look human, for what it is worth, the part of me that wants Aeryn to live is greater than the part of me that wants all Peacekeepers to die."
J: "That's not worth much."
D: (softly) "Well, it's all I've got."

Scene 6: After talking with the Queen [Drakh] and negotiating the first truce.

John's talking with Rygel and still next to a (still) very hot and bothered Aeryn.
J: (v US) ... only baby [Drakhs].
R: (v US) "What do they eat?" (comm cuts off)
Z: "I think we caught it in time. Any longer at that level and she would have sufferred permanent damage. Let her rest John. She needs to recover some strength before she's aggravated again."
J: "How 'bout you?"
Z: "I can still sense her -- deep inside."
J: "What was that like?" (gets up and walks over to Zhaan)
Z: "Like... we're imprisoned in this room with the rest of the ship just out of reach. I was within my own mind yet I couldn't reach past to [sinkle] feel what I wanted."
J: "I'm glad you're safe, Zhaan."
Z: "Now you've struck this truce, we're all safe."
(John walk back over to Aeryn and sits down again.)
J: "You feeling better?"
A: "No." (pause) (v US) "How much longer?"

Scene 7: After the Marauder commandos have left but before the Queen [Drakh] uses Zhaan for her final goodbye. An extra line.

J: (v US) "Hey big fella! You look great."
R: "Yes, well... a three-hour [triggas] bath will do that for you." (v US) "I had blue crud way up in places you don't want to know about."

Scene 8: After the final [Drakh] goodbye, John is helping and supporting Zhaan to her quarters.

J: "Easy now. Just lean on me."
Z: "Yes, I know I can."
(they reach her door)
J: "Home, sweet home."
Z: "I'll be fine from here."
(John nods, turns and starts walking away)
Z: "Oh! I must say you handled yourself like quite a man of action today."
(John stops and turns back to face her.)
J: "Yeah, I'm ... getting the hand of a few things. Of course when I do...."
Z: "Things change and you find you're more confused than you were before."
J: "Yeah, pretty much."
Z: (softly) "Time and patience."
J: "Time and patience. Is that your answer for everything?"
Z: "Yes. Because it's always the right answer."
J: "Okay. How does time and patience answer this? We see the [Drakhs]... or we saw them as pests. Something to be stepped on and crushed."
Z: "We were ignorant."
J: "Well, I definitely pulverized one on sight, and I would have done the same thing to the dentic and those germ bugs that you injected me with when I first came on board."
Z: "The translator microbes."
J: "Yes, those guys. But you see them as good."
Z: "Oh, we've learned to work with them. Isn't it the same where you came from?"
J: "I guess. I mean some people keep pets that others would just as soon eat."
Z: "If you're asking for a distinction, I think it's often unclear."
(pause) "Moya is alive and she's our protector. She is also our servant. She relies on us, and we rely on her. It's a mutual symbiotic relationship."
J: "So... who lives and dies in your world? Is it as arbitrary as it is in mine?"
Z: "The answer is... reverence for all living beings, which may come with...."
J: "Time... and patience." (he turns to go away)
Z: (laughing) "Yes, John. I get the feeling you're going to get the hang of things soon."