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1.12 The Flax
Writer: Justin Monjo
A=Aeryn, D=D'Argo, J=John, P=Pilot, R=Rygel, Z=Zhaan, Ro=Rorf, T=Turlow

All I could think of in that last scene when D'Argo finds Aeryn and John at the end was... "A Luxan's sense of smell, eh?" He knew *exactly* what they had been doing.

Scene 1: In intro

J (US) "...big mall parking lot on a Sunday morning."
(John has an extra glance aimed at Aeryn. He's *very* amused.)

Scene 2: Still in intro, getting back to J&A. The scene starts earlier. (71 sec)

J: "Aeryn, lighten up -- have some fun."
A: "Hah! Fun! How am I to have fun?"
J: "I don't know how you're supposed to have fun, but this is fun. This is Top Gun fun. This is the need for speed. You like this stuff -- admit it."
A: "I have no need for speed."
J: "Yes, you do. I see it in your eyes all the time. You miss the adrenaline of combat flying."
A: "I miss the teamwork of combat flying." (pause) "The reason I agreed to teach you to do this is that you might become vaguely of some use to me someday in battle."
J: "Well! Thank you for that vote of confidence."
A: "Well -- you may have noticed that we're short of hands. I didn't exactly have much choice."
(John overtilts deliberately and they both have to lean over to compensate.)
A: "Watch out for the starboard thrusters! You're banking too sharply!" (Her left hand is hovering over her control stick.)
J: "I got it!"
(Aeryn's hand moves away.)
J: "What exactly do you mean by vaguely useful?"
A: "You're hardly a quick learner, are you?"
J: "[Are you trying] to tell me you weren't the least bit challenged learning to fly one of these things?"
A: "Not challenged the way you seem to be. And you have it easy here! In Peacekeeper training, there's no room for mistakes. You screw up on the last day of simulations flying -- you die."
J: "Right -- the simulator kills you."
(Aeryn gives him one of her "looks" and moves behind him to root around in the closet.
J: (softly) "Now why doesn't that surprise me?"
J: (US) "What are you doing back there?"

Scene 3: Just after D'Argo and Zhaan discover Staanz is a former PK prisoner, there's an extra scene of them walking down the hallway arguing.

It explains why D'Argo arrives before Zhaan in the scene afterwards. There's also a small reference to "Till the Blood Runs Clear." in it. (45 sec)

Z: "He came offering help! Shouldn't we at least give him the benefit of the doubt? We don't know that the Flax doesn't exist."
D: "At what if it does? He may be leading us straight into it. For all we know, he could be one of those bounty hunters. No! Stanz is trouble! And we do not need to take the risk -- especially while Moya is pregnant.
Z: "I agree that Stanz maybe the most unusual species but you can't surely condemn him just because he's an ex-prisoner of the Peacekeepers? Are you forgetting that we are all ex-prisoners?"
D: "How can I ever forget?"
Z: "Have you ever looked at your own records to see what lies the Peacekeepers have written about you?"
D: "Have you?" (pause) "Not everyone imprisoned by the Peacekeepers was innocent."
Z: (pause) "Meaning?"
D: "Meaning that I do not have time to stand here and discuss this with you while he is looting what precious little we have!" (He stalks off and leaves Zhaan behind. She's now very annoyed.)

Scene 4: While John and Aeryn are preparing the message beacon. (16 sec)

J (US) "... hard to read. They're like half cat-scan, half blueprint."
J "I know you don't read them at all."
A "Don't be ridiculous. That's Tek work."
J "What happens if you crash land your prowler and you have to repair it?"
A "We're not trained to repair, we're trained to find and secure somebody else's ship."
J "Secure, as in take by force?"
A "Well it beats learning to read those."
J (softly) "Not today it isn't."
(US -- power comes on and the beacon is released.)

Scene 5: When John and Aeryn are trying to break free, Aeryn has an extra line.

A: (US) "400 prads!"
J: (US) "Now?"
A: "It's too strong, I can't hold her!"
J: (US) "Now, Aeryn, now?!"

Scene 6: At the start of the scene where they discover the atmosphere problem, there's a long shot of the ship floating in space.

It starts with a shot of Aeryn speaking the words we hear in the US voiceover. Then it pans to John. He's got his head and shoulders down into a hole, and he's fiddling around. (10 sec)

Scene 7: At the end of the scene where John convinces Aeryn to learn CPR there's a bit extra. (16 sec)

A: (US) "Fine! Show it to me!"
J: "Good. Lie down."
A: "What?"
J: "Lie down!"
A: (leans back)
J: "No! Flat out on the ground. I can't show it ... Lie down!"
A: (Shoves off his 'helping' hands and lies down on the floor.)
J: (Hands now in the air as if trying to figure out where to put them.) ..."Okay."

Scene 8: In the ending scene, just after Stanz declares he wants D'Argo to go away with him, the ending is a bit longer and a *lot* more awkward for D'Argo... (19 sec)

S: (US) "You and me?"
D: (US) (Laughs awkwardly)
(US -- John turns and leaves)
D: (Very softly) "I don't really, ah..."
S: (softly) "I love you."
D: (Starts backing away.) "Um, well you..."
(D'Argo he turns and starts quickly walking away.)
S: "Love you...." (Shouts) "I love you!"
D: (Walks up the steps to the exit.)