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1.6 Thank God It's Friday Again
Writer: David Wilks
J=John, H=Hybin, T=Tanga, V=Volmae, Z=Zhaan

This was another show where the cut bits were very sharp and only within a couple of sections. The cuts shown fill in some of the backstory of the Sykar people. As always, alien spellings and unknowns, are in [ ].

Scene 1: After D'Argo beds down that first night.

John is lying on the bed, clearly tired while Zhaan is gradually removing clothes. She's behind a screen, but her head and shoulders are visible above it while she talks with John.

J: "[It's not] five star, is it?"
Z: "D'Argo seems happy with it."
J: "Everybody seems happy." (He rolls on his side and looks up at Zhaan. "... and very friendly."
Z: "I wish I could believe that the woman in there is the only reason he wants to stay."
J: "Zhaan... this city looks like it used to be a working city."
Z: "Now apparantly nothing works."
J: "Yeah, but it used to... This city is falling apart around them and they, they just don't seem to care."
Z: "Material comfort is not the only measure of a society, John."
J: "But progress is going backwards on this planet and nobody on this planet gives a damn! Tell me why."
Z: "You won't get any answers tonight, John." (pause) "Let's rest. We can ask D'Argo in the morning."
J: "Yeah."

(Zhaan starts out from behind the screen. It doesn't look she has anything on and John looks *very* uncomfortable. He's looking everywhere except at her and he's almost stammering.)

J: "Whoa! Um, you... take the mattress, I'm, um, good on the floor."

(She comes out from behind the screen and we see she's got the floor length red, sari-like covering on.)

Z: "Don't be silly John. You'll be cold and uncomfortable." (Now lying on the bed behind him and looking completely at ease -- while he still looks uncomfortable.) "There's plenty of room for two."

Scene 2: After the scene with Tanga going out to help her father in the field, and the notice of workday end. She's back at the carriage slinging the last load of tannot root bags up, while John's standing in the doorway.

J: "Ah... this must be the happiest day of my life!"
T: "You'll find the rest day tomorrow will pass slowly without the joy of our work."
(John checks that no one else is around, then continues on in a whisper.)
J: "How's your father?"
T: "Surviving, but everyday I'm scared he'll die out here."
J: "[Well], Volmae is your leader. How could she let this happen?"
T: "It's her orders. Every cycle more ground turns into wasteland where nothing grows."
J: "This's what you meant when you said this planet was being destroyed, yeah?"
T: "Sykar was once a garden. The fields were lush [with what we] called a [venerian] grain. But now we plant nothing but tannot."
J: "And Volmae doesn't care?"
T: "Ah! No, she doesn't care. No one cares as long as they have the tannot."
J: "If.... But there must be people who remember... what it was like before."
T: "Did you see my father's hands?"
J: "No."
T: "Once he was the finest [maldi] player on Sykar. The People would line the streets outside the Great Hall when they heard Hybin was playing. Now... You'll have to help us."

Scene 3: In between Volmae talking John past the guard, and them walking into the huge warehouse where she asks him if it'll fit into Moya's hold, there's an extra "walk and talk".

Volmae is speaking slowly and with even more pauses than normal, and there's a lot of silence as they walk. She appears sad and contemplative. Although almost 1min 20 sec pass on screen, not many words are spoken (easy to transcribe!).

V: "What's it like out there? I hear space is very cold; black... and cold... My people never aspired to travel the heavens. This planet is our home... was our home... I suppose a starship can be a home... it has been for you, hasn't it?"
J: (still pretending to be mind-drugged) "It's nothing compared to your paradise here."