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1.16 A Human Reaction
Writer: Justin Monjo
J=John, Z=Zhaan, C=Chiana, D=D'Argo, R=Rygel, A=Aeryn, P=Pilot

Wow. Looks like that "did they or didn't they" debate has now been given some more ammo, hmm? As always -- unspellable words have [guesstimate] spellings. -- Kiki

Scene 1: Opening shot of Moya in space

John: [voiceover] It's always the same here, Dad. Nice and quiet.
(A shot of Moya's hallways)
VO - Z: Chiana, what is this?
C: I don't know.
Z: Look at it, please.
C: Well, I --
[They come into view, walking down the hallway]
Z: It's my [bathing] oil.
C: Look, I didn't take it!
Z: I found it in your chamber, dear.
C: Yeah, well, I --- Okay, so I took it.
Z: Chiana, when we decided to let you stay here, you promised to adapt to our ways.
C: I changed my mind. You adapt to me!
Z: Chiana....
C: I changed my mind!
(They exit down the hallway, still arguing. Back to John talking to his Dad in the tape recorder)

Scene 2: Scene right after John asks Aeryn to go with him, and she tells him she can't.

(Docking bay -- Zhaan at the door, John entering.)
Z: That wormhole could blast you out anywhere.
J: I know.
Z: Pilot says it's unsafe, that it could---
J: It could kill me Zhaan, I know. You've given me every good reason not to go. I could end up dead. I could end up more lost than I already am. You've given me every single thing except one.
Z: What?
J: This could be Earth. This is the way I got here. It could be my way home. I gotta do this, Zhaan. (He gets up to look under the hood of Farscape 1, and continues to speak to Zhaan from there.) Look, however this works out, this could be good-bye. And I know you didn't expect me to be here, but thanks. You saved my life. All of you.
P: Crichton, stability down to forty-eight percent.
J: Yeah, I'm going, Pilot. [Gets off the module]

(D'Argo and Rygel enter; D'Argo hands a bag to John as Rygel bumps around)

J: Good-bye, big guy. I hope you get your chance one day. Go see your son.
D: I hope so too. [He and John shake hands solemnly] Good-bye... John.

(John walks over to Zhaan; she places one hand on his skull, and he places one on hers, like a half-Unity.)

Z: John Crichton, remember. There is a part of me inside you. Take care of it.
J: I will. (John brushes his hand along her jaw, and she smiles sadly. John turns away to talk to Rygel)

J: Sparky.
R: What?
J: I'm not taking my stuff.

(Aeryn comes into view, just around the edge of the doorway; John doesn't see her yet.)

R: Hmm?
J: So I thought I'd give it to somebody.
R: [more enquiring noises]
J: To Aeryn.
(Aeryn looks surprised, a little touched)

R: No! No, you can't do that, you--
(He ealizes John is yanking his chain and starts chortling as John laughs with him. John sees Aeryn)
J: (to Aeryn; regretful, wanting to say more) Bye.
(Aeryn nods, her eyes teary, then looks away with her jaw set as John turns back to Farscape 1)

Scene 3: Various other clips may have been cut: a shot of the hatch of Farscape 1 opening on the beach, John squinting into the sun, as well as a clip from the examinations.

Scene 4: Holding Cell

(John has been asking Cobb who won the Superbowl, and Cobb has been spectacularly unhelpful)

J: Do you know who Ty Cobb is, Cobb? Do you know who Babe Ruth is?
Cobb: Some fat guy who played for the Yankees.
J: Well at least you know something.
(Jack Crichton enters the lab and the scene proceeds as before)

Scene 5: The Morning After...
(Inside the bungalow; sunlight streaming in the windows. Aeryn is perched on a chair arm, wearing what looks like a pajama top, a windbreaker, and baggy pants. She is reading maps. John is lying shirtless in bed, half-buried by pillows.)

(John makes groaning half-awake noises)
A: [over her shoulder, without looking around] Get out of bed, John.
J: [groaaan] Morning....
A: Come on, I've worked out that plan we talked about.
J: Aeryn! Ummmm... [He turns over, a little more awake] About last night---
A: [still not looking at him, concentrating on the maps] Yes, it's fine John, it's just not top priority just now. Gone through all of these pictures, and I've found a few places that seem uninhabited enough to hide in.
J: Aeryn... [She finally turns to glare at him in frustration, maybe embarassment] You're right. We, umm.. have to find a place to hide.
A: Let's go---
J: Nooo, you're not going anywhere dressed like that.

(Aeryn looks confused as the scene ends, then comes back to the scene of her in a dress, as aired in the US version)

Scene 6: Outside the lab/holding place complex

Scene takes place right after the one at the pool hall, when John opened the Ladies' Room door and saw the wave of light. A truck drives by and three or four guards, as well as Wilson, point guns at John as he approaches)

Wilson: Sir-- stop!
J: Make me. You're not going to shoot, you're not even Wilson.
Wilson: Where's the female alien?
J: I'm going to go talk to the man in charge, and we both know it ain't you.

(He exits into the building, then the scene picks ups with the Dad-Alien as aired in the US)