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1.7 I, E.T.
Writer: Sally Lapiduss
A=Aeryn, J=John, Z=Zhaan, D=D'Argo

Scene 1: Teaser: Longer intro with John running through the halls and shaking his head.

Scene 2: After D'Argo sticks his head in the access hole to the chamber with the Peacekeeper device, in the US version we hear him mutter "Peacekeepers" rather disgustedly.

In the Canadian version, he just shakes his head and we get to see Aeryn looking in, frowning, and then finally John peeking in and looking confused.

Scene 3: Just after Pilot says "the external broacast is increasing exponentially...", we get:

Z: "Aeryn, can the device be removed?"
Aeryn shrugs
D: "I'll get it out!" (He sticks his head in pushes the DRD out of the way, and after a couple shoves realizes there is *no* way he's fitting through the hole.)
Z (v USA) "Pilot! Can the device be removed?"

Scene 4: The John/Aeryn conversation where he says she's "stand up" and she complains about not having a home.

J: (v USA) "Well join the club."
Aeryn is looking away
J: "Hey!"
(Aeryn looks at him, and he points meaningfully at his madly twitching eye)
J: "Does this bother you?" (pause) "Because it bugs the crap out of me. So can we go? Before we become a permanent tourist attraction in this bog?" (He turns away and starts leaving the room) "... and my eye falls out... shesh!"
(Aeryn looks resigned and follows him)

Scene 5: Aeryn and D'Argo up in the tree...

The first time, in the US version, all we see is Aeryn grab his hand and then D'Argo saying "Careful, Peacekeeper."

A: "Peacekeeper." (disgusted) "If I was still a Peacekeeper would I be sitting on this planet next to you?"

(D'Argo reaches down between their bodies, grunts and (maybe) squishes something. He looks very satisfied anyway.)

A: "[It's] been long enough. I say we go."
D: "Not quite yet. Those hounds are still out there. They could track us down in a second."
A: "Fine. Let's just perch here and do nothing then."
D: "Listen, Aeryn. If you have a problem with my strategy..."
A: (laughs) "I should have known that this would be Luxan strategy. It's probably why you did so well against the [Grisoldians]."
D: "[Grisoldians]? What do you know of them?"
A: "Oh everyone know about that battle. How the Luxans went screaming into retreat so fast..."
D: "Those monsters murdered thousands of Luxan women and children. We had no alternative to retreat." (pause) "We soon took our revenge."
A: "Um... And murdered thousands of their women and children."
D: "We had no alternative to that either."
A: "Uh-huh. I'm sure the [Grisoldians] said the same thing."

Scene 6: The second scene with Aeryn and D'Argo up in the tree... ends with:

D: (v US) "Then I will go find him."
(Aeryn snorts)
D: "You think I will not?"
A: "I think I'll be searching for both of you in less than an [aern]."

Scene 7: After Rygel admits to not even knowing how to use a tool and Zhaan tries to convince him to continue removing the Peacekeeper device.

Zhaan leaves the room to speak with Aeryn.

A: (holding her arm) "Will he do it?"
Z: (sighs) "I believe so." (She reaches out towards Aeryn's wound.) "I have something to heal that."
(Aeryn moves away before Zhaan can touch her and starts to pace.)
A: "Later, we'll deal with the ship first."
Z: "Of course."
A: (about Rygel) "What's taking him so long?"
Z: "Give him a moment. It's a big responsibility riding on those not-so-large shoulders."
A: "Are you truly able to take away this ship's pain? This entire ship?"
Z: (sighs again) "I only share the pain. I'm afraid that Moya still bears the larger portion. I don't know how she's doing it."
A: "What about how you're doing it?"
(Zhaan smiles and laughs)
A: "Are you laughing at me?"
Z: "No, no my dear. I'm not laughing. You just seemed very briefly to be... concerned for me."
A: "I'm concerned that only that you'll be able to complete your undertaking to share Moya's pain."
Z: "Yes, of course."
(They part)

Scene 8: The first time we see Pilot talking to John over the radio, we get "Pa'u Zhaan is helping all that she can, but we..."

Scene 9: In the final section, there's a slightly longer takeoff scene and more of the mother (Lineea) looking at both the ship and her son.