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1.14 Jeremiah Crichton
Writer: Doug Heyes, Jr.
A=Aeryn, D=D'Argo, J=John, R=Rygel, Z=Zhaan
Rk=Rokon (male warrior), L=Lishala (John's lady suitor), G=Kato-Re (male chief, Grandeer), N=Neera (female priest, mother of Rokon)

Scene 1: At the start, just after John throws the stone in the water, the scene is longer. Rokan gets introduced earlier. (85 sec)

Rk: (Comes from behind, the trail) "Lo'shalla -- your father demands your return to the village."
L: "Is it my father that demands it or you, Rokan?"
Rk: "When would you ever do as *I* demand?"
L: "When you learn to ask nicely." (Turns to Crichton) "You can teach him that." (She leaves).
Rk: "I see you took a [shekkle]. Too bad -- a baby. Don't take them smaller than this."
J: (Walking around, wiping hands, etc.) "All right."
Rk: (Picks up map.) "This is Lishala's map of the sky. Why did she give it to you?"
J: "[Well] I guess she thought it might help me... find my way home."
Rk: "She has never given *me* such a gift."
J: "Rokan... you don't need a map to get home." (Prods fire with a stick.)
Rk: "You know you'll never go home. Not from Oqua'a."
J: (Pause) "You're probably right... but this is the first place I've been that makes me feel I can live with that."
Rk: "But the question is... can Oqua'a live with you?"
J: (Shakes head.)
Rk: "[Grandeer] wants to see you. Be there at high sun." (Leaves)
(John throws stick into the sand by the giant/baby crab.)

Scene 2: When the Grandeer talks to Crichton about Lo'shalla possibly wanting to choose him as a mate, there's a few extra -- and very interesting -- lines. (17 sec)

J: (US) "When I look at her... I see a friend."
G: "If it should become more than that... You need to understand that...."
J: "[Tatarak]... I deeply appreciate the way your people have welcomed me, but I chose to build my home away from the village because I do not want to interfere in your ways."
G: (US) (Pause) "Amongst our people, it is the female who chooses...."

Scene 3: Just after D'Argo and Rygel land, when Aeryn and Zhaan are talking about getting them back there's a bit more in two little bits (approx 13 sec).

A: (US) "You were a lot more agreeable as a peace loving priest."
Z: (Pause) "As I assume were you as a Peacekeeper pilot."
A: "I didn't give up my calling -- you did."
Z: (US) "My personal decision to put aside the spiritual [seek] is none of your business. I warn you fairly Aeryn -- do not go there."
A: "Is that a threat?"
Z: "I'll only tell you once..."
Z: (US) "...there are lines that we should never cross."

Scene 4: The Grandeer and the head priestess are talking about the alien that attacked Rokan, extra line. (13 sec)

N: (US) "... your office depends upon the sanction of mine..."
N: "Do not show weakness here, Kato-Re -- our people will not stand for it."(She leaves.)

Scene 5: When D'Argo tells John that they looked for him for the past three months, he's a little more appreciative. :) (15 sec)

D: (US) "... quarter of a cycle searching for you."
J: "This whole time... the last three months... and you came back -- to look for me?"

Scene 6: D'Argo and John are sitting by the Farscape when Lishala shows up to see D'Argo for the first time. Longer setup.

Scene 7: At the start of the scene when Rygel gets a copy of the sacred text, he enjoys being served just a *smidgen* more... (5 sec)

R: (US) "This is too, too much -- keep it coming."
R: "Oh! Fruit! [Shatan] jerky!" (Burps loudly)

Scene 8: There's a much longer setup shot of John walking.

John walks down the beach, storing stuff in his lean-to and then coming around the Farscape to see Lishala sitting there. It's the scene where she reveals that Rygel and the others could die if Rygel is exposed as a false Masada. (25 sec)

Scene 9: There's extra dancing at the start of the scene when the head priest peeks her head in and overhears Rygel admitting to *not* being the Masada. (21 sec).

Scene 10: When Aeryn and Zhaan shoot off the message. (5 sec)

A: (US) "No signal, no data, no contact... she's gone."
A: "So -- now all we can do is wait."
Z: "And pray for a miracle." (Sighs)

Scene 11: When Rygel is saying goodbye to the Grandeer, he grabs a piece of the jerky, opens wide and shoves it towards his mouth. He's got a wonderfully blissful expression on his face. (7 sec)