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1.1 Premiere
Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon
J = John, A = Aeryn, Z = Zhaan, D = D'Argo, P = Pilot

Scene 1: Zhaan and D'Argo talking about age, and what they were jailed for.

Extra line:
Z: "Actually, I was the leading anarchist."

D: "I have seen two battle campaigns."
Z: "Only two?"

(extended scene starts with D'Argo pulling his hand away from Zhaan's)

D: "You know Peacekeeper coding."
Z: "Yes, I spent three cycles on a maximum labour planet."
D: "Which one?"
Z: "Mikar-7, assigned to Peacekeeper [intellilant] interface."
D: "I was on Mikar-7."
Z: "Truly?"
D: "In the 93rd level. In the chemlach mines."
Z: "Why aren't you dead?"
D: "I often ask myself that same question. [Why] so many others died while the Peacekeepers looked on. Somehow it made me stronger. I suppose the warrior in me became too strong not to survive."
Z: "Perhaps you survived for this."
D: "This escape?" (almost laughs) "I doubt it will last long enough for the Peacekeepers to even note it in their log."
Z: "Not the escape itself, but what we pray will be the result. Freedom."
D: "That is a very... Delvian way to look at the situation."
Z: "I am nothing if not a product of my upbringing."
D: "And I of mine."
Z: "Then perhaps togethers a warrior and a priest can help save each other."
(Ends with meaningful/hesitant looks)

Scene 2: Extended scene in between John showing Aeryn the fork he hid in his sleeve and her disparaging the Farscape-1.

John and Aeryn are walking down one of Moya's halls.
A: "Come on! Move faster!"
J: "What are you going to do?"
A: "I'm going to sabotage this ship."
J: "Sabotage? Give me a break. They haven't hurt us. How about we show them a little compassion?"
(They stop walking and Aeryn turns towards John.)
A: "Compassion? What is compassion?"
J: "Compassion? What... you're kidding right? It's a feeling that you have when you see someone else is in pain and instead of taking advantage of their weakness you help them."
A: "I know this feeling."
J: "Well... it's a fairly common human feeling."
A: "I hate it."
(John just looks at her and turns back to where he was walking from.)
J: "You know what? I'm on the wrong team here. I'm just going to stay."
A: "Fine. Do what you want. But if you stay with these lowlives, you'll die with them."
J: "Well, how do I know I can trust you?"
A: "You don't. That's just another thing you don't know."
J: "Damn!"
(He follows her.)

Scene 3: Extra scene just after they've done the slingshot manuever and escaped from Crais.

In between the shot of Moya floating against the yellow-tinged gas cloud/spiral galaxy and John pulling some equipment from the Farscape-1.

(Rygel peeks his head out from where he's been hiding underneath a table. John stands up. He's grabbled onto both the table and (I think) Zhaan's arm.)
P: "It's gone."
J: (to Aeryn) "Thank you."
P: "It's gone!"
Z: "You can let go now John. Thank you."

Zhaan turns him towards her and places the side of her head against his -- eyes touching. We hear a zapping noise and John's eyes go completely zoned for a few seconds. It doesn't look like he's in pain though. ;-) D'Argo is watching and looks annoyed/envious.

J: (softly) "Whoa." (He cracks his neck a couple of times.)