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1.13 Rhapsody in Blue
Writer: Andrew Prowse

Scene 1: Longer pan shot starting at the bottom of the bed.

John: You are the tastiest thing I have had since last night.

Scene 2: After John closes the box containing the engagement ring, there's a bit more.

John: Well, if were meant to be together, we'll be together.
Alix: I love you.
John: I love you. (rolls back and they start kissing again)
John: (US) (rolls off his bed in the Moya)
(The scene continues, and John gets tossed around the room a few times -- wearing only his underwear)

Scene 3: Just after the intro credits, when they're all still at the surface outside the temple.

Tahleen: (US) You'll soon forget this toxic surface.
John: Toxic - that figures.
(Aeryn looks around suspiciously, and stares at old priest/Tuzak)

Scene 4: At the squid pool. More stuff mixed in and out of stuff seen in the US.

John: (US) Total nutrition. What's not to like?
Aeryn: (looking around) This place... these people... their "serenity".
John: [I don't know. At] least you've still got your position, Aeryn.
Aeryn: (US) It amazes me how people mistake theosophy for superiority.
John: You know - I don't think anything amazes you.

(Note: this shows John speaking here, but in US version we get him saying it as a voice over while seeing his back from Zhaan's POV)

John: (he grabs one of the squid-things) I mean, look at this. You ever seen one of these before?
(Aeryn gives him a supremely disinterested look)
John: What would you call this? I dub thee "trigopod"! What? No... no, no reaction from you? (he drops it)
Aeryn: Incredible! How special! - They're a food source, John.
John: No, Aeryn. It's unique. It's a squid-calamari-cucumber, and, and it is incredible.
John: (US) Look up, look at this - this is a ship, Aeryn, and it's incredible... it's also a little creepy.

(Tahleen starts speaking to Zhaan (US) and we see the shot of John's back - see note above.)

John: Okay, almost everything we see almost everyday is brand new to both of us. It's worthy of a response.
(Aeryn makes a face and purses mouth)
John: On the other hand, it is a little creepy.
(Aeryn nods head emphatically, smiles slightly. John grabs another squid and it goes into the scene with Tahleen messing with John's memories)

Scene 5: Just after Aeryn gets kicked out of the temple, we see Asgal walk down the steps and meet up with Lorana.

Hesgal: This is wrong, Luranna. We are far outside our vows.
Lorana: What choice do we have, Hesgal?
Hesgal: That is Tahleen talking, not you. Don't be blinded by her madness.
Lorana: I pity you your jealousy. Tahleen and I share Unity now - not you and I. Accept that and move on.
(Hesgal sighs. Lorana stalks off, leaving a very annoyed Hesgal behind)

Scene 6: The scene where Zhaan kills her former lover, Bitaal. It starts earlier, and adds a bit.

Zhaan: In the fires of [the touch] I search for Unity with you, my companion.
Bitaal: Ah, magnificent Zhaan.
Bitaal: (US) Ease the burdens of my flesh with your soul. Envelop me.
Zhaan: (US)Release your mind,
Zhaan: Bitaal.
Zhaan: (US)Surrender your demons for I have others to replace them.

Scene 7: A bit later

Zhaan: (US) Avenging the lives you have ruined.
Bitaal: (US) Argh! Zhaan!
Zhaan: The world you put at risk.

Scene 8: When John confronts Zhaan just after her session of "Unity" with Tahleen, and her eyes have just turned red.

Zhaan: (US) I don't have the strength to start over again.
John: No, just... just stay put. Stay put. We're not done yet.
(He goes off to find Tahleen)

Scene 9: At the end of the scene when Tahleen orders Lorana and Hesgal to do whatever it takes to keep Zhaan on the planet.

Tahleen: (US) I didn't get enough to quell the madness. (stalks off)
Hesgal: (moves over next to Luranna) She will forge another Unity with Zhaan, and most likely kill her in the process.
(He stalks off. Lorana looks torn)

Scene 10: In the last scene with Lorana really turning on the brain-twisting effect on John to get his attention away from Zhaan.

Alix: (US) When do I become more important than Zhaan?(holds up hand with wedding band)
John: (US) I never gave you that.

(Scene switches back to the bedroom scene from start of show)

John: (kissing, but Alix isn't kissing back) What's wrong?
Alix: I'm scared.
John: (continues kissing her chest and moving down her body) Hah, like you're scared. What?
Alix: Well, when I agreed to pass on Stanford, and go with you... What if things don't work out between us, and I'm stuck in Florida alone?
John: You will never (kiss) ever (kiss) be stuck alone. I promise.
Alix: Now how am I going to hold you to that one?
John: (chuckles, reaches down, grabs the ring and puts it on her chest) Alexandra Kimberly Conner...
John: (US) ... marry me?

Scene 11: A couple of extra lines in the scene with Zhaan lying with her head resting on Tuzak's dead body. Zhaan's just revealed she plans to kill Tahleen.

John: (US) Just like you did your lover.
Zhaan: You were always the most clever one on Moya, but I will not miss you.
John: Zhaan... Zhaan, just stop. Stop thinking about Tahleen. I want you to start thinking about yourself for a little while.
Zhaan: (US) The urge to give retribution is intoxicating.