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1.10 They've Got a Secret
Writer: Justin Monjo
J=John, A=Aeryn

If the scenes in "That Old Black Magic" were hard to find -- these were extremely easy. Both were John/Aeryn scenes that occurred in the section after the first commercial break. The only real problem is that they both TALK TOO FAST! My hands hurt! ;-) -- DS

Scene 1: set immediately after Aeryn yells that last time for Chrichton with her hand stuck to the floor and before we see them at the basin washing her hand with water.

The scene takes place with John lying on his stomach, a glass-like jar full of yellow liquid and a small metal bowl filled with some of it sitting in front of him. He's got a set of scissor-clamp (like the surgeon's use -- remarkable bit of concurrent evolution ) with what looks like a cotton ball at the end. He's alternating getting dipping the ball into the liquid and then dabbing it on the purple gunk holding Aeryn's hand to the floor. Time 1:34 min.

J: "Zhaan said this [murine] solvent should do the trick, but it's very strong so I gotta get it only on the DRD gunk and [not any] of it on your hand."
A: "Right."
J: "And we have to rinse it immediately afterwards...."
A: "Right, right, right -- let's just hurry up shall we?"
J: "Excuse me for being careful, but this stuff could eat through your skin right down to the bo--"
A: (interrupts) "Okay, so let's just avoid that."
J: "My thoughts exactly so *pipe* down and hold still!"
A: "[You know] I'm going to track down that little droid and rip off both its antennae."
J: "Happy place, Aeryn. Go to your happy place. Look, there's obviously something wrong with the DRD's. We just gotta figure out what it is before they do some serious damage to the ship."
A: "If they haven't already."
J: (Stops dabbing.) "OK. Try it again."
(Aeryn pulls, grunts and basically tries to rip her arm off, but it's not budging.)
J: "Good, no, good, good -- it's working." (He starts dabbing again.)
A: "Wonderful. At this rate, I'll have two whole fingers freed by tomorrow."
J: (Laughs) "That's good. You're being funny again. You know, you're lucky it only got your hand and your shoe. You got this stuff on another body part and it would've been you and Pilot being permanent fixtures on this ship."
A: "Oh! Oh yes -- is that *you* being funny?" (Jerks at hand.) "This is ridiculous!"
J: "Well -- it's gonna work. Eventually."
(Aeryn grunts and pulls)
J: "Trust me."
(Aeryn grunts and pulls)
J: "Hey easy! You're going to rip your hand off!"
(There's a ripping sound and her hand comes off the floor. She has a face full of combined pleasure, pain and shock.)
J: "That's it. Told you it would work."
(He gets up, and the shot ends with Aeryn just *looking* at him.) ;-)

Scene 2: John and Aeryn are in the cafeteria getting a drink.

This takes place before the cafeteria scene shown in the US version, but with a shot of Moya in between to indicate a slight time difference. After finishing their drinks, they went for food. :) Basically, they're sitting down, drinking whatever and talking. The scene occurs after the one where John speculates the virus might be airborne.

J: "I don't know, maybe that's why the air smells so... stale."
A: "Why?"
J: "Because of the virus. It's all over the ship."
A: "That's a hasty conclusion. Let's wait and see what Zhaan's analysis shows."
J: "Look -- Moya's a living being, right? And there are viruses galore out here in the galaxy. I mean, Hell! What, what are our chances of catching the [Carubian] plague or something?"
A: "Well, it all depends on each creatures' immune systems. Whether they're capable of fighting off invaders or creating an inhospitable breeding ground."
J: "All right, but ok... Sebacean's for example. Do you have innoculations? I mean, how do you guys deal with all the stuff floating around out here?"
A: "Well -- we're born and bred on ships. We're in a totally controlled environment until we're sent off on our first Peacekeeper assignment."
J: "Wait -- so you guys just zip around the galaxy hoping you don't just pick up some STD -- Space Transmitted Disease?"
A: "No. We're issued a standard number of innoculations as you call them, against all known destructive bacterium and viral matter."
J: (Looks thoughtful) "Do we have any of that on board?"
A: (Not answering.) "And if some new malicious organism is discovered, our scientist engineer an anti-substrate -- a growth blocker, to stop it from affecting our systems."
J: "So, basically, you... you have no disease."
A: "Basically -- yes."
J: "What about Moya?"
A: "If anything attacks one of her systems, she starts fighting back."
J: "Aeryn, you were born to this. I mean, this science... You've had it your whole life. You have no idea how advanced it all is to me."
A: (Smiles.) "I think I do."
(John looks really, personally upset. This isn't abstract to him.)
J: "No! I don't think you do. Disease and death are rampant on my world. Bacteria and viruses destroy crops, animals, people at... at incalculabe rates."
A: "Well, each ecosystem has its own logic. So maybe yours is a simpler way of keeping population under control."
J: "No, no this is a better way. The suffering you've managed to avoid with your science is imeasurable."
A: "Creatures still die out here. And we find new ways to suffer, and to make others suffer."
J: "Well, I never said Earth had any monopoly on that."
A: "But you say that you want to go back to this place -- Earth. A place you tell me has so much disease and suffering?!"

(pause and then the best line....)

J: "Well -- you guys don't have chocolate."

I didn't make that up! He said it! There's another shot of Moya, then the rest of the cafeteria scene.) Time 2:15 min.