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1.4 Throne for a Loss
Writer: Richard Manning
D=D'Argo, JC=John Crichton, R=Rygel, Z=Zhaan, A=Aeryn, J=Jossep, TB=Tavlek Boy

Some neat scenes were cut out -- one of them being another funny Aeryn/D'Argo scene. The cut scenes were all pretty short, with no major background additions. As always -- unspellable words have [guesstimate] spellings. (D.S.)

Scene 1: Just after the credits: Extra few seconds showing Zhaan removing the Tavlek Boy's helmet.

Scene 2: Longer initial scene between Jossep and Rygel where they're comparing dominions.

J: (v US) "The imperfection is yours."
R: "How big is it?"
J: "Ten thousand."
R: "Hah! Tch... I have six hundred billion subjects!"
J: "Ten thousand planets. Each planet averaging some four billion Trao."
R: "Ahh... I don't believe you."
J: "The imperfection is yours."

Scene 3: Extra reaction shot of John in the Prowler after he wakes up looking very stunned/annoyed.

Scene 4: Extra long shot in scene where Zhaan takes off her robe.

In the longer version, she drops the robe to the ground, and then slowly puts it back on. We get a full back shot. (Ed. -- I don't know if it was a body double or not, but... I hope I'm in close as good a shape when I'm her age.)

Scene 5: Just after Rygel's served his meal in a skull.

R: (v US) "The bowl... it's a skull."
J: "That could be no one you knew. Ah... excuse me will you?" (bends head to eat)
R: (to skull) "Stop looking at me."

(A tentacle comes into Rygel's cell, twists around the skull/bowl and starts pulling it towards Jossep's cell.)

R: "Hey! Hey! Tentacles off! Tentacles off! What do you think you're doing?"
J: "It was unwanted by you."
R: "That doesn't mean you can have it!"

Scene 6: Just before the scene where Rygel reveals to Jossep that he's worthless, there's an entirely extra scene between Aeryn and D'Argo.

It starts with Aeryn lying on the ground, with D'Argo sitting spread out right next to each other in another example of him having no concept of "personal space".

A: "I hate this."
D: "Does your head hurt?"
A: "Yes!" (pause) "Yours?"
D: "Pounding like a [Maxillan Palidar] day parade."
A: "I'm so tired I..."
D: "It took a few hours for me to fully recover, so I imagine for a Sebacean we should probably double that."

(Aeryn tries to get up, but can't make it. D'Argo props his arm behind her head so she's lying supported on it.)

D: "Don't be so childish. Actually, it took quite a few hours for me to recover."
A: "Crichton should be back by now."
D: "Well, he's probably at the wrong end of some Tavlek weapon somewhere."
A: (laughs) "Imagine... somewhere out there, there's a whole world full of Crichtons. How useless that must be."
D: "It's amazing that he can actually provide us with some common ground."
A: "Who would have thought... that there'd be a race more clumsy and pathetic than the Luxans."

(D'Argo jerks his arm away. Aeryn falls back to the ground and hits her head.)

A: "Ow!"
D: "I'm sorry. You know how clumsy we Luxans can be."

Scene 7: Extra scene just after D'Argo gives Aeryn his sword/rifle to cover their retreat.

TB: "Argh! This food is horrible -- almost inedible!"
Z: "You're welcome. Thank you for being such a gracious guest."
TB: (laughs) "What are you?"
Z: "Older... wiser... certainly not as hungry as you."
TB: "When I was sick before, sweating and shaking, you did that thing where you..."
Z: "When I kissed you?"
TB: "No! Ah... yes... When you took the pain away. How did you do that?"
Z: "I'm a Delvian Pa'u; priest of the ninth level. We learn to... share others' pain."
TB: (laughs) "Talveks learn how to inflict it!"
Z: "Yes. I've seen you in action. Very impressive."
TB: "Yes it was. We boarded your ship, stole your king. I was a part of that."
Z: "That is who you are when you wear the guantlet, but perhaps the real you is..."
TB: "[I'm] sick of hearing your [block]!"
Z: "That I know for sure... Have you ever been though something like this before? Your body freed of poisons?"
TB: "Poison!?" (shoves the food tray away) "This is the only poison I have in my body! Why would I want to be free? Our guantlet is our food, our blood, our life! It makes us capable of anything! Hah!"
Z: "I know that is what you believe, but... what I wonder is what you alone are capable of?"
(meaningful looks)

That's it! Most of the extra scenes were after the third commercial break.