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1.17 Through the Looking Glass
Writer: David Kemper
J=John, Z=Zhaan, C=Chiana, D=D'Argo, R=Rygel, A=Aeryn, P=Pilot

Most of the cuts from this episode are reaction shots, the length of some of the "John running through the hallways" shots was reduced, and one or angles were cut. Otherwise, the following are the only noticeable snippings.

Scene 1: Reaction shot of Aeryn after John is sucked through from the blue universe to the yellow universe.

She doesn't see him disappear, so she is looking around, confused/worried, then draws her gun, scanning the area.

Scene 2: After Pilot explains how they got in this mess

J: "Wild guess here.... we're still in Starburst?"

Scene 3: As John exits to go through and talk to the others a second time:

Z: "What do you have in mind?"
J: "Get the others, bring them back."

Scene 4: Yellow Moya

Right after Rygel's sung his little song about going in reverse, and John has exited, Rygel and Chiana are still laughing.

R: "There's a little dance that goes with that, but I can't do both at the same time."
(They both collapse into giggles)

Scene 6: John re-enters onto the main Moya.

Zhaan meets him with a gun. After Zhaan says she was beginning to wonder if she was waiting in the wrong place, they start walking, fast, down the hallway.
Z: "Pilot reports full reverse power. You did it, John."
J: "What about the creature?"
Z: "I keep shooting at it, but it keeps coming back."
J: "Well, we gotta hold it off until Pilot can get us out of here. Your vestments?"
(He's glancing down, realizing she's wearing some of her Pa'u's robes)
Z: "I suddenly realized that I had forsaken the priesthood in practice but not in my soul."
J: "Why'd you put them back on now?"
Z: "I ... I fear we may die here soon."

Scene 7: Afterwards, the party on the restored Moya.

After Chiana's "Should I be telling you this?" and Zhaan's "... kicked more ass than you've sat on," response.

D: "Is it just me, or is this the best food that we have ever had?"
Z: "Nothing like the taste of death to clear the palate."
A: "Well there isn't a thing here that I couldn't live on for a cycle."
C: "Except... except maybe this."
D: "Now, I was assuming that because of the lack of taste in that, it was a garnish." (much laughter)
J: "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Those are Grandmother Crichton's buttermilk biscuits."
R: "What's in them?"
J: "Self-rising flour, salt, shortening, buttermilk, and a touch of honey."
Z: "But we have none of those things, John."
J: "Maybe that's the problem."
(Everyone cracks up again, and Pilot interrupts with his news about Moya)