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1.12 'Til the Blood Runs Clear
Writer: Justin Monjo
A=Aeryn, D=D'Argo, J=John, P=Pilot, R=Rygel, Z=Zhaan, Ro=Rorf, T=Turlow

Hmm... this is one of my least favourite eps of first season. It's hard because there's parts that I found hilarious, and others that I just found plain stupid. If I could cut out more of the "alpha male posturing", maybe I'd just love it. That scene with John and D'Argo shaking hands, Zhaan going all orgasmic, Aeryn holding it together.... [] means I couldn't figure it out reliably even after hearing it about 10 times. :)

Scene 1: In the teaser, there's an extra shot of Aeryn's face in the solar flare, and an extra reaction shot of Zhaan's just after she tells Pilot to go into the planet's shadow. She looks *extremely* satisfied.

Scene 2: When John asks Rygel for the name of the mechanic we have a slight change/subtraction as well as addition.

J: (US) "... name of, ah..."
R: (US) "Furlow." (Shoots a very smug look at D'Argo.)

In Canadian version, we *don't* get the smug look. :(

J: "Rygel... Rygel!"
R: (Wakes up) "What?!"
J: (US) "... mechanic,"
J: "... name of Furball?"
R: (Still sleepy) "Furlow, Follow... something like that."
(Zhaan shoots Rygel a questioning look)
R: "Furlow." (Sighs and closes eyes again)

Scene 3: Just after John calls D'Argo a pain in the ass, we get a *very* funny addendum. (25 sec)

D: (US) "Crichton! Crichton!"
D: "Pilot -- reestablish contact."
P: "I can't. Solar activity has reduced the range of the coms."
D: (Tilts head questioningly) "What is a 'pain in the ass'?"
Z: "Human speak I believe..." (Smiles) "... for someone irritating, stubborn, obnoxious..."
R: "A simpleton..."
(D'Argo now looks plain ticked off.)
R: "A dolt, idiot..."
D: "I get the idea." (Turns and starts to leave.)
R: "Moron."
(Said with just enough of a pause so there's no way for D'Argo to be sure Rygel wasn't still 'explaining' the term.)

Scene 4: Going down to the planet, extra bit with John and Aeryn. (50 sec)

J: "You're with me on this, right?"
A: "Oh, so now it occurs to you to ask."
J: "Look, sorry, okay? I got a little caught up. I thought we were just going to collect some data. I had no idea we'd... actually start a wormhole." (He looks pleased as punch.)
A: "Well, we did. And you were ready to jump right into it."
J: "No. No I was not. I could see it wasn't stable."
A: "What if it had been? What if it was stable? What would you have done then? Flown straight into it without knowing where you'd come out on the other side and you were taking me with you! Next time, Crichton, you can fly solo!"
J: "Fine, Aeryn. Next time I will, but right now we have to get the module fixed."
A: "No. Actually *you* need to."
J: "Okay, I need to."
(Aeryn is silent)
J: "I need your help."
A: "As usual."
(So it ends with them both being angry.)

Scene 5: Extra few seconds of the desert guy looking around.

Scene 6: When John starts acting all alpha male with the two bounty hunters. (approx 25 sec)

J: (US) "Keep your damn mouth shut unless I tell you to speak."

(Extra reaction shot between them.)

J: (US) "I'm Butch. This is Sundance."
J: "We're the hole in the sky gang."
Ro: "Butch... and Sundance. I am Rorf."
J: "Worf?"
Ro: "Rorf!!!" (pause) "And this is my mate, Rorg."
J: "Well... Rorf,"
J; (US) "... you can forget about the fugitives."

Scene 7: Just after D'Argo lands in the desert, there's a lot more walking around with the bounty hunters also walking around, tracking him. (25 sec)

Scene 8: After Zhaan recovers from one of the flares, and she goes to ask Rygel where D'Argo is, there's a bit extra. (13 sec)

R: (US) "He went to retrieve Crichton and Aeryn."
R: "By force if necessary."
Z: "Oh... I'll have to go find him. D'Argo can be very impetuous... quick to anger."
(She leaves the room.)
R: "Yes! Please go!"
Z: "Pilot, prepare the shuttle for launch."

Scene 9: There's an extra Aeryn/Turlow scene after Aeryn is blinded.

The body of the alien that Turlow killed is being carried off by some of her flunkies at the start. It's place just before D'Argo jerks himself off of the rack. (18 sec)

F: "Why don't you just take it easy?" (pause) "It's only temporary. Probably."
A: "Probably?!"
F: "Sure! Sixty percent chance of recovery. Seventy, eighty even."
A: "How soon... Don't tell me -- you're not a [bleepen] ocular physician.

Scene 10: In the scene where Aeryn asks Furlow about modifying the PK beacon, there's an extra line. (14 sec)

A: (US) "You really have no intention of fixing this module anytime soon, do you, Furlow?"
F: "Ah -- I feel for you, I really do. Must be hard for someone as... ah, invulnerable as you to have to rely on the kindness of strangers."