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2.19 Liars, Guns and Money 1: A Not So Simple Plan

Writer Director Tour Date Production Number
Grant MacAloon Andrew Prowse January 5, 2001 2.18
What could've been a standard (well, standard for Moya's crew) bank job is complicated by the unexpected presence of Scorpius--- and John's slowly deteriorating mental state.

Best Lines
John: This is a depository, right? We have something to deposit.
Flunkey: What makes you think we'd be interested?
John: You ever heard of KFC?
Flunkey: KFC?
John: It is, to my knowledge, unique in the universe, and unique is always valuable. Now, we have managed to procure all 11 secret ingredients....

Natira: As a race, Luxans are inartful at love, inadequate at war, and intrinsically inept. But this one... is intelligent.

Aeryn: What are you doing?
John: Doing what guys do best. I'm looking for Baywatch... Better yet, the Discovery Channel.

John: Are you sure this is gonna work?
Stark: Yes, it will work, I've spent too much time thinking on it for it not to.
John: I spent too much time thinking through the Farscape project....
Stark: [truly irritated] Your side, my side! My side, your side!

Chiana: This is it? Ha! Lame. We can do better.
Zhaan: [yanking her back] Better is what I say it is.
Chiana: I knew that.

Scorpius: Natira will attend to me, should I require it.
Natira: That's true. I know many ways to bleed off your excess heat.

Rygel: Ten percent of this plan is lunacy! Fifty percent of this plan is not enough! One hundred percent of dead is dead!

John: Aeryn, if Scorpius gets me---
Aeryn: I know, shoot you.
John: No, no, shoot him! Look, we have to talk---
Aeryn: Not here, you'll get us both killed!
John: Aeryn, I have to tell you how I feel, I have to tell you---
Aeryn: No, you don't.
John: Yes, I do. I do....
Aeryn: No. You don't.

John: Hi ya, Braca. Tell me, is the rematch ever better than the original fight? [WHAP!]

Scorpius: A neurobio-tracer. Call it what you will. A tiny chip. A tiny see that's been growing in your brian. Touching every aspect of your personality, your memory.
John: Didn't happen to see Lorraine Johnson in there, did you?

John: Aeryn. I, umm... I meant what I said. Didn't say.
Aeryn: I know.

Kiki Says
Never let anyone tell you that Brits aren't helpful. We had so many sending us info on these last four eps, or trying to, that it took a major effort (okay, we closed our eyes and hit DELETE) to remain unspoiled. Not that we don't appreciate it: we think those lucky Limeys have been pretty cool and non-gloating about getting these eps before the U.S., overall. Virtual chocolate to all of 'em, and thanks for saying that you wished we'd been able to warn you about them first. We at TGUT appreciate knowing you need us... Otherwise, we really *would* be tempted to sit this arc out until it's done. As good as LG&M(1) is, it leaves major "To Be Continued" threads dangling, and we can already tell that we're in for it. The producers and everyone else are practicing their favorite game of Torture the Audience again. Hooo, boy. Buckle up, campers. The first drop on the roller coaster is dead ahead.

It was only a matter of time before our cash-poor and manic crew decided to turn to a life of outright crime, and they (and we) have a lot of fun doing it. Our Heroes Mock Danger--- wait a minute. No, they don't. Caution wins out over greed with these guys every time (except for His Acquisitiveness Rygel). That's why they're still alive. But when Stark re-appears (in fairly bizarre fashion, as usual) with a plan to help free Jothee as well as his own people, that immediately gives our trigger-happy Luxan all the reason he needs to go along with anything the ex-con says. Ah, D'Argo. I love you, dude, but some day, we *have* to figure out how to get a governor on that impulse control. (Not to mention a thermostat on the grudge-holding mechanism.)

Everyone else is thereafter sucked into the heist out of a need to help D'Argo, just like you'd expect. That this is part of Stark's well-thought-out plan (and how long has he been planning this? Since the Gammak Base last year? Earlier?) finally gives our roving-semi-corporeal ex-slave some character definition. Not only is he a manipulative schemer capable of being whatever anyone talking to him needs him to be at that moment--- a champion for D'Argo, a fellow mystic for Zhaan --- but he's got several screws loose and a hate for Scorpy that's nearly as strong as John's antipathy for the guy.

The final meltdown at the critical moment can't make you *like* Stark any better, but it does make him comprehensible. This is the same guy who was willing to try 4,000 combinations in order to get himself out of his cell--- but put him under do-or-die pressure, and some of the fault lines in his personality crumble. He might have his altruistic reasons, and he may genuinely like Zhaan, D'Argo and John--- but he always has his own agenda, handicapped by what he's been through as a PK prisoner. Kudos to Grant McA. for writing and to Paul Goddard for the acting, and finally getting a previously vague character delineated enough for the audience to understand him.

This overdue character expansion is minor, however, compared to the other conflicts explored in this ep--- and which are completely aside from the whole get-the-goodies-out-of-the-bank plot. Plots are outlined below --- and it's a tribute to the continuing quality of show that each one remains suspenseful up to (and beyond!) the final scenes of this ep.

Plot 1: Pirate-queen Zhaan (great outfit), hysterically toadying echo Chiana, and a mummified Rygel pull off the major portion of the robbery. Frankly, I think Chiana *made* Zhaan's outfit. Every despot needs an accessory like her, to pull off the whole criminal look. (And Virginia was clearly enjoying the chance to play wicked.) Having Rygel actually put some effort into a scam is a welcome treat, especially since it comes with so many opportunities to see him used, abused and kvetching about it. The Shadow Depository is sharply different from the PK Gammak base and other large facilities the crew's been trapped in or on, and the cool details of the lattice-doors and zooming deposit boxes go a long way to making this job work; the set designers pulled off another coup with this one. This plot is still semi-unresolved--- don't *tell* me that icky spider-thing that popped out of the beryllium boxes wasn't some sort of anti-theft device left by Natira!

Plot 2: Scorpy Lives. Or Dies. Well, we don't really believe that, do we? Even if we'd missed the promos for next week, there's no way any devotee of B-Movies could believe that Scorpy was actually dead, not after that agonized reaching-for-the-rod end shot. (And can I say how happy I am that my wish for radioactive MagLites was answered? Wheeee!) But *damn*, I wasn't sure exactly how this one would come out. It was definitely a toss-up right until the end as to whether John would be forced to save Scorpy's life, then escape by the skin of his teeth-- or get to be free of him permanently. And even though our most hated hybrid is undoubtedly alive, his control over John may be broken forever. May be.

Either way, John knows the truth now: Scorpy tagged him with a nanite. Scorpy knows he knows, since he flat-out told him--- and now he knows that John *can* resist the biotracer conditioning, when pushed hard enough. Our players have just advanced to the next level of Mental Kamikaze Chess. And snappily answered John's question about whether the re-match lives up to the first confrontation, too. How Wayne Pygram can ooze (literally, yuck) such malevolence and physical helplessness at the same time is beyond me. But then, Ben Browder conveying extreme physical pain combined with giddy rage has yet to leave me unconvinced, as well. Farscape is lucky, lucky, lucky, in both its hero and its main villain, and the actors who are giving it their all to make them real.

Plot 3: Aeryn and John continue to grow. In every unconventional way possible. John's mental stability is crumbling, but he trusted Aeryn enough to tell her the truth several eps ago--- so in nearly every scene, she's not just watching his physical back, but his mental grounding as well. Without recriminations, or criticism, or any of the bad reactions we might have expected of her only a year ago, never mind two years ago. That John's declaration of his feelings is largely inarticulate, and Aeryn still completely understands, is just one more example of how these two are starting to share a brain as well as their hearts. I love it. Can you blame me? Two best friends keep saving each others' lives, sanity, emotional stability, and they're never boring while doing it... 's wonderful. *sniff* Claudia Black does so much with the small stuff, a look, a tone of voice; and BB can go from the raging hero to collapsed on her shoulder without missing a beat; does it get better than this?

Last notes.... Practically no Pilot at all in this one (too bad, but we have hopes for next week), but we get another new villain in Natira (a wonderfully creepy cross between the Borg Queen, the ALIENS Queen, a dominatrix, and a Max Factor lipstick ad) who should be able to go the distance and show up again in the future. Although I have to add that if it means I'll find out more about Scorpy's personal life... I'll pass. Euch. No offense to either of the actors involved, but this leather-licking encounter sort of defined creepy for me... Nice seeing Braca again. Even nicer to see John get to hit him again, hard. Ha! Why do I like seeing this guy get beat up so much? I don't know. It must be the uniform. It just screams 'hit me.' .... Stunning mattes, as usual. Lots of fun with John and Aeryn running around. Angsty/angry bits with John and D'Argo, that will hopefully get resolved soon.

In fact, this one is eminently re-watchable in and of itself, totally separate from the arc it begins. So I'm giving chocolate truffles to Grant Mc and to Anthony Prowse, who kept this thing moving forward, despite how dense the plots were.

Now, if I can just steel myself for what's in store for us next week... I know I put those Lee Press-On Nails around here somewhere....

Perri Says
Have I mentioned lately how insane D'Argo makes me sometimes? That whole impulse control thing is just going to make me nuts, along with everyone else aboard Moya... well, the ones who aren't cruising that way already.

I really don't know if knowing about the chip will be better or worse for John's peace of mind. On the one hand, at least he's knows he's not hallucinating for no reason. On the other hand... well, Scorpy put a chip in his brain! Not exactly something to make him happy with the universe. But you have to admire John's streak of pure, unadulterated obstinacy. Even when he's falling apart and in the middle of another heinously complicated plot, he still conceives and carries out a damn-near successful plan to take out his nemesis. And later, that same pure, cussed stubbornness let's him roll right over Scorpy's programming, and be able to walk away without saving the bastard. Now, it would have been nice if he'd moved the cooling rod further away before walking, but his brain cells were scrambled, so we'll cut him some slack. Absolutely freakin' outstanding performance from Ben Browder throughout; there was never a moment that didn't ring absolutely true.

But with all due credit given to John's pigheadedness, he'd be in a rubber room mumbling to himself if it wasn't for Aeryn. I love, love, love that she knows about the hallucination/chip thing and has obviously been helping him deal with it ever since she found out. She's acting both as John's reality filter, and as a shield between him and rest of the crew, and doing a great job at both. Try to imagine the Aeryn we met two years ago being able to deal with John with this kind of efficient compassion, holding him up and holding onto him with equal ability (and with no yelling!). No way in hezmana. And she's doing all of that while assisting in the aforementioned hideously complicated plan, and while she's quietly, totally terrified out of her mind for John. (Actually, this may be why the plan was as frelling complicated as it was; Aeryn was too preoccupied worrying about John to really have any attention to spare for anything else until it was already rolling, so she didn't get in on the planning to any extent.) Both Aeryn and Claudia's performance of Aeryn are just amazing.

I still maintain that Stark is a walking, talking plot device, but at least he's a much more interesting plot device than he was in his last turn. And much more annoying, but what the hell. < shrug > It certainly made things exciting, not knowing how close to the edge Stark was at any given moment and, consequently, just how good this so-called 'plan' was. I'll give him credit where it's due -- if Scorpy and his merry band hadn't decided to show up right then, it probably would have worked like a charm. And I have no problems with him being in it for the vengeance; I actually trust someone with their own agenda (as long as I know what that agenda is) more than someone doing something 'out of the goodness of their heart' or some such dreck. Too easy for them to change their hearts halfway through....

I'll also give Grant McA. credit, by the way -- they managed to compress a significant amount of exposition into such a small area of time at the beginning of the ep that the gaping plot holes (how did Stark survive/return, how did Moya's crew find him, where did he assemble all of this equipment, and information on Jothee, and intelligence on the Depository) got plastered over and shoved into this little tiny corner where they could be easily ignored. < g >

But, back to D'Argo, King of One-Track Minds. He can be such a sensitive, New Age kind of man sometimes, then that circuit breaker gets tripped, the testosterone floods out and he goes Guy in a big, big way. < sigh > D'Argo? Sweetie? Just because John wants to take three seconds and make sure the damn plan is workable before risking everyone's lives for it doesn't make him untrustworthy, and doesn't betray your friendship, 'kay? Considering that a) D'Argo has always been right there eager to lead the charge into stupid -- nay, suicidal -- plans and b) John's plans don't usually involve risking every single member of the crew at once, he's really got no room to be moaning. Oh, I have sympathy for him, I can see why -- he wants his son back, as well he should. That doesn't, however, make me want to dope-smack him any less. He's not going to be any good to Jothee if he's dead.

Meanwhile, Chiana and Zhaan are getting to have far too much fun; I agree with Kiki, Chiana was exactly the right accessory for Zhaan's wonderful pirate outfit, just what the well-dressed psycho is wearing these days. < g > We get to see these two together so rarely these days (mostly since Chiana is usually off boinking D'Argo somewhere), that it's great to see them interacting, particularly in a way that encourages both of them to chew the scenery. I do wish Zhaan wasn't quite so blind where Stark is concerned -- he really is too unstable for everyone to be trusting him this much -- but I'm way impressed with her ability to exude menace. And Chia not only kiss-kick-cries, but also manages to slip D'Argo a very well-done clue at the end. < sniffle > Our little girl is growing up....

Rygel and Pilot don't get a lot to do, but what they do is crucial (and involves Rygel being uncomfortable and abused, wheee!). It's been a long, long time since the entire crew worked together on something like this, rather than everyone heading off to do their own thing and get into their own trouble, so it was pretty nifty. And they need to keep that knock-out gas around, just to give everyone a little break from His Noisiness every once in a while...

Do I need to mention the outstanding FX and set design? No, because Kiki did. < g > Kudos to the makeup department, too -- Natira was... icky and disturbing and extremely well-developed from the get-go, so we'll give some attagirls to the actress, too. Wayne does his usual excellent job of making Scorpius The Person You Most Want to See Die Messily and Onscreen, and it's always cool to have more character development on your main guy (although I maintain that unless it involves a very specific Human and Sebacean, I do not need this much information about sex in the Uncharted Territories!). And I can't wait to see what kind of a mood he's in when his brain cools off. < shudder > Run, John. Run far and fast.

Overall, a kick-ass start to what will hopefully be a kick-ass finale. And we're going to suffer through all three weeks of it, Just to Make You (Our Customers) Happy. < sigh > Okay -- Ibuprofin, chocolate, teddy bear, Valium, flamethrower... Yup. All set. Bring on next week!!

2.20 Liars, Guns and Money 2: With Friends Like These

Writer Director Tour Date Production Number
Naren Shankar Catherine Millar January 12, 2001 2.19
The plan continues to deteriorate and Moya's crew is forced to call in some old... allies?.... while Moya is viciously assaulted by an enemy within, and time starts running out for D'Argo's son.

Best Lines
[Harvey is the name we're using for Scorpius's little nanite-microchip-interface that's stuck in John's brain. Just 'cause it's shorter to call it that.]

Rygel: Every time I think there's more to you than a pair of pushed-up loomas and a corset, you disappoint me.
Chiana:From you, I'll take that as a compliment.

Aeryn: Forever the optimist.
John: Yeah, well, it's a common human trait... in humans with a death wish.

John: Three, we need a Tavloid.
Rygel and D'Argo: Tavlek!

Harvey: whispering Almost there, John. Almost there.
John: Okay, Leatherface, your turn.
Harvey: You never cease to amaze me, John.
John: Man, that's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that's a classic!
Harvey: You weren't supposed to be able to intitiate a conversation with this interface.
John: Yeah. Kinda sucks having someone inside your head, doesn't it?
Harvey: No matter. The task is almost complete. It wasn't easy. There are vast regions of your brain that are filled with nothing but--gibberish.
John: That would be high school. Like it or not, Scorpy, we're sharing now. And thats how I'm going to beat you.
Harvey: Perhaps you only believe that... because that's what we want you to think.

Rygel: What the frell!? It's gone!
Chiana: Someone beaten us to it!
Rygel: But who? Crichton's too honorable.
Chiana: Aeryn's too dull.
Rygel: D'Argo's too...
Chiana: Say it.
Rygel: Too simple?
Chiana: Yeah, but he's not a thief.
Rygel: Somebody is. We've been robbed!

Chiana: Our money's alive!
Rygel: You realize what that means?
Chiana: They're eating the ship!
Rygel: Yes, but... we're poor.

Durka: When I am finished with you, Dominar, Death himself will pray for you.
Rygel: I thought you might say something like that. [chortles happily, then shock-stabs Durka in the chest]

John: [to the Tavlek] You know, flossing could help you with that gingivitis.

D'Argo: How did you escape Scorpius?
Jothee: I didn't. He let me go.
Aeryn: But why? [ A moment of silence, as her face falls, and she realizes the truth]
D'Argo: Oh, no...

Scorpius: Hello, John.
John: You want the wormhole technology? I want your implant out of my head. So finally the rift between us is not so great. You do what you gotta do. [finally looking at Scorpius] You win.
Scorpius: As if there was ever any doubt.

Kiki Says
Wayyyyy late. Oh yeah. What can I say? Books, butterflies, work, work, sickness, chocolate... and yeah, not knowing how to start this. Ah well. It'll be up before the next one airs. (By about fifteen hours, but hey. The next one will be faster. Promise.)

It's two months late in the US, but it's Thanksgiving in the Uncharted Territories; and here are the things that your Tour Guides are thankful for:

As clip shows go, this one was painless! All the fun of seeing the past eps, without having to sit through a full recap of their plots. Plus a neat way to bring back the Tavlek, Sheyang, Vorkarian, and Zenetans by going for a "Guns of Navarone/Magnificent 7" plot, with the full use of the past history of this show and the most interesting relationships (D'Argo and the Vorkarians, for example) to make it fun. Not to mention allowing the costume department to re-use all those monster-masks that they put so much work into!

As we expected, Scorpy wasn't dead. We are grateful for this, because while he loathe him, death by overheating isn't quite nasty enough. We want him killed on-screen, painfully but not graphically. Personally, I'm voting for the Death by Sharp Instruments option, with lots of growly screaming. But he's got too much work ahead of him to let him die now.

And wow, he's not in a good mood. Whatever Natira is doing to help him (ahem) let off steam, he's beginning to work up a real personal anger for John. The guy's cost him too much time and effort lately. Scorpy killed all of those Baniks just to get to Jothee, exactly as expected. He is a bad, *bad* man. We knew this, but it's another nail in his eventual coffin. A stake through the heart is going to be in order before the end, I can tell. The sheer glee on his face at the end of the ep, gloating over John's surrender, is *not* pretty. I don't think John's going to walk away from this completely intact; and not only because of the 'vast regions of gibberish' that Scorpy's going to have to download and sift through to get what he wants. We are not thankful for this, at all. But we do see a *lot* of potential for things we _will_ be thankful to see in the next episode.

We are also thankful for proof that there's someone for everyone (as is shown over and over by the 'personal' scenes between Natira and Scorpy). However, we're not grateful enough to want to keep witnessing it. Ew.

We are grateful that Jothee rocks, and that he and D'Argo got their reunion after two years of only hearing about him. He seems as cool as his dad, and possibly a bit smarter; he's had a hard life up 'til now, and one assumes that he's had to be more subtle to survive. At the beginning of the episode, D'Argo was still hanging onto his anger with John due to missing his chance to find Jothee, but at least he was admitting it was a bad thing. A few moments with his kid cancelled all of that out... and happily, the big lughead is as loyal as he is stubborn, and will literally die before he lets John stay in Scorpy's hands. Anthony does a stellar job being a daddy, and then a guilt-stricken friend, and I kept swinging between wanting to hug him and wanting to shake him in equal parts. Kudos.

We are grateful that John is using the Scorpy-brain (Harvey, remember him?) to come up with a plan. A *good* plan. Too bad he didn't get a chance to use it; I'm hoping that this plan is still good enough that Aeryn, D'Argo and the others can implement some version of it to get him out of Scorpy's clutches. I want to scream at John for sacrificing himself, even while I know that he did it for the best and most unselfish reasons. With Moya disabled, he must've just run out of time to put the plan he had into action. This shouldn't be a problem in the next ep--- we hope. I *can* be grateful that Ben Browder can subtly play both John's fear and determination in surrendering himself to person he's been fighting in his head for the last cycle, and do it without visibly flinching-- while letting the audience know that he'd rather be anywhere else.

A severed head is probably the one thing your Tour Guides would accept as proof of death on this show, and thankfully in Durka's case, we've got one now. And icky bloody one, yuck. Just when I'm ready to give up on Rygel as a character--- just when I'm sick of him being strictly comic relief--- they let him be the thoroughly ruthless and smart little slug that he is capable of being. I *loved* the little shock-knife; plus, his gleeful commandeering of the mercenaries will go a long way toward keeping the next phase of their rescue operations under control (for a little while, at least).

I'm not surprised that the Zenetans weren't going to miss their delightful overlord. Durka was never the stablest of psychopaths, and I doubt he's grounded himself any further in the last year. Bringing him back just to kill him would seem like a waste, if we didn't have a much better villain in Scorpius now, not to mention the delightfully ambiguous Crais out there, stirring up trouble. Durka's scenery-chewing seems tame in comparison, and hey, at least he got to go out with a bang (or, well, a zzzzzt!) and a whimper.

I could *really* hurt Natira for what her little burrowers put Moya through. Not just because of the pain--- but because fire is one of her and Pilot's big phobias. Zhaan knew this, and that's why she was trying so hard to avoid it as the only solution. There's something so horrid about hurting our fave Leviathan; she can't talk, she can't express herself, Pilot can only scream for her... it's a horribly helpless feeling you get when you watch John and Aeryn walk through the scarred and scorched sections of the ship. Awesome job by Gigi, as the sole conscious person aboard while Moya is being cleansed, being forced to watch the others suffer and not enjoying it one bit. There is nothing to be grateful for here, except great acting from Lani, Virginia, and Gigi.

Oowwwww, for Aeryn. OW! Claudia Black is a reason to give thanks, as usual, especially in the last scene at the moment where she realizes what John just did. Given the revelations between them of last week, we don't have to guess what her reaction to this development is --- just settle in for the ride. Gigi Edgley is also a reason to give thanks, in doing great support work throughout this ep, as is Virginia Hey, Lani Tupu, and Rygel's crew. Paul Goddard is getting better, although his character is still too broadly drawn in some regards. But we are grateful for coherence in any shape it takes.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Sci-Fi Channel for making the Sci-Fi Chick go away. She was annoying and distracting and condescending, and we were not the target demographic. Given how often (and how loudly) we dissed her, we're now bowing to Sci-Fi and giving them a thumbs-up for changing the advertisement bumpers to a format that's *much* less inherently irritating.

And finally, we are grateful for chocolate. For teddy bears. For all the natural tranquilizers we can get our hands on. (And for Tour Partners who cover for us!) And for you, our customers, who are still asking us to bibble at will about our fave show. We're half-way through the inferno they call a season-ending arc... let's just be grateful this isn't the end yet, and that an Uncharted Territories Christmas and New Year's *might* still be in store.

Perri Says
Hoooooo boy. This ride is not for the faint of heart, people; we're talking sudden acceleration, high-G turns and absolutely no warning before those sharp drops! I think my stomach got left somewhere back in the Shadow Depository and I'm not going back to get it as long as Scorpy and his little leather fetishist are there! < shudder >

I'm not going to point out that massive parts of this episode do not stand up to any real thought. Given how sprawling we're given to understand the Uncharted Territories are, and how much ground Moya can cover in a single starburst, the thought of all of the previous encounters being within two days flight time in a Prowler is kind of silly, much less in range of the Farscape or a transport pod. And wow, no one had any trouble finding the exact same people they ran into last time, did they? Even the ones they weren't looking for....

But I'm not going to point any of that out, because frankly, I don't care. < g > I was too busy screeching, squeaking, squealing and generally having way too much fun. The reappearance of all of our old friends -- um, enemies -- from the early days of Farscape was fabulous, as were the twists put on all of them (which coincidentally left all of them in reasonably good position to be recruited, but see above re: things I'm not going to mention). The Sheyang captain is as cool, if fairly one-dimensional, as we last saw him; Bekhesh, on the other hand, is hysterical -- all of Zhaan's sermons to the boy, and his boss finds salvation all by himself! < snerk > And tosses it off with a shrug and the point about faith being easier when supported by money. I know some televangelists who'd love this guy! Even the Bloodtrackers get a lot more depth than they did in their last outing, with some of the drooling being replaced by people, and soon-too-be parents at that. Pretty nifty, dudes.

And the Zenetan pirates? Okay, hands up: How many people screamed as soon as they saw Durka? Well, Your Faithful Tour Guides were right with you on that one. And right there screaming as Rygel, the little toad, once again proved himself to be the guy you don't want to find on the other side of the negotiating table! Woo-hoo, the slug comes through! My only objection is that Durka was kind of a fun villain; his sudden, two-scene death was more than a little anticlimactic. On the other hand, Scorpy make Durka look like a fluffy little kitten, so what the hell. At least I think Rygel has officially worked out that set of his Issues.

It really was the episode of the guest stars, right down to the sexcapades of Natira and Scorpius, and can I just say for the record that we have once again gone way past my too-much-information threshold? 'Kay? < shudder > < retch > Natira continues to be, frighteningly enough, Scorpius' perfect match; the trap she set with the money was a truly lovely one (in a hideous way, considering who it was sprung on); I don't like the chick and her taste in men is appalling and grounds for lots of therapy (mine, not hers), but you have to admire her style. On the other hand, she took it awfully calmly when Scorpius apparently murdered the 10,000 or so of Stark's people that he'd said she was going to get to sell. < shrug > That wacky Scorpius, he's so unpredictable that way.

And how cool is Jothee? Such his father's son, waiting all those years without ever doubting that his father was still out there and still searching for him. Good boy! Cookie! Let's hope he didn't inherit the Huge Honkin' Angst Button to go with all that loyalty. Wow, is D'Argo going to be impossible to live with in Part 3. Now that he's essentially driven Crichton to turn himself over to their worst enemy to restore D'Argo's son to him (and damned if Scorpy didn't keep his word. What's up with that?), I think we can look forward to lots and lots of D'Argo Guilt, interspersed with the proud papa "Look this is my kid, isn't he cool? I was looking for him and I found him and isn't he *neat*?!?" riffs. And wow, am I looking forward to When Jothee Met Chiana.... < rolling eyes >

Okay, now we hit the painful stuff. < sigh > Pooor Moya. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.... Just viscerally hideous to see Moya in that condition, to know the agony that she and Pilot are in. Gonna take one hell of a lot of Betadine to bandage those wounds. She won't be able to Starburst, obviously, which is going to make finding Crichton a lot of fun, as well.

And let's talk Crichton. Let's talk about that fine line between heroic and dumb, self-sacrifice and... Well, no. Being John, there was no way in hell he would let Jothee suffer if there was any way to prevent it; that's why we love him. But he just walked into the mouth of hell, and I'm getting ready for the screaming. His, mine and, god help us, Aeryn, who is gonna go absolutely ballistic. The expression on her face when she realized what John had done hurt. Not that she should have been surprised; she knows John, she knows what a hero he can be, she should've locked his noble little self-sacrificing butt in a cell until they came up with something (else) resembling a plan. On the other hand, because they were ready to go charging in to rescue Jothee, at least they already have a plan in place. Just a different target.

Will Rygel figure out some way to pay the Zenetans? Will Zhaan find a big huge mother of a burn ward for Moya? Will D'Argo turn in his Q'ualta blade for a pipe and slippers? Will Jothee freak out upon realizing his father's girlfriend is the same age he is? Will Jothee be a regular next season, thus completely frelling with one of Perri's fics? Will Scorpy and Natira find True Love, before Aeryn goes medieval on their collective leather-clad asses? Will John be able to successfully fry Scorpy's brain this time around? Just what was Crais doing in the neighborhood? Are plot points going to continue to whizz by so fast we can barely follow them, much less figure out how silly they are? These questions and more will almost certainly... not be answered in Part 3; the queue for tranquilizers forms to the left.