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4.5 Promises

Writer Director Tour Date Production Number
Richard Manning Geoff Bennett July 12, 2002 4.5
Aeryn Sun returns to Moya, but brings an extremely unwelcome guest -- and a few more chasing her. Moya's crew tries to fight off Aeryn's attackers as Aeryn fights off heat delirium, and John just fights to deal.

Best Lines
Crichton: Asylum? What is it with Peacekeepers? First they hunt us, then they want to move in. What, are we a bed-and-breakfast? Is there a sign outside that says 'Free HBO'?

Crichton: Kryptonite. Silver bullet. Buffy. What's it gonna take to keep you in the grave?

Chiana: That's a new record. You've been on the ship for less than an arn and you're trying to run it.
Sikozu: Chiana, somone has to.
Chiana: That someone... is not you. You're cargo. Baggage. You think we've forgotten you were in the grave with Scorpius?

Aeryn: I'm sorry.
Crichton: For what?
Aeryn: For everything. This is not how I pictured coming back.
Crichton: Just Fate. As usual. Keeping its bargain, then screwing us in the fine print.

Crichton: So tell me, what am I supposed to say to the guy?
Aeryn: If you love me... you'll say nothing.

Aeryn:You have no right to do this. It's my life.
Crichton: And what if other people depend on you?
Aeryn: Ullom doesn't care about anyone else. He just wants me.
Crichton: Not as much as I do.
Aeryn: I made a promise, doesn't that mean anything to you?
Crichton: Doesn't life mean anything to you? When did you become an assassin?
Aeryn: When I found a cause that required it.

Harvey: How could I leave? Your mind is full of so many wondrous memories: cool jazz piano, chocolate ice cream, women's perfume. Women. < growls > How could you take that from me?
Crichton: You're not real.
Harvey: I'm real to you. I'm real to myself.
Crichton: Sit.
Harvey: < sits > Good-bye, then, John. I'll miss you.

Sikozu: < to Crichton > You have great difficulty trusting people, don't you?

Crichton: < to Scorpius > You're staying here. < to Sikozu > You're coming with me. We may need a nerd.

Aeryn: What did you say this was?
Crichton: It's a Tarkan body shield. Best part of the plan.
Aeryn: Well, it worked.
Crichton: Yeah, that's a first, isn't it?

Sikozu: It's amazing! I see every... every system.
D'Argo: You know what, I'm really happy for you. Can you get us out?

Braca: You are relieved of duty immediately! Report to detention block 3!
Grayza: I'll handle the post-mortem, Captain. Report to the Aurora Chamber.
Minion: But....
Grayza: Just take a seat. I'll be with you shortly.

Crichton: You made it through the day without being shoved out the airlock. Of course, this day's not quite over.

Aeryn: I want to be here. Is that a problem?
Crichton: Any other oaths of silence I should know about?
Aeryn: < shakes her head >
Crichton: So you could tell me... if you were pregnant.

Kiki Says
Perri Says
Aeryn's back! Whee! And Scorpy seems to have moved into Moya. Much less whee. More like, "Well, this sucks!" But oh, it's so good to have everyone back home aboard Mama Moya! Even if all hell does break loose seconds later. (And the makeup department is doing something funky with Aeryn's look -- her hair is blacker and the extensions aren't particularly good, plus her face looks strange. Saw some publicity photos that actually made her look less than stunning, which is amazing and, I thought, impossible.)

Okay, just rip our hearts out within ten seconds of the reunion, fine, we didn't need them anyway. (There are those who would argue that Your Compassionate Yet Ruthless Tour Guides have no hearts, but you, our faithful customers, know better.) Smiles and happiness and tears and hugs and heat delirium and Scorpius -- so much for that nice, happy "John and Aeryn reunited" scene we were all fantasizing and writing fic about, even knowing there was no way in hell we were going to get it. And how much does it suck for Aeryn to be rescued by the bastard who's spent the last two cycles torturing her lover? And have to promise him asylum because of her own honor? And for John to owe Aeryn's life to the person he hates most? And can I just say that the only thing more disturbing than seeing John in the Scorpius outfit/makeup last season is seeing Aeryn in it? Yowch.

At least Moya's crew learned from Crais (who I still miss, damn it!); Scorpius is in that cell, and I doubt he's coming out any time soon, if ever. But why am I so very not surprised to see him and Sikozu bonding? Both convinced they're smarter than everyone in the room, both outcasts from the rest of the crew, and Sikozu knows Scorpius only as the guy who saved her life while he was busy dying. Of course she's going to be on his side. Which is just not a good thing for long-term peace and security, the first time she decides to let him out and the hell with what anyone else thinks.

I'm gonna miss Harvey, seriously; I'd rather have him around than Scorpy any day. We won't get anymore amusing episodes in John's head, and at least we know Harvey's primary and overriding motivation is keeping his own neural-clone butt alive (and since it was Scorpius who implanted him, Scorpius is responsible for Aeryn's death, not Harvey). Scorpius... He may claim he's there to safeguard the wormhole knowledge, and he's probably telling the truth -- part of it, anyway -- since he rarely bothers to lie. He reminds me of Lex Luthor from Smallville in some ways -- he's always got at least three reasons for doing anything. Obviously he saved Aeryn to get his ticket onto Moya, but what he wants from her, from John, from the others.... remains to be seen. And he conveniently killed the best guide to the working of his brain that we have when he got rid of Harvey. Oh, yeah. This is going to be fun. I'd love to know how he's getting information from his Command Carrier spy, unless he's got an antenna in his pointy little skull (and who that spy is -- I have a very strong suspicion, and if I'm right, it explains why Scorpy is still alive).

Other unanswered questions: Pilot is definitely holding back on what happened when they got sucked down the wormhole. He was totally hiding Scorpius' presence, but there's lots more to it, I'm sure. And how the hell did he manage to hook up with Scorpy and Aeryn? For that matter, how did Scorpy find Aeryn? Why the hell is he still alive? And why did Aeryn kill the guy? Why did he deserve it, and why did Aeryn take it on herself to do it? And why would she rather die than tell anyone, even John? Many, many unanswered questions, and it's really, really irritating. And could be really, really bad when John gets fed up with just how much Aeryn is hiding from him -- like pregnancies. Nice to have that confirmed by Aeryn's expression, but wow, this has major ugly potential. Oh, yeah.

The rest of the crew is notable largely for moments -- Rygel rocks for stopping Aeryn's suicide attempt, brave Moya shuts down everything, Chiana deals with events with grace and toughness, and D'Argo is right there backing John and Aeryn to the wall, and past it. It'll be interesting to see who winds up captain -- my own choice would be Aeryn, She Who Is (Normally) Sane and Stable When All Others Are Not, in addition to her link to Pilot. But who knows. Grayza and Braca continue to be largely unimpressive except in their ability to create chaos and destruction, and they even screw that up. Very unimpressive (although Braca apparently has rudimentary cojones when he's pushed to the wall. I'd be impressed if they weren't weasel-sized. Apparently).

Eve more than the cast, this is a good showcase episode for the behind-the-scenes crew; that's a gorgeous returning shot of Moya, and the hologram ship was beautiful! Major kudos to the FX guys this week. The Creature Shop produced some nifty aliens, and the set guys were having a damned good time with the hologram ship (fabulous fight scenes! Yay, stunt guys!), and the Reservoir Dogs dreamscapes; Harvey's death scene was damned affecting considering how much I used to want him dead. Something of a recurring theme with this crew, but I challenge them to make me grieve for Scorpius.

Except that that's not really a smart thing to do when dealing with Kemper and company, now is it....?

4.6 Natural Election

Writer Director Tour Date Production Number
Sophie C. Hopkins Ian Watson July 19, 2002 4.6
John's theories for wormhole prediction are proven, just in time to set Moya up for an attack by a ship-eating plant. Moya's crew struggles to save her as Aeryn works her way up to talking to Crichton about her pregnancy.

Best Lines
Coming soon
Kiki Says
Perri Says
This is one of those episodes where any knowledge of science (particularly anatomy and physics) you might have are better checked at the door. Seriously. It's a good episode, as long as you don't think about any of the technobabble too hard. And it's the first new episode in the history of Farscape that your Tour Guides watched together. As in, in the same room. Worlds trembled, universes collided and Flunkies giggled and threw socks.

The plant thing was very pretty and very cool CGI, and made very little sense, but fighting it involved stealing Scorpy's coolant rods and tying him to Pilot's controls, so hey. No complaints here. Many complaints about Moya and Pilot torture, which I object to in the extreme! But pretty nifty Bad Thing of the Week otherwise. Don't think too much about the frantic race to kill it, except to giggle at Noranti and enjoy seeing everyone working together, for once. You'll just wind up confused, otherwise.

Especially since it was, of course, merely a backdrop for "The Young and the Annoying." Rygel as captain... god help us all. < rolling eyes > Although, to his credit, he does have a sense of responsibility for what happens when he's in charge -- we've seen that before, and it continues to add weight to the supposition that he might not have been a total loss as a Dominar. And there's the fact that I have a similar, dread-filled reaction to D'Argo as captain. Hush! I love him as much as you do, and god knows he's grown some diplomatic skills over the last three years, largely due to having to referee between Chiana and Jool. But I still have serious reservations about this, due to that nasty impulse control problem he still hasn't gotten a handle on. It wasn't that long ago when he damn near killed John because he thought John touched Lo'La, since he threw his Qualta blade over a ledge because he felt like making a dramatic gesture. He'll be a good captain 90 percent of the time, considerate, smart and able to keep his head. The other 10 percent, he's going to blow up at the worst possible moment and possibly get someone killed doing it. This worries me. (My own, personal vote, and I bet I'm with Pilot on this, would be for Aeryn. Personal issues aside, she's always got things more or less under control, and she and Pilot are very close. But that's me.)

Interesting ep for Chiana; first she does really great, being a sounding board for Aeryn... then she goes and spills it all to D'Argo. who proceeds to be a good friend and make sure John doesn't get any nasty shocks. And thank god John had figured it out already, or there would have been nasty shocks indeed. We really need to discuss the concept of discretion with Chiana, who seems to be a grown-up, then turns around and is 15 again.

Speaking of which... Sikozu voted for Scorpius. Everyone grit your teeth and repeat after me: "She doesn't know him like we do. She doesn't know him like we do." Which doesn't make her any less of a twit for not listening to the people who do know him, but I suppose she gets points for being determined to make up her own mind about people. I guess. And Scorpius... I'm just going to continue to refuse to deal. Don't know what he's up to, refuse to try to get inside his twisted little mind far enough to figure it out. Uh-uh.

And we finally get all of those questions about Aeryn's pregnancy answered... sort of. Kind of. In a way. So she's carrying around a fertilized egg, only it's in stasis, so she won't actually be pregnant until she gets to a PK or equivalent doctor to release the stasis field. Right. Okay. Completely ignoring the complete improbability of this method of birth control (that's some seriously AI microtechnology, to be able to detect a fertilized egg before the body has time to otherwise react, and generate a mini-stasis field, all without the woman in question noticing), it does make a kind of Peacekeeper sense -- no worries about getting people in the right place at the right time to procreate in the accepted PK fashion; let 'em get knocked up whenever, release the eggs when it's convenient, no fuss, no muss, no pregnant soldiers turning up at the worst possible time. Very PK (allowing for eggs lost to combat, radiation exposure, etc.). I can go with it. It's silly, but I'll go with it.

So, that narrows the candidates down to anyone Aeryn's slept with in the last seven years -- only John for the three years aboard Moya (unless she and Crais really did get it on on Talyn, which I was hoping for in a sneaking kind of way -- get those good genes passed on!), whoever was before Velorek, and Velorek himself. (You'll forgive me for doubting Aeryn wanted anything to do with men after Velorek. Truly heinous end to a relationship.) Got no objections to Velorek's genes being passed down, either, although, this egg had to have survived, intact and viably, Aeryn's death and subsequent cryo-storage. If it's Velorek or other PK's, that's one hell of a power pack on the stasis field (since it wasn't running off her body's electrical field while she was dead), and one tough little egg. All odds, therefore, point to this kid being TalynJohn's. And apparently Aeryn went to the medics aboard a hostile command carrier and let them give her a physical so she could find this out. Okay.

So, we go through all of this, and Aeryn's a little pregnant (truly the first woman in known human history to be able to say that with a straight face). I can deal with all of that. What I get annoyed at is the same thing John did -- Aeryn cutting and running instead of trusting John to accept the baby and help her deal. Okay, a little time alone to adjust, get over TalynJohn, try and get the egg released, whatever. But then she came back and didn't tell him, and didn't tell him, and didn't... < sigh > Just when you think those two are getting somewhere, one of the hits the others' buttons and back we go, like some insane UT version of the two-step. It's not like Aeryn doesn't know John is one of the most insanely paternal people in the universe... and it's not like Aeryn wasn't operating under emotional extremes and shouldn't be cut some slack. We're back to where D'Argo and Chiana need to lock them in a cargo bay and force them to talk all this dren out. Sadly, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Utter silliness next week, and Zhaan's back! Whee! Hold on to your seats!!!