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Submission Guidelines

In the interests of getting your stories up on the page as quickly and legibly as possible (and saving your Obnoxiously Cheerful Tour Guides from running around the TGUT offices in screaming fits and possibly losing your tour group in a nebula somewhere), please follow these Guidelines when you submit your stories. All submissions should be sent to farscapefic@perriverse.dreamhost.com.

NOTE: The format guidelines are for submission of non-HTML'd text documents. HTML'd documents are happily accepted, since it makes our lives easier and you can put your italics, etc., right where you want them! If you choose, you may also simply send a link to where your story is already archived.

TGUT reserves the right to reject any submission which does not
follow these guidelines, including format and spellchecking.

1. Please save all stories as ASCII text. No smart quotes, no strange line breaks, etc. Just plain old text. Anything else can come up in HTML with strange and bizarre characters that look funky, but make reading a real problem. Your Save As... menu should give you the text (.txt) option.

2. All stories should be formatted in block paragraphs, with blank lines between paragraphs. Do not indent.

3. Make sure you enclose the following information with your submission:

  • Your name and email
  • The title
  • The part number if submitting in multiple parts (Example: My Story, 1/3)
  • A rating if you feel it needs one, and why. Readers should be alerted to violence, strong language and sexual situations.
  • A short summary of the story.

4. Spellcheck your work! Stories that are not spellchecked will be returned to the author.

5. Edit your work -- technical mistakes can make any story, no matter how brilliant, terribly difficult to read.

6. Betaread your work. We cannot emphasize the importance of betareaders enough -- getting someone you trust to betaread your story before submitting or otherwise distributing it helps you find plot holes, misspellings, and mistakes before your readers do.

Grammar Resources:
Tips for Fanfic Authors -- treat this as gospel
The ACFF Style Book -- skip the first comic-specific section to the excellent Basic Boo-Boos section
The English Department -- put together by one of the best of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfic authors
The Elements of Style -- Strunk & White's outstanding primer for English grammar usage

Writing Resources:
Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fanfic -- notes onw riting fanfic from someone who knows what's she's talking about. Includes The Life, Death, and Rebirth of Perry White, You Know What You Know, You Know?, and Who Is Mary Sue and Why Does She Have to Die? Trust us, everyone needs to read this.
The Mary Sue Litmus Test -- Also from Merlin Missy. We've both flunked this.