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The object of the game is to have fun, not to become intoxicated, but it is quite a coincidence that if you follow this game exactly, both outcomes may occur. TGUT takes no responsibility for the consequences of playing the drinking game -- but we do require that players in our lounge give Our Bartender a doubled drinking security deposit to cover any accidents that may occur.

The Rules: for each instance where you are supposed to "drink", take a sip of your favorite alcoholic or caffienated beverage, or substitute with the chocolate candies you can purchase at the bar. Missed drink opportunities, when pointed out by your companions, must be taken in double shots. Winners (those still playing, and conscious at the end of a pre-determined number of eps) are welcome to pick up their complimentary coupon for 10 credits off at our Gift Shop at the end of the night.

Let the Game Begin!

Fighting and Punching and Captives, Oh My!

A crew member gets captured -- 1 drink
It's Rygel -- 2 drinks
It's Aeryn or Zhaan -- 3 drinks
It's John -- 4 drinks
Moya and her entire crew gets captured -- chug, especially if it's by a command carrier. You're gonna need it.
Scorpius gets captured -- chug and dance with glee!

John gets beaten up -- 1 drink
John gets beaten up by a woman -- 2 drinks
It's not Aeryn -- 3 drinks
John actually wins a fight -- 4 drinks
It's a woman -- chug (and of course he didn't start it, get a grip!)
It's Harvey -- chug and cheer

D'Argo gets beaten up -- 1 drink
D'Argo gets beaten up by a woman -- 2 drinks
It's Aeryn -- 3 drinks
Aeryn gets beaten up -- 2 drinks
Aeryn gets beaten up badly enough to keep her down -- 4 drinks

Rygel gets hit -- 1 drink and cheer (you can wince if he gets hit on the ears, though)
Rygel gets kissed -- 3 drinks
Rygel gets laid -- chug and ew! at the MuppetSex

Sex and the Leviathan

[Caution: during any of the episodes in the Talyn arc, alcohol poisoning can result from the following section. Play with caution]

John invades Aeryn's personal space -- 1 sip
Aeryn notices and doesn't immediately move -- 1 drink
Aeryn invades John's personal space -- 2 drinks
John and Aeryn kiss -- 3 drinks
John and Aeryn have sex -- 4 drinks
John and Aeryn commit to a meaningful relationship -- chug! It's either a dream or someone's about to die; either way, you'll need it

Any crew member has sex with a random bystander -- 1 drink
Any crew members have sex with each other -- 2 drinks
It's not D'Argo and Chiana -- 3 drinks
The rest of the crew gets Too Much Information -- 2 drinks
The TMI doesn't come from Rygel -- 4 drinks
Anyone has sex with a crew member and survives the ep -- Chug!

Chiana wears something sexy and revealing -- 1 drink
Jool wears something sexy and revealing -- 1 drink, insert ear plugs. You know she'll scream
D'Argo wears something sexy and revealing -- 3 drinks (Guys: look at other guys in the room to see how they react)
Rygel wears something sexy and revealing -- 4 drinks (repeat as necessary)
Scorpy wears something sexy and revealing -- chug immediately. Get DVDs/tapes, play anything with Aeryn/John in their underwear before it's too late

Aeryn (even if she's a cartoon) wears something revealing and sexy -- Ladies: 2 drinks. Guys: drool heavily, chug immediately to disguise drool
John wears something sexy and revealing -- Guys: 1 drink and say in your best macho voice, "I'd never wear women's underwear!" Ladies: chug

John and Aeryn both wear something sexy and revealing -- no point in drinking, no one in the room's gonna notice.

Death Takes a Holiday

Anyone is stricken with a sudden medical condition/disease -- 1 drink
It's not Aeryn -- 2 drinks
It's not Zhaan -- 3 drinks
It's not fixed/cured by the end of the episode -- 4 drinks

Anyone except Stark dies -- chug. Then grab the Kleenex. No one's going to make fun of you, trust us.

Stark dies -- 1 drink
Stark comes back -- 2 drinks
There's an actual legitimate reason/explanation for Stark's return -- 3 drinks
Stark leaves/dies again -- chug and cheer

Anyone (except Stark) comes back from the dead -- 3 drinks
Anyone (except Stark) comes back after they were really most sincerely dead -- chug. Maybe it'll make sense once you're plastered

Any member of Moya's crew kills someone -- 1 drink for each confirmed body
It wasn't self-defense -- 2 drinks
The method of killing is highly creative -- 3 drinks
Said crew member spends a lot of time angsting about the death -- 4 drinks
It's not John -- chug!

Alien Encounters

Any new alien species is shown -- 1 drink
It obviously requires more than three puppeteers to perform -- 3 drinks
It doesn't attempt to damage and/or kill any member of Moya's crew -- 4 drinks
It survives the episode -- chug

An alien guest star is played by Francesca Buller -- 2 drinks
Said alien abuses John at any time in the episode -- 3 drinks for each occurance
Said alien is not a thundering looney -- chug!

A guest star is played by Kent McCord -- 2 drinks
He survives the episode -- 3 drinks
He's Jack Crichton -- 4 drinks
He's the actual real Jack Crichton -- chug

Any alien accent sounds suspiciously Australian -- 1 drink
It's a regular cast member -- 2 drinks
It's Ben Browder -- chug, then get that man on a flight home to the States
John suddenly sounds very Southern -- 2 drinks, and throw pork rinds at the screen

Any guest star has appeared on Hercules: TLJ, Young Hercules or Xena:WP -- 1 drink
In the same episode as Claudia Black -- 2 drinks
It's Lucy Lawless or Michael Hurst -- 3 drinks

Close Encounters of the Villainous Kind

Anyone is drugged, brainwashed or otherwise mentally altered -- 2 drinks
It's not D'Argo -- 3 drinks
It's not John -- chug!

Any villain previously thought to be comprehensively dead shows up -- 2 drinks
He is not comprehensively dead by the end of the episode -- 4 drinks

Scorpius does something dastardly -- 1 drink
Scorpius tries to justify doing something dastardly with polite logic -- 3 drinks
Scorpius uses the scary deep scritchy voice -- chug and hide. That's just wrong
Crais does something dastardly -- 1 drink
Crais does something helpful -- 3 drinks
Crais does something helpful with no hidden agenda that later turns out to be dastardly -- chug

Harvey shows up in John's brain -- 1 drink
Harvey tries to get John to do something villainous -- 2 drinks
Harvey is actually helpful -- 3 drinks
Harvey and John get into a fight -- 4 drinks
Harvey dies -- chug. You can also throw popcorn and dance around some, but don't get too carried away. He is a clone of Scorpius and all...

Any leftover Peacekeeper device is found on Moya -- 1 drink
Havoc ensues -- 2 drinks
The device is disengaged and destroyed with absolutely no harm or trouble caused to anyone -- chug

Any Peacekeeper kills an underling -- 3 drinks

We see an active Peacekeeper -- 1 drink
It's not Gilina Renaez, Lt. Braca or Scorpius -- 2 drinks
Aeryn knows them -- 3 drinks
Aeryn is related to them -- 4 drinks
They survive the episode -- chug!

Weird Science

Someone opens a wormhole -- 2 drinks
It's John -- 3 drinks
It's Scorpius -- 4 drinks
The wormhole closes with absolutely no one dying in the process -- chug

Anyone responds to any question with heinous amounts of technobabble or xenobabble -- 1 drink
The person s/he is talking to comprehends the technobabble -- 2 drinks
The audience comprehends the technobabble -- 3 drinks
Anyone makes a snide comments about technobabble -- 4 drinks
The technobabble makes no sense and/or completely negates previously stated and/or implied technobabble/explanations and/or obviously exists solely to get the writers out of a plot corner -- chug, make rude comments, throw popcorn

Translator microbes are a major plot point -- 2 drink
The microbes suddenly develop brand new abilities that the characters/writers claim have been there all along -- 3 drinks
The microbes are actually used in a manner consistent with previous uses -- 4 drinks
Any character sits down and lays out the rules of what microbes can and can't do -- chug!

Any crew member is possessed -- 2 drinks

Any crew member is cloned or otherwise duplicated -- 3 drinks
It's not John -- 4 drinks
A clone/duplicate survives the episode -- chug. Like your life depends on it.

Miscellaneous Messes

Anyone gets a chance to go home -- 1 drink
It involves selling out one or more crewmates -- 2 drinks
They don't instantly sell said crewmate out -- 3 drinks
Anyone actually gets home -- 4 drinks
It's not an illusion or other mind game -- chug

Anyone gets drunk -- 1 drinks

Anyone vomits onscreen -- 2 drinks
It's projectile -- 3 drinks
It hits another crew member -- 4 drinks
We're treated to any other bodily functions not normally discussed/shown on prime-time TV -- 3 drinks
Used offensively -- 4 drinks (and put the emphasis in offense anywhere you like)

Jool does a girlie scream -- 1 drink
Chiana does a girlie scream -- 2 drinks
Rygel does a girlie scream -- 3 drinks
John or D'Argo does a girlie scream -- 4 drinks
Aeryn does a girlie scream -- What are you watching? Aeryn does not girlie-scream!

John refers to Earth -- 1 sip
It's an American pop-culture reference -- 1 drink
Anyone is puzzled by it -- 2 drinks
John tries to explain -- 3 drinks
John fails to explain adequately -- 4 drinks

John calls someone by a nickname -- 1 sip for each
It's not Rygel or Chiana -- 1 drink for each
It's not a member of Moya's crew -- 2 drinks for each

D'Argo refers to/uses his Qualta blade -- 1 drink
John refers to Wynonna -- 1 drink
Jool screams -- 1 drink
Someone makes Jool stop screaming -- 2 drinks
John or D'Argo dances like a white boy -- 3 drinks

Anyone hitches a ride on Rygel's hoverthrone -- 2 drinks
Anyone but Aeryn pilots her Prowler -- 3 drinks
Anyone gets busted for stealing/attempting to steal anyone else's stuff -- 4 drinks
It's not Rygel or Chiana -- chug

Any member of anyone's family shows up -- 1 drink
It's John's -- 2 drinks
It's D'Argo's or Chiana's -- 3 drinks
It's Aeryn's -- 4 drinks
Said family member is sane, housebroken, and doesn't try to kill anyone -- chug

Any crew member attempts to pull rank on anyone else -- 1 drink
It's not Crais -- 2 drinks
It's not Rygel -- 3 drinks
It's not D'Argo -- 4 drinks
Said crew member is immediately beaten up and/or spaced -- 4 drinks and snicker a lot

We find out a deep dark secret from someone's past -- 1 drink
It's D'Argo's or Zhaan's -- 2 drinks
It's Chiana's -- 3 drinks
It's Aeryn's -- 4 drinks
It's John's -- chug (and how secret can it be? We already know about the 4x4...)

Any DRD is spotted hanging around somewhere for no immediately obvious reason -- 1 drink
Anyone attacks/kicks/abuses a DRD -- 1 drink
It's not D'Argo -- 2 drinks
The DRDs attack anyone -- 3 drinks
A DRD is destroyed -- 4 drinks and a moment of silence

Pilot displays his attitude problem -- 1 drink
Pilot speaks for both himself and Moya -- 2 drinks
Moya takes matters into her own hands -- 3 drinks

John gets a new outfit -- 1 drink (and pass out towels to all female)
Aeryn gets a new outfit -- 2 drinks (and pass out towels to all males) Any other crewmember gets a new outfit -- chug

Taking Credit

The opening credits change -- 1 drink
The opening theme music changes -- 2 drinks
John's funky voice-over changes -- 3 drinks

The word froonium is used in any context -- 3 drinks
Anyone refers to Australia -- 4 drinks

You recognize the name of the writer -- 1 drink
It's a cast member -- 2 drinks and insert David Kemper's snarky comments here
It's Justin Monjo or Richard Manning -- 3 drinks and reach for the laughing gas
It's David Kemper -- 4 drinks and reach for the Kleenex
It's Rockne O'Bannon -- chug and reach for something to clutch

You recognize the name of the director -- 1 drink
It's Catherine Millar -- 2 drinks
It's Tony Tilse -- 2 drinks with a chaser of Dramamine
It's Andrew Prowse or Rowan Woods -- 3 drinks
It's Ian Watson -- 4 drinks and brace yourself

Any 3-drink+ writer is teamed with a 3-drink+ director -- chug everything in sight and begin whimpering

Any member of the Farscape cast or crew shows up at someone else's Scifi.com chat -- 1 drink
They lurk until outed by an audience member -- 2 drinks
They lurk until outed by the main guest -- 3 drinks

Contributors: Leonard, UCSBDad, Grace