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Souveniers for Yourself, or For That Special
Someone at Home (When and If You Return There)


50/75 credits each (+10 for each appendage over 4. +20 for each additional head).
Please specify size, number of appendages, number of heads.

"Zhaan Lives!"

"Finalist, All-System Sheyang Chili Cook-Off"

"Frell John Edwards, I crossed over with Stark!"

"Surf the pipeline! Join the Peacekeeper Wormhole Test-Pilot Squad"

"Don't blame me, I voted for Rygel XVI"

"Honorary Cadet, Pleisar Regiment"

"I do whatever the voice in my head tells me to do. Yes, Harvey..?"

"Prowler Accident? Leviathan Custody Issues? Call 1-800-LITIGARA"

"Warning: Baby Gunship. Starburst Control -- Yes. Impulse Control -- No!"

"I Survived Crais's Quest in the UT!"

"Maldis Saves (So He Has Snacks for Later)"

"Leviathan Pilot Academy -- Class of '0050"

"Cwackers Are Cwaaaazeee!"

"PK Barbie and Proud of It!"

"Get Stoned with the Clansmen -- Cemetary Cliff Dive, Arn 110012"

"I Ditched the Peacekeepers on the Commerce Planet"

"Proud Member, Committee to Free Rygel XVI -- Bring Our Dominar Home!"

"Hard Rock Cafe -- Sebacea"

"My Culture Has No Nudity Taboo. I'm Just Wearing This T-Shirt to Avoid Arrest"

"Peacekeeper Commando Corps -- Smile, You've Just Been Invaded!"

"Luxan Qualta and Shoquin Sonnet Tournament Semi-Finalist"

"The Collective of Trao: 10,000 Planets and Growing"

"P.K.S. Zelbinion Fire-Walking Team"

"Skykarian Farming, Sunbathing and Dance Association" (Only available in Magenta and Fuschia)

"Run the Gauntlet with the Tavlek Freebooters!"

"Ex-Peacekeeper, Escaped Prisoner, Irreversibly Contaminated--- and Way Out of Your League!"

"IASA -- Boldly Going Where No One Wanted to Go"

"PK Marauders: The Few, the Proud, the Really Unstable"

"Delvian Pa'u Symposium of Arn 110011 -- Blue, Nude, and In the Mood"

"IASA Does Not Stand for 'I Always Shoot Aliens', Crais!"

"TGUT Took Me to Delvia, Delvia Took Me to a Higher Consciousness"

"Vorcarian Blood-Trackers -- Wrangler"

"I Got Taken by TGUT!"

TGUT Logo Shirt

Other Merchandise

Item Price (Credits)
TGUT baseball cap (one size fits almost all) 100
Extra holographic film 20
Holo postcards 5
Copy of our video tour 100
Solar block (w/Titanium 40,000) 25

Some T-shirt proposals submitted by Rob Isaacson.