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All sounds are in .wav format. Please do not redistribute without permission.

snot.wav 68k Crichton: Slicker'n snot.
Aeryn: My microbes had to have translated that one incorrectly.
Crichton: Southern metaphors, darlin'.

dothatagain.wav 28k Aeryn: Now you do that one again, and I'll kill you.

lesson.wav 124k Crichton: Almost hit that big sun out there.
Aeryn: There's nothing out there, John.
Crichton: Exactly, Aeryn. That's why we picked this spot, nothing for me to hit. Perfect for a driving lesson, like a big mall parking lot on a Sunday morning.

touch.wav 28k Aeryn: What did you touch?
Crichton: I didn't touch anything.

notgood.wav 16k Crichton: This isn't good.

faintestidea.wav 44k Crichton: Aeryn! Where are you?
Aeryn: I haven't the faintest idea!

attention.wav 80k [High squealing noise]
D'Argo/Zhaan: Pilot!
Pilot: So sorry. I appear have hit the wrong comm--.
Zhaan: You desired our attention, Pilot?

neverheard.wav 64k D'Argo: I've never heard of anything called the Flax.
Staanz: Well, what species are you?
D'Argo: Luxan.
Staanz: Luxan? Never heard of it. Doesn't mean you don't exist.

pointers.wav 32k Rygel: Perhaps you could give me a few... pointers.
family.wav 80k Staanz: They're not family?
Zhaan: No.
Staanz: Good. There's nothing worse than losing family.

axe.wav 56k Crichton: What are you going to do with it?
Aeryn: I'm going to hack my foot up.
Crichton: Oh, no, well, let me then!
Aeryn: Oh, just give it to me!

pillow.wav 40k Aeryn: Are you comfortable? Can I get you a pillow?

wait.wav 92k Crichton: Well, I guess we just wait for D'Argo and the others to come rescue us.
Aeryn/Crichton: I'll deal with propulsion/I'll take environmentals.

fixed.wav 48k D'Argo: Why don't you just get it fixed?
Staanz: I did get it fixed, that's why it works when I whack it a few times.

strive.wav 124k Zhaan: I understand, D'Argo. We will strive to keep them distracted as long as we can. [Looks at Rygel] I will strive to keep them distracted.

zhaan.wav 24k Zhaan: Greetings, I am Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan.

useless.wav 112k Crichton: You notice anything about that?
Aeryn: It's useless.
Crichton: It's also mine. Yours isn't gonna fit me.

better.wav 32k Staanz: It doesn't get better than this!

wontletdown.wav 16k Aeryn: I won't let you down, John.

lie.wav 52k Crichton: But you lied like a dog. God, that hurt like hell!

wildgoose.wav 108k Rygel: Where are they headed, Pilot?
Pilot: Not exactly certain. I could plot it for you.
Rygel: No, don't bother, as long as it's far from here.
Pilot: Oh, it's certainly that.

frequency.wav 88k Rygel: You didn't expect them to leave us unstained unless they thought they were leaving with something of value, did you?
Zhaan: You gave them the frequency!
Rygel: The wrong frequency, yes.

bluffing.wav 132k Zhaan: You lost to Kcrackic on purpose?
Rygel: You think it was easy? He's an abominable player! A switched-off DRD would have made a better showing for himself. Oh, please... bluffing is what the game is all about!

lookeye.wav 36k D'Argo: But when I do, I want to be able to look him in the eye.

twohearts.wav 96k Crichton: You know, big guy, I think we ought to.. give you a little time alone here, because I know in a universe this vast, when two hearts collide--
D'Argo: Shut up!

failed.wav 160k Zhaan: But you saved them.
D'Argo: Barely. And by saving them, I may have given up my only chance of ever seeing my son again. On every front, I failed.

never.wav 128k Crichton: Anyway, one thing's for sure. It'll never, never happen again.
Aeryn: Never.
Crichton: Never.
Aeryn: Never.

female.wav 152k Crichton: One thing, just to be absolutely certain. You are the female of your species, right?