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missthesun.wav 88k Crichton: I miss the sun. Days... nights... Simple things.

grayhair.wav 92k Crichton: It's my first gray hair. I wouldn't mention it; it's just... I'm afraid I might be growing old out here.

earth.wav 256k Crichton: Oh my god.
Rygel: What? It's just a tiny blue planet, what are you getting so worked up about? It's got not particle rings, no red moons...
Chiana: Totally unimpressive
Crichton: That's Earth. That's my home.

cantgo.wav 178k Aeryn: I can't go with you.
Crichton: Aeryn.. this could be our only chance.
Aeryn: No, this is your only chance. I'm not certain I'll belong there.
Crichton: You would. You will. I promise.
Aeryn: I'm sorry.

justgo.wav 52k Rygel: Just go, you lucky prabakto. Go.

dargogo.wav 120k D'Argo: I understand the fear. If you don't do this now, you will regret it forever. You must go now. Do it, John.

thanks.wav 12k Crichton: Thanks, big guy.

hellosky.wav 48k Crichton: Hello, sky!

notplay.wav 100k Crichton: Well, I think he said... that until he gets some answers, he's not gonna play anymore.

seemyson.wav 52k Jack: I've waited two days. I want to see him. I want to see my son now.

ring.wav 68k Crichton: I kept this safe for you. Don't know if it brought me luck, but it saved my ass.

freaking.wav 77k Rygel: [In Hynerian] Why are they treating me like this?
Crichton: They're freaking out. You're an alien and... they're freaking out.

friends.wav 104k Jack: You trust them?
Crichton: A lot more than I trust Wilson. I like them, Dad. They're my friends.

comeforme.wav 52k D'Argo: You tell those humans that when they come for me, I'll kill them.

peacekeepers.wav 80k Aeryn: You know, Crichton... Peacekeepers wouldn't even kill their prisoners to study them.

creatures.wav 64k Jack: Son, are you willing to die for those creatures in there?!
Crichton: I gave my word.

withme.wav 60k Aeryn: Are you with me? Or them?
Crichton: I'm with you.

rain.wav 68k Aeryn: Rain. Is that what you call this? I like it.

sorry.wav 272k Crichton: Sorry.
Aeryn: What for?
Crichton: Everything. What's happened here. Getting you stuck on Moya. If it wasn't for me you'd still be the happy little Peacekeeper, dominating the lesser races.
Aeryn: Hmm. Got a lot to blame you for, Crichton.

recapture.wav 72k Aeryn: I won't be recaptured, Crichton. They will have to kill me if they come to take me tomorrow.

thankyouaeryn.wav 192k Aeryn: [speaking Sebacean]
Jack: Thank you, Aeryn Sun.

marjols.wav 120k Rygel: Kill me? [wild laughter] These people treated me splendidly. They gave me marjols, Crichton. Lovely Hynerian marjols!

reaction.wav 28k Jack/Alien: We needed a human reaction, John.